Monday, April 18, 2011

Beautiful Biltmore!

Biltmore Estate Gardens - Asheville, NC
April 10, 2011

I cannot believe a week has gone by since I last posted.  It has been an extremely hectic week and to top it off, I've had to return to the doctor again for that blasted sinus infection that just won't quit!  We took a quick trip to Biltmore Estate last weekend to see the tulips and although I suspected the infection was returning, I knew I was in trouble when my ears plugged up completely before we ever got above 3,000 feet going over the mountain.  Given that I'll be spending five weeks in May/June at elevations between 6,000 feet and 14,000 feet, I realized it was time to take major action.   So without boring you with all the details, I'll just tell you I'm back on the dreaded prednisone for 20 days along with a heavy antibiotic.  We also added the step this time around of temporarily discontinuing a med I take for my Rheumatoid Arthritis because it lowers my ability to fight infection to start with and then works against the antibiotic.  It is very frustrating to say the least because it just seems as if everything is working against everything else.   If I can make it without the RA med for a week, I can start taking it again.  I'm very concerned about the Prednisone because I'm already somewhat down anyway because of the whole mess and fighting with the increased appetite brought on by Prednisone just isn't something I'm looking forward to or feel very strong about being able to handle.  Please keep me in your thoughts.  I'm so tired of not feeling well!

Mr B and I did have a picture perfect day at Biltmore Estate.  We have had season passes to Biltmore for many years and it tends to be our "go-to" place when we need some "us" time.  Tulips are one of my favorite flowers and their tulip gardens are the most beautiful I've ever seen outside of Holland.  They rotate the color scheme each year and this year wasn't my favorite, but it was still spectacular.  They had thrown in a small plot of the purple ones just for me!

I also managed to get in one day of hiking last week.  It is the height of wildflower season in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Porter's Creek Trail is considered one of the highlights.  We were a little late for some, but others were at their peak.  That trail also boasts a lovely waterfall.  Here are a couple of pics from that day.

Trillium along Porter's Creek Trail - GSMNP
 April 13, 2011

Fern Branch Falls - GSMNP
April 13, 2011

Summer Trip 2011 routing and lodging is now completely set.  We will leave on the 10th and meander our way across the midwest in order to be in Colorado Springs, CO on the 14th.  That will be the beginning of five glorious weeks exploring the state.  We'll be based in Colorado Springs for one week, Durango for two weeks and Estes Park for two weeks.  And I am so excited that on the trip through the midwest, I'm going to get to meet another BlogFriend.  Can't wait!!  Much more about that and the trip as it happens.   Our summer trips were interrupted last year due to the illness and death of Mr. B's dad, so we are already giddy with excitement to be on the road again exploring new places.  I just HAVE to get these ears opened up!!

I can't say that I've done very well this week with my eating.  Neither can I say I've gone off the deep end.  I am just struggling with it all because I simply don't feel good and lack the desire to plan plus nothing sounds good or tastes good.  I'd probably LOSE weight because of that (antibiotics have that effect on me) if it wasn't for the Prednisone making me want to eat everything in sight whether I can taste it or not.  

Seems like I've done a lot of whining in this post.  Thanks for listening! 


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you're still struggling with that darned infection! I'll keep you in my prayers. I've been on prednisone and know very well how it makes you feel. Hang in there and remember...this too shall pass. Good things are right around the corner.

    Be blessed!!!

  2. Oh I am so sorry you are not feeling well and have those medicine issues. I will be thinking good thoughts; especially now since you are extra on my mind:)

    I've been to Colorado Springs and Estes Park, but just briefly to both. So beautiful there and lots of great hiking:)

  3. Oh those flowers look divine! It's actually snowing today!!! Depressing. Drag about the meds...I hate that stuff.

  4. So sorry to hear you are feeling poorly again. Get better soon.

  5. Sorry you're feeling bad again! Prednisone is a nasty little beast, but it can be helpful.

    I think I know which blogger friend you're meeting, and you can just color me a brilliant shade of green with envy. :) If any of your routes should bring you through (or anywhere near) Memphis, I hope you'll let me know!

  6. Pretty pics yet again! Sorry about your infection - that's a stubborn one, eh?! Hope it's gone for good very soon!

  7. My hubby is very the Netherlands, so you can bet one of our favorite flowers is the tulip. I love the reds and yellows mixed together. Beautiful pictures; beautiful estate.

    So, so sorry to read about your recurring sinus infections. let's hope this new regime kicks it in the butt!

  8. I'm sorry you're going through such a struggle physically. Maybe this time you'll get completely over everything and have a glorious summer. I hope so!

  9. Hi Sharon,

    I hesitate offering a suggestion regards the sinusitis. I know it can be annoying getting lots of "have you tried this or that" comments. So... if you've tried this, or don't WANT to try this, please excuse me, and just know I wanted to help. :-}

    The best thing I've found for this type of thing is the neti pot. I did lots of reading, and finally got one, then finally got up the nerve to DO it. It actually worked! Took a little practice, and I did quite a bit of laughing at my own clumsiness, but I am always trying to find natural ways to fix stuff, instead of more drugs.

    My Mom suffered for years from chronic sinusitis infections, and the backlash from the drugs they gave her for it (that didn't help). So that's how I first started learning about it.

    So, I offer this info:

    From the LanceArmstrong website:

    This is where I bought mine:

    Hope you feel better soon,

  10. Love the pictures! I drive by a tulip farm every day and it is beautiful. Just makes my day!!

    So sorry you are not feeling well! Get better soon!!

    Keep focused!