Thursday, October 6, 2011


Fall is teasing us in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Road Prong Trail - October 3, 2011

Anticipation - an emotion involving pleasure, excitement and sometimes anxiety in considering some expected or longed-for good event.

Long before Carly Simon sang about it in the early 70's, I lived with a very strong since of anticipation.  I loved that surge of energy that came with knowing something exciting was about to happen.  If there wasn't something getting ready to happen in my life, then by george, I felt it was up to me to create something to "anticipate."  Looking forward to the next thing has just always been a large part of keeping me in balance with the present.  It's never felt as if I wanted to escape from the present, I've just always enjoyed the planning and execution and then the anticipation of something new and different.  

This week, I am getting my wish and it's coming in waves.  Yesterday was wave number one!!  I left home this morning while the sun was still rising somewhere in Europe in order to arrive in Mt. Juliet, TN by 9.  It's only a 2 1/2 hour drive, but I would move from eastern time zone to central time zone gaining an hour that feels an awful lot like losing an hour.  LOL!  But I was so excited to be on time to meet my new friends Gene and Judi. Judi writes a wonderful travel blog that I began following a long time ago.  Maybe it was shared interest in travel and hiking or maybe it was the Tennessee connection - who knows?  Whatever the reason, I felt as if I knew them already and yesterday was the day we would meet for real.  They have just returned to Tennessee from an extended trip through Alaska and although we didn't talk much about that today, I'm hoping to hear much more about it as time goes on.  We just wanted to hike, so after meeting, we drove to Long Hunter State Park where we thoroughly enjoy hiking the Bryant Grove Trail.  It was a lovely easy trail allowing us lots of time to get acquainted as we hiked.  This trail was also FLAT which we laughed about as I am certainly not used to hiking on flat trails.  Was a very nice change of pace.  Gene and Judi are just as I'd pictured them and the conversation flowed effortlessly.  I'm looking forward to spending more time with them and am once again, so thankful for the opportunities blogging has afforded me in making new friends with common bonds.

And the anticipation just keeps on happening........................

Today, I will solo road trip 370 miles further west to Little Rock, Arkansas where, on Friday afternoon, three more blog friends will meet for the first time.  Well, actually two of them have already met.  This idea was hatched several months ago and the four of us can't believe the day is finally here and we are actually on our way.

But in the spirit of allowing YOU the joy of true anticipation, the participants in the BlogWorld Meetup shall remain anonymous for the time being.  Perhaps we'll post a picture and let YOU identify us.  We'll see, but rest assured, there's some fun to be had and some learning to be experienced over the next few days.  And we promise to share it with you.

I've got a full day and a half of solo roadtripping before the Friday start of our get together and today holds the anticipation of checking another item off my proverbial bucket list.  The road less traveled calls me and in the interest of safety and a female traveling solo, I will simply let you anticipate where I might be headed today, but I'll tell you that it involves a little town in west Tennessee and a time-honored English tradition.  And if anyone guesses where I'm headed based on that vague description, you are either one fine detective or you know west Tennessee pretty well!

Outrageous October just keeps getting better and better.........................

October 3 - Hiked Road Prong Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

October 4 - Attended a evening gala event coordinated by my very own Mr. B honoring the life and work of Mary Costa, who was born in Knoxville and returned here to live following her retirement.  At 81 years of age, Mary remains one of the most beautiful people I know both inside and out.  I am proud to call her my friend. 

You don't have to answer this publicly if you don't want to, but if you could meet a blogger, who would it be?  On the other hand, do answer it!!  I might find some new bloggers I don't know.


  1. Now I'll be singing THAT song in my head! Funny that we both gravitate towards song titles for posts. Some are so obvious to me but I suspect the readers won't "get" them. Especially the younger readers:) Hope your trip exceeds your anticipation!

  2. You are one happening woman with SO many awesome adventures! Love the beautiful fall picture. Enjoy your trip and get-togethers! :)


  3. Wow, I think you might get the record for the most blogger meet-ups! I can't answer that question--there are quite a few bloggers I really want to meet.

    I'm looking forward to your tales of the coming week!

  4. Be safe, have an absolutely fabulous time, and take lots of notes!!

  5. Hi Sharon! Have a really great bloggy reunion.

    :-) Marion

  6. Have a great time with Karen and who ever else it is that you are meeting!