Monday, May 7, 2012

Will She or Won't She?

Third Creek Greenway - Knoxville, Tennessee
April 30, 2012

Will she or won't she?   Reach goal, that is!   Of course she will - this time around, she has no doubt.  

The question, as always, is WHEN? 

I left home bright and early yesterday morning (Sunday) on the first leg of our summer trip.  I will not be returning home until June 27.  That is just over seven weeks.   But this post is not about the trip and is only indirectly related to travel at all.  It's about reaching a goal that's been within my sight for several weeks now.  And then settling there permanently.  

As of yesterday morning, I am exactly eight pounds from goal.  And I would like very much to be at goal weight when I return home.  That's just a tad over a one pound loss each week I am away.  Some would say I'm crazy!  Eating strategies while traveling or on vacation are frequent subjects floating about in BlogLand especially at this time of year.  They usually include some form of one of the following:

A)  Throw it all to the wind with the idea of "getting right back on plan" and correcting any damage once the trip is over.

B)  Attempting to stay on plan, but allowing some extra treats or eating certain foods not generally consumed when not on vacation.  

C)  Forcing total adherence to a strict plan and feeling deprived.  Especially when the family is enjoying meals/treats not normally had when at home.  

I've written about my philosophy many times and nothing has changed this year.  For me, if anything changes when I'm traveling as opposed to when I'm at home, then it's not a healthy eating plan, it's a "diet!"  I have a certain way of eating every day at home and that way of eating doesn't change when we are traveling.  

But what changes when we travel is the amount of physical activity.  Yes, I walk daily when at home and try to hike at least once weekly, but our travel plans always center around outdoor activities and the level of exercise just naturally increases.  So, for me, travel usually results in weight LOSS rather than weight gain.  Last year, I lost seven pounds while were in Colorado and technically, I wasn't even trying.  

So yes, losing eight pounds over the next seven weeks is totally doable for me.   And I'm asking you to hold me accountable.  Nothing would make me happier than to return home at goal weight.  We've got a cooler full of the same type of foods we normally eat and every single place we are staying over the next seven weeks has a full kitchen.  We enjoy preparing our own meals from items we find at local farmer's markets and grocery stores.  And don't think for one minute, that this is about deprivation or doing without.  I don't do that at home and I won't be doing it here.  Mr. B's ice cream stops are pretty much a daily thing - sometimes, I enjoy one with him.  Sometimes, I don't.  Since I am sugar-free this year, the temptation there is even less.  We traditionally seek out one locally owned restaurant to try in each area we visit and we also try to discover at least one locally owned business to tour and purchase their product.  We are still enjoying coffee (Durango Coffee Company) and honey (Honeyville) that were our prize finds last year.  No, there is no deprivation on our trips! 

Will she or won't she?   What do you think?   Time will tell, but I'm betting on success!

I had a lovely drive of 478 miles yesterday and am enjoying the peace and quiet of a very nice hotel near Dulles airport in Virginia.  Today,  Tish and I are riding the remainder of the W and OD Rail Trail that we began in 2010.  I can't wait to see her again and am excited about completing the trail.  If I'm not completely exhausted (I'm not exactly in bike shape!), I will report about yesterday's journey and the bike ride.

What's Your Vacation/Travel Eating Strategy?

P.S.  While Mr. B and I are traveling, I will be posting much more frequently.   So if you don't use a reader and normally check only on Monday, I hope you'll come back more often!


  1. I bet she will and do it with style! Even if you don't lose those 8 pounds while you are traveling, I know you will have a lovely time and stay very active!

  2. Ah, well, much as I'd love to do what you ask and hold you accountable, I am going to rebel against it. Because in my mind your trip is a great adventure and I will be thinking of it as such, not as anything related to weight. And, I know how strong you are right now. I know how well you do when you travel. You don't need me:) You've got this one all by yourself. Have a wonderful time.

  3. I'll bet on you staying on track, eating well, and exercising a lot. All bets are off on what the actual weight does, especialy at this end of the scale. I'll bet for sure that you won't gain weight, like I did on my Tennessee trip! The longer I am gone, the more normal my diet becomes. Especially when I have access to a grocery store, a microwave, and a refrigerator. And, its easier when people are not shoving food at me 24/7. Gah! (referring to the ladie's retreat this past weekend...)

    So excited to hear about your trip, and especially your day with Tish.

  4. You'll get there. I have no doubt.

    My vacation strategy is B on your list. At least it is right now.

    Have a great time on your trip. I look forward to reading about it.

  5. I admire your ability to do so well on vacation. That's an area for me that's always been such a struggle. As I'm trying to learn moderation in all areas, I'll have my chance when we go on vacation in June. As for you, I think you will.

    I'll be looking forward to your return and getting together. And bikinis will be involved. No amount of working out with a trainer could ever prepare me for that! LOL

    Have a great vacation friend!

  6. While on vacation, I just go with the flow. I just can't worry about the food, I find it makes me miserable to do so. I, too, get more active on trips, so usually it all balances out anyway. You have a LONG trip set up though, so I'd probably do a half-half sort of thing ;)

  7. Honestly? I care more that you have an awesome time on your adventure! You'll instinctively eat well and naturally move a lot. IMO, the rest of your attention should me on the fun-ness that you'll have! (This is my vicarious vacation, too, you know!:))

    I'm a B traveler. I naturally gravitate toward my usual fare (mostly) when traveling, but I don't get rigid about it. I saw the selfishness of that when I traveled/visited with a friend (a definite C)and meals were a joyless experience, to say the least.

    Wishing you safe travels and bunches and bunches of fun!

  8. I think she will! As you know I eat healthy at home and away from home.

    I take food with me when we travel, I go to the grocery store when we arrive at our destination and buy healthy eats, choose wisely when eating out and get in plenty of walking.

    I go on vacation but my food plan does not!

    I do allow for a special dessert when I travel. Since I don't very often makes desserts at home anymore it is something to look forward to.
    I use to have all or nothing thinking - meaning that I was either super strict with my eating or would throw caution to the wind and eat anything that didn't move!

    I have found a better balance for myself and no longer strive to be perfect. It's working for me.

    Happy travels!

  9. I vote that you're going to reach goal. I saw determination in your eyes. Great fun seeing you today and biking. 21 miles! Yay for us. Have fun with Mr. B. Wishing you safe travels, good weather, and happy trails! I'll be checking in to keep track of your progress.

  10. I love being your cheerleader! And what a teaser post title!

    :-) Marion