Monday, August 11, 2014

Be Patient With Me Please!

My Favorite Place To Walk - Knoxville, TN
July 28, 2014

Perhaps I jumped the gun by a week or two, but it my excitement to begin writing again, I just wanted to start immediately.  In retrospect, I should’ve remembered that the days between my birthday (July 30) and Bill returning to school are always hectic and busy.  NOT a good time to work on re-establishing a habit!  Those who have been reading for awhile know that the days after he returns to school each year are always a struggle for me as I miss him and the time we are able to spend together each summer.  This summer has been particularly poignant as we’ve worked hard to get him as strong as we can before he begins the long days of a rigorous teaching schedule.  He is much better, but still has difficulty with extreme fatigue and although eating better, eating ENOUGH is the challenge he faces. 

I’m learning to let go and realize that I’ve really done all for him that I can.  I’ve cared for him for most of an entire year and now need to focus on my health and my mental well being while continuing to support him on tough days.  I have turned my eyes toward getting back into hiking shape and hitting the trails both in my much loved Smoky Mountains and tentatively planning some solo travel with hiking friends between now and Christmas. 

So please be patient with me as I work on finding the best time to sit down and write.  I’ve made some additional commitments for this year at my church and have mentally committed to some other activities that I think are important, but will take time.  Time that was once spent reading and writing blogs.  But I am excited about it all and think there is room – I just have to get it all worked out!

In the meantime, enjoy some pictures from my favorite new walking place near our condo.  I am very grateful that our condo complex is small and quiet with a wonderful horseshoe shaped road for walking.  It even has some hills!  It’s  a great place to get some exercise!  But within a mile or two in several directions is an extensive greenway system along with quite a few miles of mountain biking trails.  These pics are all taken at a greenway attached to what is now my closest branch of our public library system.

At the start - Public Library branch is to the left just out of sight!

Hard to see, but this is really quite an incline!

And this is quite a decline thankfully via switchbacks!

 Two of several statues placed throughout the park.  These are my favorites!
Both remind me of ME!  I only wish there was a hiker!

Where have YOU been walking lately?


  1. I like the biker, you know that :D Don't stress about posting. It's supposed to be enjoyable and not pressured. I'll just patiently wait for your posts to pop up in my reader.

  2. You wouldn't believe where I was walking yesterday...I had to retrace the 4 mile hike we did the other day looking for my lens cap and polarizer. It was quite the workout as I broke into a jog whenever I could because Wayne was waiting back at the car. I snagged a few snaps on my iPhone, I'll have it up on my blog later this week. When I realized at the dr.'s office last week how poorly I've been taking care of myself due to my focus on Cory and Wayne I made a short list of changes I need to make and put it in my iPhone wristlet. Every time I take out my phone I can check my list and check to see if I've flossed, taken my probiotic, used my inhaler, done my exercises for my knee and drank my soy milk for the day. Can you believe I have to write that stuff down?

  3. You live in a beautiful place! Don't stress about following a regular blogging schedule - do it when you can, and we'll enjoy whatever and whenever you write. :)

  4. Glad you are going to start getting some 'me' time in, soon. The area around you is gorgeous!

  5. Oh I think we're all just happy you're out and about again! :)

  6. Your "neighborhood" looks like a wonderful place and great for walking ESPECIALLY with a library along the trail. Sounds like you have lots of plans to keep you busy while Bill is back at work. I still wish he would retire and focus totally on his health. I'm walking currently in Rocky Mountain National Park where I have no internet or phone unless I drive up to the VC which is how you are getting this. :-)

  7. My comment disappeared! I will try again. No worries about random posting - that's perfectly okay. In fact that's how I roll these days. Life is just too busy to be tied to a blogging schedule and then feel guilty when it can't be accomplished. I love your new neighborhood walking paths. It looks the perfect place for you! Prayers and good wishes for Bill as he returns to work. You are wise to start taking care of your own health as well. You can't take care of him if you yourself don't feel recharged and healthy!

  8. Oh I forgot to say that you should see my last post - about my birthday hike, I think you'll approve!

  9. Hi, I think you are smart to start planning some time for YOU this Fall... You (and Bill ) have had a big year -and now you need to get back to some kind of normalcy if possible....

    You do have a good place to walk --but I know how excited you must be to get to go back to 'your' Smokies and hike. We spent a lot of time hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkway (Craggy Pinnacle) and then up to Grandfather Mountain... Had a great trip...


  10. Life is a much more important priority than blogging, but I do understand the 'want to' conflicting with the available time. Fwiw, I think you're right to take the time for YOU first! (And I'm not just doing that because I'm doing the same thing. :)

    I've mostly been stuck walking in the neighborhood lately. Fortunately, I like it here.

  11. That is a very nice park, and I recognized it immediately. We used to walk there now and then. And I remember way back when - about 30 years ago - when a farmhouse was located on that land and an elderly couple lived there. It was sad to see that history pass by, but the park and library were nice additions to the community. We lived in nearby Woodland Trace subdivision at the time.