Monday, February 14, 2011

Frightening Friday

Finley Cane Trail - GSMNP
February 1, 2011

Let's get the Frightening Friday out of the way first because I'm weary with having to write about my latest "infection," but in the interest of reporting Life Through Sharon's Eyes as it happens, here it is!  And you have no idea, the irony in the word "eyes."  Look at today's picture from a hike earlier this month.  The path was straight as an arrow just like I thought my road to total recovery was headed.  And all of a sudden, it all took a very sharp turn...........................

Feeling much encouraged by how much better I've been feeling, this past Thursday afternoon, I went out with a lengthy list of errands including finding and purchasing all my Valentine Gifts.  At some point, I stood up from getting something off a lower rack and had a searing pain go through my right eye.  I had never in my entire life experienced anything like that and it scared the you know what out of me.  The intense shooting pain subsided as quickly as it had come on, but I noticed that my eye just hurt and I had become very sensitive to light.  I'm not going to drag this tale out, but after a sleepless night, I had to admit that this wasn't a simple case of eyestrain and was able to get into my eye doctor's office early Friday morning.  Let me just insert here that I cannot remember  experiencing such PAIN in a long time.  It was intense and it was constant.  The doctor had to numb my eye in order for me to open it wide enough for him to examine.  He immediately diagnosed Keratitis with Infiltrates which basically means an infected cornea.  With the drops taking effect, I was able to concentrate enough to answer his questions and he quickly determined that it was another residual effect of the head infection I've been trying to recover from.  Treatment is antibiotic and anti-inflammatory (both in the form of drops), keeping still and quiet in a darkened room, and no reading, computer or TV for 24 hours.  This wasn't as hard as it might seem, because I had no desire to do any of those things.  

As he told me it would, the medication began helping immediately and it was determined through his follow-up call Saturday morning, that I did not need to come back for an examination.  I am so thankful he (my own doctor) was the doc on call for the weekend.  It just made things simpler!  There is still some pain, but NOTHING compared to what I experienced on Friday.   I am still on a ridiculous schedule for administering the drops and I return for a follow-up appointment on Tuesday, but I think the worst behind me.  I hope I never experience anything like that again.  He seems to think there was nothing I did wrong - it just happened.  I did learn from Google searching that once this happens, it is likely to happen again.  Eek!!  

My lesson:  I continue to be totally humbled at the gift of good health.  I find myself wondering if I'll ever feel strong and energetic again, yet being so grateful for caring physicians and medications that can make an immediate difference when something goes haywire.  You've heard it from me a lot lately, but it bears repeating.  DO NOT TAKE YOUR HEALTH FOR GRANTED AND DO ALL YOU CAN TO PRESERVE THE HEALTH YOU HAVE!

I have made a few less than stellar food choices since my last post, but according to Mr. Scale, no damage has been done.  And the poor choices have all been portion control issues, not wrong eating decisions.  This is an ongoing problem for me and I am so tired of it.  There can be no fault found with my overall eating habits - they are healthy and they incorporate a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, healthy carbs, fats and proteins.  

Here's an example.  Most of you know that Mr. B is the Master Chef in our family.  He loves to cook, gets better at it all the time and I am more than happy to hand him that exclusive privilege. I plan the menus and he follows the plan!  Friday evening, I was feeling much better and was hungry.  The menu was Grilled Ribeyes, baked potatoes and brussell sprouts (however he wanted to make them).  When he handed me my plate, it contained at least a double portion of everything.   I should've immediately gone back to the kitchen and halved every item.  The other half would've been PERFECT for Mr. B's lunch on Monday.  But no, it looked divine, I rationalized that everything on the plate was "healthy" and I ate every doggone bite.  It was good - it was just too much and until I learn to practice portion control in EVERY circumstance, I do not believe I will reach or maintain my goal weight.   And to do that, I recognize that a decision must be made at the point of impulse just like I said in my last post and is becoming a repeated mantra to me.  

Please do not berate me for continuing to whine about the same thing over and over because if you know me from reading my story from it's beginning, you know how far I've come.  This is so much better and I am so proud of the progress I've made.  Referring again to Friday's dinner, at least I thought about it and realized there was too much on my plate.  I contemplated going back to the kitchen and even had a use for the half I didn't eat.  That is progress, believe me!  I now have confidence that this is the last hurdle to overcome and I am ever so surely, getting there.   I absolutely CANNOT wait!!   Come, go with me!


  1. No berating here! Just ((( hugs ))). It is true how often we forget how wonderful good health really is! Scary about your eye. I hope that spring arrives there soon (??) and that you're feeling great then and that the fresh air & wonderful walks help you on the road to a complete recovery!! Prayers!

  2. PS I completely understand the portion control thingy -- unfortunately. I do find that if I portion it out myself, away from the table, I do better than if my plate is given to me with a too large portion. Somehow the act of dividing it up and putting some back is waaaaay more difficult than just taking the proper amount myself in the first place...

  3. Oh Sharon! How scary. I am glad you are on the road to recovery yet again.

    I had a little food issue myself recently and told myself I just cannot blog about it, not because I am hiding it, but because I imagined readers just shaking their heads at me doing the same darn thing again. Sigh.

    Portion control with meals is not a problem for me. Once, when I still ate pasta, it might have been. Now portion control with snacking - oh boy.

  4. I'm so glad your eye is going to be fine! Very scary.

    You know, you are where--in food--I want to get to. :) I'm having a hard time with food choices. Oh, I eat healthily and in amounts that would equal weight loss at my weight all day long--then at night, I eat tons of calories via poor choices like ice cream.

    I was thinking just yesterday that, at this point, FIRST I needed to gain control over my night time eating. THEN when I got to about 20 or so pounds from goal, I'd have to scrutinize the amounts I eat of healthy food to finish up.

    :D You're at that last 20 or so pounds stage I'm longing for! :D congratulations.

    Onward and forward, girlfriend,


  5. Sharon,
    I was fearful that you'd had a relapse since you disappeared again. I am sorry you had to go through that. You've been under a lot of stress since August and stress has a definite negative impact on your health. I'm glad the fix for this seems to be relatively simple and quick.

    I fight the portion control battle myself. There will be no finger pointing from this direction unless it is back at me. When I'm sick I feel like I need treats too. What is up with that?!

    Feel better soon.

  6. Amazing that you could make good choices despite the trauma of your eye problems etc.!

    Praying for complete healing and continued results.

  7. So sorry you had that horrible problem with your eye, Sharon, but I'm happy your doctor was able to successfully treat you so quickly.

    I used to eat every bit of food on my plate also. Now, even though I am the one who dishes up the food, I have learned to immediately cut my piece of meat or chicken in half and kind of shove it over to the side of the plate. While I am eating the other half, I tell myself that I will put the other piece away for Clint's lunch (as you thought you might for Mr. B), and I have gotten to the point where I almost always do so. So you are definitely on the right track with your interior dialogue. Your next step is doing it. You're doing great!

  8. No berating here. Completely understand what you mean about the portion control. I don't know why poriton control is easier for some and harder for others. You are not alone. Hang in there.

    Glad to hear that you've had great doctors and medication to heal your eye issue. Boy, that must have been scary. I know once you feel better you'll be energized and recharged. Hang in there okay?

  9. Here's hoping your eye heals swiftly! You could use the break! :)

    As for your Friday dinner, how would Mr. B . have felt if you took half the food he prepared off your plate? I ask because I was in a similar situation at a friend's house when she served us all gargantuan (by *my* standards) portions. She's a good friend, but I think it would have offended her if I'd asked to halve it. I ended up stopping around the halfway point anyway, and since we were staying the weekend, she good-naturedly wrapped it up and made me eat the other half for lunch the next day. :)

  10. Oh, Sharon. I am so sorry to read about your eye infection. You have been through the ringer. I truly hope this is it for you.

    Thanks again so much for both your kind and thoughtful comments on my blogs today. Michele

  11. Thanks for your comment, Sharon. Yes, I too grew up with the "starving children in Africa/China/whereever" and I don't like to waste either - I've started to put leftovers in containers labelled in the freezer. Great for quick meals - and great for the guys lunches when we don't have leftovers. Even if it's a bit - it can be combined and enjoyed for a nice lunch.

  12. I have you in my prayers Sharon. And you're right...our health is worth preserving and protecting!!! Be good to yourself and rest my friend.

  13. That was a scary thing to have happen. You sure have had a difficult time for weeks now. In spite of it all I think you are making really good choices with food, and the scale isn't going up so that is a victory!

  14. Oh, Sharon. I have never heard of anything quite like that in my life. Any pain like that from the neck up is such a scary thing, I'm so relieved it wasn't anything more serious. Please take care of YOU and feel better soon. You're an important part of this community and are needed in top form :)

  15. I fight the portion control battle myself. There will be no finger pointing from this direction unless it is back at me. When I'm sick I feel like I need treats too.

  16. Sharon, that eye thing is just too scary. I'm glad the problem was resolved and you are on the mend. Life's trail can make some pretty sharp turns. I believe it is God's way of making us stronger. However, sometimes I feel like I'm as strong as I want to be; I don't need any more turns in the trail. Anyway, I'm glad you're getting better.