Monday, February 27, 2012

Three Months of the 17 Day Diet

Cucumber Gap Trail - GSMNP
February 13, 2012

Wow, what a week!  Packed full of activity and I simply don't know where it went.  As a result, did not get post started over the weekend as I normally do, so this will most likely be all over the place.  My week's highlight, however, was spending Thursday afternoon with my "getting better all the time friend, " Cammy.  Cammy blogs at Tippy Toe Diet, and is a long time maintainer of a more 100+ pound weight loss.  She has a delightful writing style and an in-person personality that matches.  I first met Cammy at our mini-meetup last October in Little Rock, Arkansas and was absolutely delighted when she emailed that she'd be in the East Tennessee area on business last week.  It was a gorgeous sunny February afternoon, so we took a nice long walk on the Gatlinburg Trail and then enjoyed an early dinner at Calhoun's restaurant in Gatlinburg.  We talked like we'd known each other all our lives and after dropping her back at her hotel with her eyelids drooping (remember, she'd been conducting training sessions all week and I for one, know how exhausting that is!!), I hoped that was just the first of many "business" trips to my end of the state.

At Cataract Falls just outside Gatlinburg, TN
February 23, 2012

It appears that today is the day we are finally getting our roof replaced following the deadly tornado outbreak and hailstorm from last April 17.  We were fortunate in that our roof was only six years old and it held up better than most throughout the storm, but with significant damage, we knew it would eventually need to be replaced.  We chose to wait hoping those who needed it worse would get their repairs accomplished plus give the fly-by-night unscrupulous roofing companies time to leave town.  Monday is normally my "domestic" day, so my goal is to get 'er done and GET OUT OF DODGE before I get a headache.  LOL!   (Insert five minute break while I go start laundry!)

On Friday morning at dark-thirty, Mr. B leaves for a week in Germany with his auditioned choral ensemble and to say he is wild would be putting it mildly.   If you've read my blog for any length of time, you know that he and I are very close and do not separate well, but he enjoys this trip so much and after five years of having him travel abroad without me, I've become comfortable enough that I actually look forward to the week alone.  I've got several things already planned including a day with MIL (to soothe her spirits as it TERRIFIES her having him "all the way over there"), three days of hiking and a grocery shopping trip to Atlanta.  Can't wait for two full days to enjoy the Dekalb Farmers Market, Trader Joes, Whole Foods and Publix.  Even better for me, is the 0% sales tax on food in Georgia, so that is automatically a 5.5% savings for me over any food purchases in Tennessee.  That Atlanta trip will also include a trip to REI where I'm certain I will find more hiking gadgets that I simply can't live without. If there are any readers in the Atlanta metro area and we could work it out, I'd love to meet for lunch one of those days!! 

February 25 marked three months of amazing success with the 17 Day Diet.  To say that I am thrilled with this plan and its results would be an understatement.  Between November 25 and February 25, I lost 17.4 pounds.  The calendar month of February has not brought the loss of pounds I would've liked, but I know exactly what to do to change that.  I also know that I am at the exact weight at which my body likes to "set."   Every time I've lost weight, I have plateaued at this particular number no matter how many pounds I had lost to get there.  I suspect my body could enjoy this as a happy weight, but once I start losing again, I will lose steadily down to the next weight where I know my body can and will be happy!!  So I'm looking forward to March and the madness it will bring in many ways including basketball heaven!!  My plan is to adhere strictly to Cycle 1 while Mr. B is in Germany and get that weight moving once again.  As long as I average a 5-6 pound loss per month, I am happy.  But most of all, I am happy with the way I feel and am getting happier by the day with the way I look.   

Told you this post would ramble, but the pounding is about to get to me, so I believe it's time to leave the premises in the hands of roofers and get outside.  Thankfully, roofing and nice days go hand-in-hand, so spending most of this day outside will be a pleasure.

Does your week look quiet and serene or noisy like mine??


  1. Love that photo of the two of you:) I am still, well, not sure what the words are... but maybe I'd say "impressed" with how this plan has worked for you. Not the loss part. That's great. But actually what most impresses me is what I "hear" in your voice. You really seem so at peace and in control and comfortable. And boy have you inspired a trend in the blog world!!

  2. Definitely noisy! So nice you got to hang out with Cammy. How fun for you guys!! Way to go on your weight loss that is awesome!! Keep it up and stay focused!!

  3. We look so cute! (One of us has made a note to remove sweatshirt pocket contents before having photo taken. LOL)

    Thank you again for a most wonderful afternoon and dinner--can't WAIT to come back!

    I'm happy you're happy!

  4. You look great in that picture--does anyone think you and Cammy look like sisters?? And keep working on being happy/content with how you look. From my perspective, that is as important as any additional weight loss.

    Your trip to Atlanta sounds fabulous. I thoroughly approve being out of the house while they are working on the roof! The last time my roof was replaced, I took a week long trip to my BF's. I was VERY upset when I drove back into town and saw the roofers still up there on my roof. I think they were just finishing up.

  5. I was going to say that you 2 look like sisters! How nice to get another visit in. And congratulations on the weight loss! You've clearly found a good food fit for yourself.

    I hope you have a great time in Atlanta - I used to live there and totally recall the Dekalb FM - this was back when it was fairly small and in Decatur. You'll surely be able to stock the pantry from the trip!

  6. I'm on chapter 3 of the book. But it's pretty much how I eat anyway, so I don't expect the same results as you. But I'm hoping to learn something useful. You're looking great, by the way!

  7. Aw, sounds like you guys had a great hike and visit! I'm really jealous about your trip to Atlanta as I've never been to a Trader Joe's, and I LOVE REI! I spent quite a bit of money at the one in Anchorage when we went in August. I may have to plan a trip to Atlanta as well! And what a great success you've had with the 17 day diet! I'm glad you've found a plan you are getting results from without having to sacrifice too much.

    Can't wait to meet you Sunday! I hope the weather will turn be decent.

  8. It's awesome that you have found something that works . Your pictures are wonderful!

  9. Wow! 17.5 lb! I'm in week 3 of WW and the weight is not happy about leaving me. I keep at it though.

    Last week was a crazy week; this week I'm hoping it will be calmer!

  10. I continue to be amazed at how well that diet plan is working. Over 17 pounds is tremendous! How funnitnmust be to meet up with Tammy again. ShaRon, you are looking mighty slender.

  11. You've done great my friend! That scale will surely get moving again with getting back to cycle 1.

    Enjoy your time while Mr. B's away. Hope the weather is beautiful for your hiking. I went hiking on Sunday with my hubby, but the trails were absolutely packed with mountain bikers. Not exactly my idea of a peaceful hike. It was still a great time though.

  12. Congratulations on the weight loss! I hope he has a safe, lovely trip to Germany. I don't like it when John travels but he seems to enjoy seeing new places. Is your hubby in the Century Men?

  13. Such fun to have another blog friend get together!

    Great job on the weight loss! You are my inspiration for success on the 17DD.

    My week is a busy one with lots to do on my chore list!

  14. It was a good choice to install a new roof instead of having it repaired. Even without seeing your roof, I can imagine how badly it was damaged, leading you to decide on replacing it. We don't have control over weather condition, but the least we can do is to fortify our house's foundation to withstand such destructive disturbances.

    -Kate Kriner @ AquaDuctRoofing

  15. Wise choice to have your roof replaced as this can be more financially sensible in the long run. A lot of people would prefer a quick fix, thinking they have saved money, but that could mean more repairs after a few months and eventually a replacement anyway. By the way, how's the diet coming along?

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