Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm Normal!

First 2012 trail wildflower sighting - March 1, 2012
Meigs Mountain Trail - GSMNP

I am not, nor will ever claim to be, the world's greatest photographer.  I take pictures more for the purpose of recording life than anything else.  But I do enjoy my hiking and travel pictures and appreciate the feedback you give me regarding those I choose for blog posts.  I confess that sometimes I labor over the picture more than the writing itself.  But today's picture was a given, even though it is by no means an award-winning photo.  Why, you say??  Because it represents my very first Smokies wildflower spotting of 2012.  I spotted it with mixed feelings! Smokies wildflower season is spectacular.  There is no doubt about that.  But with it comes more limited views, snakes, bears, gnats, mosquitos and lots of tourists!  It ends my comfort level with solo hiking and that, I truly miss!  Because of our extremely unseasonable weather this year, this wildflower was spotted at least two weeks early, but it is usually the first bloomer.  I'm fairly certain it's Bloodroot, but again, not an expert identifier.  Really doesn't matter to me, I just want to appreciate its beauty!

You will know when Mr. B reads the title of this post as you will hear him laughing from wherever you are!  Normal is not a word that has ever been used to describe me, but this past Friday morning, I became "normal" once again.  For the first time since October 24, 2010 (I love keeping good records), my weight fell into the "normal" BMI category!  I have been "overweight" on some level every day since then.  Thankfully, never "obese," but always overweight!  Although I think these BMI categories should ALWAYS leave room for individual interpretation, I also believe they can be a very helpful and accurate "benchmark" guideline.  My friend, Debby, wrote a very insightful post recently reflecting the cut-and-dried response to the BMI numbers we often see from "experts" who inform us of what we should weight knowing little or nothing about our history, health or otherwise.    I totally agree with what she said.  My goal is to lose 14 more pounds which will leave me slightly above the mid-point of "normal" according to the BMI charts.  However, I know my body and my overall health status.   I know my history and I know what is reasonable and sustainable.  No CHART can dictate those things to me.  But for today, I am just happy to be NORMAL!

My February stats were not what I'd hoped them to be, but that's o.k.  I've lost 19.4 pounds since October 25, 2011 which was my highest weight this go round.  That's an average of 4-5 pounds lost each month and with only 14 pounds left to lose, the rate of loss will slow down.  Obviously, the bulk of that was lost during Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 of the 17 DD, but as I've settled into a comfortable routine with the Cycles, I've found that steady loss does continue, it just slows down significantly.  And I'm here to tell you EMPHATICALLY that this is totally o.k.  The lack of cravings, the satisfaction with what I'm eating, the energy level that just doesn't quit and the joy of having found something that works more than compensates for a quick path to goal.  I will get there and more importantly, I WILL STAY THERE!!

Here are my February statistics!
Weight Lost in February - 1.8 pounds
Miles Hiked in February - 48.4 (2012 total - 95.6)

Average Weekly Steps - 12408  (this is total steps for week divided by 7)
Remember my New Year's mantra?  It has become so meaningful to me that I plan to share it with you at the beginning of every month during 2012.  

In 2012, I will:

Look for a SURPRISE in every day.
EXPECT steady results from a healthy eating plan and efforts to have a normal relationship with food.
RECEIVE love, friendship, gifts and kindness without question from those who choose to give it to me.
Embrace JOY with every thread of my being.
CELEBRATE my own successes as jubilantly as I celebrate those of others.
SHARE my life, my time, my money and my possessions in creative ways that are new and extravagant.
If you missed the background behind this mantra of mine, here's a link to my first post of 2012.  Like the 17-Day Diet, my mantra has become such a part of each day that I find my brain checking off whether or not I've experienced each aspect at some point during that day.  But mostly, I love the surprises!!

In addition to loving the surprises, during February, I made it a priority to CELEBRATE my own successes as jubilantly as I celebrated the successes of others.  Because you know what?   Right now, I've got LOTS to celebrate.  I've waited a long time and shed lots of tears just wanting to be NORMAL!!

What one word would your spouse, significant other or best friend use to describe you?  

Would it be NORMAL??


  1. I would probably not be described as normal, in any sense of the word - and definitely not weight wise. I am determined, I think many people would desribe that. Committed and positive, too.

  2. Definitely not normal yet. Working on it! Right now they would say clumsy! Congrats on your weight loss my Friend!!

    Keep focused!

  3. Congratulations on finding your weigh (way!) into the normal category. That is an incredible achievement! That 17-day plan seems to really be doing the trick for you. You should celebrate your new "normal!"

    Now about that flower (and thanks for the challenge). I would bet that it is in the anemone family (buttercups) based on what I can see about the petals (6). I don't think it is a bloodroot because they generally have more petals. In either case they are very early blooming WF. Just a tip for flower ID: try to get photos of the petals and the flower but also the leaves. I can barely see emerging leaves. They are a good source of ID info. It is so lovely to spot the first spring wildflowers!

  4. My friends would probably describe me as funny because I love to laugh and I'm quite witty. As for normal? Not me. But like you in the weight loss journey, I'm hoping to fit into the normal category by next Christmas. Not far to go for me, but you know how slow the race can be. Still, slow and steady wins the race.

  5. That is an impressive achievement, Sharon! Especially at our age, right? I love that you seem so contented with this new way of eating. And I hope the wildflowers won't peak too early--I want to see them too!!

  6. Great news, Sharon! You've worked hard for your results!

    I think most people would consider me resilient. I don't know many people who would consider me normal. :)

    (thanks for your comments on my post today. You really know how to lift a girl's spirits!)

  7. Congratulations on the normal BMI! I am thrilled for you.

    I'm not sure what word 65MD would choose for me but I'm almost certain it would not be normal. It might be 'nutsy' but in a very kind, fun sort of way.

  8. Congrats on feeling "normal" Sharon, that is so awesome.

    I have no doubt that you will reach your goal weight in due time. I too am a slow loser when it comes to this weight loss business but it is worth the wait.

    I love your attitude!

    I think my family and friends would describe me as amiable.

  9. Oh, I hate to think about this but I think he'd use "controlling." Eek.

    Congrats on being normal:) And I love your attitude about the whole diet and weight loss thing. I wish more people were as pragmatic and understanding and accepting. I was reading a blog recently and the blogger was upset at a one pound loss for the week. She had posted her losses for the past two months, a loss every week, but some were more like 4 pounds. So she was upset with just one. I did the math and reminded her that she was averaging over 2 pounds per week with no plateau and no gain and IMO that was an awesome rate of loss. I wonder how she took that. Anyway, as you and I have discussed, the place you are now is so much more important in my mind than the scale. Kudos.

  10. In racing, we have a better chance of it happening quicker because we have attracted good people to come to work for us. It's the beginning of a great adventure, and we're looking forward to it. Flights to Lilongwe

  11. I'm thinking that late October 2010 was when I last saw you, so I ALWAYS think of you as normal! :-) Congratulations for regaining that happy place. I went back to my WW core for two weeks after completing Cycle I, but DH and I are doing it again for 5 days to jump start our March. Today is day 4 and I've lost 3.6 lb and DH has lost 4.6 lb. Exactly what we wanted. I've discovered some great recipes along the way that have become part of my repertoire. (Have you tried the Eggplant Parmesan from the 17 DD book? Awesome.)

    Love your wildflower pic and all the pix you put in your blog. Hope those snakes and bears are slugabeds this spring and stay in their dark places until you get in your necessary quota of critter-free spring hiking.

  12. Hello There, Since I've been away from blogging for a week, I have alot of catching up to do. We had a wonderful trip to Arkansas --but it's great to visit with my blog friends. Hope things are going well with you.

    I'm so proud of you... The closer you/we get to goal, the slower the weight comes off... BUT--you/we are still trying and it is coming off.... You are doing GREAT... Keep on hanging in there!!!

  13. Hi Sharon, justfound your blog. Congrats on all of your success to day. Love the picture of the flower. Have a great Monday.

  14. Congrats to you Sharon!
    I don't think my husband would *ever* call me normal LOL!

  15. Congrats on being "normal"!! that is awesome. I doubt anyone in my family would call me normal lol but I can't wait to be there too!

  16. Congrats on "normal" - that's wonderful!
    One word? Hmmm, I'd say "fun" but maybe they'd say "crazy"!! :)

  17. I'm so happy to find you loving right where you are, Sharon. You have this new beauty about your writing that makes this change so evident.
    Thank you for the 'Spring' sighting. I needed that today!

  18. To lose weight is the goal of many. I love how your thinking is on this subject. I've been there and back a few times. Walking was my best exercise for weight loss. Keep up the good work, Sharon~~~


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