Monday, March 12, 2012

The Proof Is In The Jeans

Little River Trail - GSMNP
February, 2012

I am not one of those who will ever tell you that I like the way I am built.  I have my mother to thank for it!  It doesn't matter if I weigh 120 or 220, my body will ALWAYS be out of proportion.  I will ALWAYS have large hips and thighs which are even more exaggerated because I have a very small upper body and waist.  No matter how much weight I gain or lose, my upper body stays the same.  In some respects, that works well because weight gains are very easy to hide.  It's all in the hips and thighs!

Shopping for clothes is, always has been and always will be, a complete nightmare.  And this is precisely why I HATE to shop.  Clothes just simply do not fit my body.  And this is applicable no matter what size I am currently wearing or what weight the scales are reflecting.  I have never in my life been able to purchase a two-piece anything!  And one thing I've certainly never been able to buy are slacks or a skirt with a normal waistband.  I've seen many comments made (some with a sarcastic bent) about wearing clothes with elastic in the waistband and quite frankly, I find those offensive because there are circumstances (like mine) where that is the only choice.  But I digress!  

It is no secret that I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.  Soon to be shorts and t-shirt kind of girl!!  And finding jeans that fit and also looked good was so hard.  So a few years ago, when I found a style that fit me well (with small section of elastic just on the sides of the waistband), I bought two pair in the correct size PLUS two of one size larger and two of one size smaller.  Shortly after, I began losing weight.  To make a long story short, I now own two pair of these jeans in EVERY size from 12 - 22.  I can just hear you laughing.  In the spirit of total honesty, in a few sizes, I own THREE pair.  Remember, I am retired.  In the cooler months, the only time I am NOT wearing jeans is when I am headed to church or in something more comfortable while at home!  

When in losing mode, I keep the next smaller size in my closet where I can see them every time I open the door.  Every couple of weeks, I pull on the next smaller size to see if I can see any progress.  A month ago, I was able to start wearing those jeans.  I immediately went to the storage bin and pulled out the NEXT smaller size and laid it in the top of my closet knowing it was a long time before I'd fit into them.

For some unknown reason, yesterday afternoon, I pulled those jeans down thinking I'd check to see just how far I needed to go before they'd fit.  I pulled them on, they slid effortlessly over those thighs, hips and by george, up they zipped!  And I could breathe!  In fact, they fit perfectly!  Just to be sure, I checked the size!  Then I took them off and tried on the second pair in that same size.  Guess what??  They fit also!  It was no fluke and I wasn't hallucinating.  

I may not have lost much weight last month, but I sure as heck redistributed some!!  I give complete credit to two things.  1)  I have always believed that my sugar/carb sensitive body sent those items directly to my hips/thighs.  I've often joked that there was no need to swallow bread or sweets.  Just slap them on my hips cause that's where they're headed anyway.  The 17DD has worked so well for me and even though the rate of pounds lost has slowed, the inches are literally melting off.   2) Hiking as much as I do in the mountains certainly has an impact on inches lost and also from where they are lost!

It was a happy moment and I am wearing that smaller size proudly.  And you better believe, I've already been back to the storage bin and pulled out the NEXT smaller size.  It's waiting in the top of closet.   And it's not going to have to wait long!   It's also my smallest size!!   I know they will fit at goal weight.  And it is one of the sizes I have THREE pair.  Good - because it's the last size I'm ever going to wear!!

Mr. B made it back from Germany after a wonderfully successful week with his choir!  They behaved like responsible adults and sang like angels in every concert.  He was thrilled and exhausted!  My week without him was not drama free.  There were episodes with my parents and multiple episodes with MIL.  In addition, I manage to put a huge scratch on HIS car while in Atlanta and the workers who came to put our new gutters on (finally getting all that squared away from hail damage last spring) made a complete mess of our front yard after having me tell them specifically and emphatically that they were NOT to park or drive in the yard.  

But I did have a great time grocery shopping in Atlanta and enjoyed relaxing in my room at the Ponce de Leon Place Bed and Breakfast.  It was a hectic week all the way around and I am hoping for a much quieter few days ahead.  Planning to start it off with a hike in the mountains where hopefully, I'll be headed when you read this!!

Am I crazy to own the same pair of jeans in all sizes?  Have you ever done anything like that?


  1. From one out-of-proportion, jeans-wearin' gal to another, congratulations, Sharon!

    I've owned multiples of the same style of pants in every size (Worthington classic fit in black), but not at the same time. When I find something basic, like jeans or black slacks, that fits my oddly shaped body (and looks good, if I do say so myself), I jump at the opportunity for an extra.

    So yes, I am sitting here snickering at you, but I've got a mirror up so I can snicker at me, too. :)

  2. Congrats on fitting into those smaller sized jeans, Sharon! That is quite a wonderful NSV! Feel so proud every time you slip into them.

    I have often bought smaller sized clothing hoping that seeing them would motivate me to shed some pounds. Unfortunately never worked for me. But now that I am losing, it is fun to slip into a few of those items. Have a great week!

  3. Yay Sharon! Now get rid of those that don't fit - seriously! All clothes that don't fit! Then you never have that just in case wardrobe. Congratulations on the jeans just sliding on - I know that feels fabulous!

  4. Woo hoo!!!! I am not actually a fan of jeans. I find them typically restrictive feeling. I tend to wear "sweats" or knit pants with... elastic waists:) So, when are you going to toss the old, now too big, jeans?

  5. Good for you! I love those happy surprises. I'll echo what others have said, get rid of the too big jeans ASAP.

    Sorry you had drama this week while Mr. B. was out of town. I was concerned since I hadn't seen any posts lately. I hope that this week is as peaceful as you desire.

    BTW, I love me some elastic!!

  6. LOL, that is hilarious. No, I have never had that many clothes in different sizes at the same time. I have been up and down the scale a few times though. And to be honest, I do have a couple of items in two sizes right now. I think I'm in between those sizes because I wear both interchangeably.

    Oh man, parts of that sound very stressful. Glad Mr. B made it back safely, and hope both of you have a very relaxing week.

    The body re-distributing weight as we lose is very interesting to me. I have observed that mostly in myself, but also in a few friends.

  7. I think if it works for you, then go for it! I personally avoid buying two of any clothes items - especially what I call "incentive pants" b/c I know that once I get to a certain size, I want to try something new! Just my personality. Do you find that jeans are easier to buy now, with sizing fitting everyone not just cookie-cutter women? I find that for myself. I am just "thick" everywhere - and when I lose it, I just become a smaller me. Your body type is the healthiest though!! :) It's true!

  8. I feel a kinship with you Sharon!

    Years ago as I started gaining some pounds I went and bought a bigger version in two colors of one of my favorite skirts, when that one got tighter instead of losing weight, you guessed it - I went back and bought two more skirts in the next size bigger! I had that same skirt in 3 sizes!

    I can relate to your experience of body changes and getting smaller even though the pounds lost are not showing up on the scale. I read on the 17DD facebook page that many people experience inches lost in the second cycle but not so much pounds lost on the scale. That has been so true for me. I tend to carry a lot of extra pounds in my thighs and butt! But as I gain weight I also get bigger all over.

    Like you, hiking has the added benefit of really working my legs and glutes and I am seeing a lot of change in my size and how my clothes fit. Building muscle and firming up even though there isn't a great change in the numbers on the scale. I love it!

    I have always said that I can just look at carbs and gain weight. I am loving the carb cycling of this food plan.It's a good fit for me too.

    I can't thank you enough for posting about the 17DD as it was just what I needed at this time in my life.

    Sorry you had so much drama last week with the workers on your roof.

    Glad to hear that hubby had a good time with his students and all are back home safe and sound.

    It's going to be a week of rain here - so no hiking for me. It will be a good week to work on my Spring cleaning and that too will burn calories!

    Congrats on your success with weight loss, having control over your eating and getting into your smaller jeans! Life is good!

  9. Hi Sharon, I had to laugh at this post because I have clothes in ALL sizes also... That is because I have lost and gained so much weight over the years... I know now that it would have been better for me IF I had have found a weight and STAYED THERE --rather than this yo-yo stuff... Now that I'm losing again, I am determined NOT to gain it back this time... For that reason, I decided to give away my 'fat' clothes!!!! Keeping from gaining the weight back is much harder for me than losing it to begin with...

    We are home from our 2nd trip is a month--and both of us have colds.. Yuk! Guess it will be REST for this upcoming week for both of us.


  10. Nope, not crazy. When I find a shoe that fits, I buy multiple pairs in one or more colors. Love the size 12 to 22, though. Congratulations! You deserve this for all your hard work and dedication. How nice that you found an exercise that you love and an eating plan that you can live with. I'm sure Mr. B is thrilled!

  11. I have one style of jeans that I own in 3 sizes, although the largest size I just gave away and the smallest I'm trying to get in to. I've also been known to buy several of something if I like it, i.e., a pair of shoes in every color, an eyeshadow in several colors and there's a lipstick that Sephora sells and I have 6 different colors because I like the formulation so much!

    I just had the conversation with a co-worker who recently lost weight and went so far to go on Ebay to find her favorite pair of slacks in the correct size!

  12. Sharon, thank you for your comment on my blog and for asking about my mom. Sorry my title was misleading - I didn't realize it until you mentioned it. I did put a mom-update up today!
    BTW, I love your sig picture! I've seen it small, but just saw it big and it's so pretty!
    Thanks for your encouragement!

  13. I'm so happy for you and inspired too!!! I can't wait to talk to you and catch up. Who knows, maybe we can get in a hike before the summer heat sets in.

  14. I LOVED your jeans story! I have jeans that I am desperate to be able to wear in a few months. I will think of you when the slide up effortlessly!

  15. Congrats on the jean accomplishment. I LOVE success stories like this one. It feels so good to see that kind of progress!
    I don't think it's crazy at all to have that many jeans. I'm getting to the point where if something looks good on me, I end up buying the same thing in different colors. Some people might think that a bit crazy!

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