Wednesday, September 18, 2013

One Day At A Time!

Forney Ridge Trail - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
September 7, 2013

Someone asked a few weeks ago, if I had stopped hiking.   The answer to that is no and yes!   I have never been much of a summer hiker.  Between the heat, overgrown trails and abundant wildlife (the kind I DONT wish to see), it's just somethng I've mostly enjoyed in the fall, winter and spring.  Last summer was somewhat of an exception as I found myself with a myriad of hiking partners who were available thanks to unforeseen circumstances.  But the fact still remained that I was happy when fall rolled around and I had to drag out long sleeves for early morning hikes.  

I have also learned over this summer with no hiking that my body was tired.  My joints were screaming for relief and once I stopped hiking 1-3 times a week, my whole physical being began to feel better.  I'm not quite sure what to do with that information just yet, but I was able to put it to the test a couple of Saturdays ago when one of my favorite hiking buds asked if I was available for a "short" hike.  We chose a hike in the upper elevations that was less than four miles total distance, but included a steep descent along a very rocky trail.  It was a great day and so good for my soul to be back out in the woods, but yes, I was sore the next day particularly my wrists.  I had suspected that the pounding of the poles was causing my rheumatoid arthritis to flare in my wrists and this hike pretty much confirmed that.  Yet the poles are an almost necessity to minimize stress on a hiker's knees.  So I'm anxious for fall to arrive and do some more testing to find the balance between hiking these trails I love so much, yet not overdoing.  At the very least, I think my hiking range is shrinking and that's o.k.  These mountains offer hiking opportunities for EVERY range and most of my favorites are mileages that will be comfortable.

Love those long sleeves!!
September 7, 2013

Our lives continues to be stress-filled.  Please continue to remember Bill in your thoughts and prayers.  He is not bouncing back from his illness like we hoped.  The stress of trying to do the work he so loves with laryngitis and a hacking cough has affected him mentally and physically.  Technically, it has only been 2 1/2 weeks, but it feels like an eternity.  

We thought our house was sold, but the deal fell through.  This all happened over a short period of time, so here was a few days of total excitement followed by a let-down of monumental proportions.  To say we are struggling is putting it mildly.  Yet I've always promised honesty on the blog so there you have it.  

We know these struggles will pass, but when in the midst of them, sometimes it's almost too difficult to even try determining what the NEXT best step should be.  We simply keep reminding ourselves how much we love our condo and how certain we are that we made the right decision.

It has been awhile since I mentioned anything about my weight loss journey and since that's the subject on which this blog was founded, it's time for an update.  In many ways, it's the kind of update I love to give because there's not much to say.  No, I am not at goal and yes, I have gained a few pounds.  It began somewhere around the time we returned from our Summer Trip to New York.  For now, I am o.k. with this because although I hover 8-10 pounds above goal, I have actually maintained that weight easily for almost four months now.  That includes the time leading up to and through our move to the condo when many days, meals were either brought to us, grabbed from somewhere convenient or thrown together with whatever could be found in the pantry, fridge or freezer.  And through all of that, I maintained.  Fall is the time I've done my best work in losing weight and I suspect this year will be no different.  For now, all is well.  I'm relaxed with my weight, I can wear all my clothes and I am eating a healthy balanced diet.  

What's happening in your world? 


  1. I'm so sorry he's still sick! I hope it turns a corner quickly here! And BOO about the house! I wish that hadn't fallen through! I know how much stress that must be to carry with you. We're still playing the house game, and just that part is stressing me out. *hugs*!

  2. I struggle with that balance too. Is more walking going to help or leave me achy? I enjoy. The walks, just not the uphill parts!

  3. I'm sorry you and Bill are struggling in so many areas. I hope things change for the better very very soon.

  4. So glad to hear from you. I'm glad you're working through the changing ability of your body vs. the needs of your soul. After I had that physical therapy last year for my knees, I found that backing off of the heaviest weight I could do, to a somewhat lighter weight and more reps worked for all areas of my body. I feel well and fit all the time, instead of having those days after where I feel beat up.

    I'm sure Bill has gone to the doctor, right? Maybe he needs to go again and say "its not working, what else you got?" Its just terrible to try to work when you feel so ill. Oh, and unsolicited advice--he really needs to take some time off of work so he CAN recuperate and get well. We just don't bounce back like we used to.

    I'm glad to hear you are doing well at maintaining. I think that's part of the process, learning to go with the flow of life, and not panicking when it doesn't fit into our perfect eating scenario.

  5. Hope your hubby feels better soon, and your house sells. Fingers crossed for you! I'm glad to hear you're back to hiking. I like fall hiking better too. And as long as you keep moving, the distance traveled is not important. Keep up the good work!

  6. I hope the hubs gets better very soon. Even if it has only been 2 1/2 weeks, that is too long to suffer.

    I'm sorry the deal on the house fell through. That was a wild roller coaster of emotions.

    I'm glad that your weight and eating are almost an afterthought. I didn't read anything about the stress of the last several weeks causing you to crave sweets or drive you to some sort of emotional binge.

  7. Aw, poor Bill...that really is craptastic for a teacher/choir director. I will keep praying for him for sure. :(

    And so sorry about the house sell falling through. I'll be praying a new buyer swoops in quickly.

    So glad you are back to the mountains! And you are right, the Smokies offer all sorts of lengths, so just do what you can that won't leave you hurting the next day :) Just enjoy being out there.

    Proud of you for being honest with us about where you are, and fall is an excellent time to find your way to your goal :)

  8. One thing I love about you and your blog is HONESTY. So many blog friends are just so private and I don't really get to know them at all. Those blogs are usually ones I don't enjoy going to!!!! YOURS---I Love!!!! We all are human and we ALL (even those of us with wonderful lives) do have stress and hard times... That's just LIFE. Being able to talk about it is good for all of us. We are all here for each other --and can help each other, sometimes by just being here and listening...

    You and Bill have had a rough couple of months... Any move is HARD ---and having the old house unsold makes stress... AND--then when medical problems hit, that contributes to more stress... God Bless You BOTH... You will get through this and look back and say that it was all worth it...

    I'm quite a bit older than you---but four miles is now a LONG hike for me... I've had to realize that I cannot hike that much ---not without stopping quite a bit.. My knees and legs and feet just won't let me do it anymore. I may easily finish a day with 4 or more miles---but since we are photographers, we stop alot and 'smell the roses'... That's hiking to us now. I'm with you about not hiking much in summer... I don't like the heat...

    Hope things continue to get better and better for you two. Just keep thinking about how blessed you are to be in that beautiful condo now.


  9. I hope Bill recovers soon! It weighs heavy when your spouse is not doing well. Glad you were able to get in a hike.

    Sorry that the sale fell through. Hopefully another party will snap it soon.

    I do hope the sun begins to shine a little more on your part of the world.

  10. I'm so very sorry for your struggles, Sharon, especially Bill's lingering illness. My cousin had something similar that lasted about 3 weeks and 3 different rounds of medications. But she did get better and I'm sure Bill will get better too!

    Good for you for listening to your body's response to your activities. I know you'll figure out a way to scratch your hiking itch in a way that doesn't hurt. You're just smart that way.

  11. Trying to catch up on everyone's blogs. Being gone for two weeks put me way behind. I'm glad your back to some hiking again. Is that the trail that goes to Andrews Bald? We did that one only to have it completely fogged in:(

    Sorry to hear about your husband and hope he's getting better and I see you have moved. That's always fun...not! But I hope you get your old home sold so you don't have that additional worry.

    I'm not sure when you would have gone to Colorado, but with all that flooding maybe it was a blessing you didn't.
    Hugs and Prayers....Pearl

  12. I'm sorry the deal on the house fell through but these things happen. Prayers for Bill's recovery - not fun to teach when you don't have a voice!

    You have a great attitude about your weight - I have no doubt that the extra pounds will soon be gone.

  13. Has Bill seen a pulmonologist? Might be time for that if he hasn't. I really struggled with giving up running with the problems that I had after hurting my back. The nerve damage in my leg made me miserable the day after a run and I finally had to accept that it was best for me not to do it anymore. At least I can bike (which is my first love anyway). Maybe next year I can try running again and see if things have changed, but I am okay with it for now.

    Have you thought that you might be at goal now? If you are maintaining this weight easily, that could be it.

  14. Hi Sharon, Thanks so much for the great comment on my blog today. I really appreciate the honesty of your blog. I found last year when going through David's diagnosis and treatment and my fears we would never travel again that when I was honest about it I got a lot of "look on the bright side" sort of comments which made me feel very unheard in my sadness and fear. I hear you about the stresses and how they affect everything. I am hoping for improvement for Bill and the sale of the house and both quickly. If you haven't done it, you might try wrist stablizers when you hike. I am wearing one now to stabalize my thumb which has for some reason out of the blue developed trigger thumb and it's OUCH. I got mine at the drug store. They aren't too expensive and might give your wrists the support you need. You certainly live in a beautiful hiking area.

  15. When I stayed 5-10 pounds above my goal for a few years I finally changed my goal! You sure look great in that above photo. I know for me what I see as the "excess" is really mostly excess stretched out skin. I've been five pounds less than I am now, and it was more obvious that it was hanging skin at that weight. I've made my peace with my current weight range which is 142-145. Above that and I start feeling "fat", just slightly uncomfortable. It's great to have most of my clothes fit most of the time for years in a row. Keep at it, find something to inspire you when you get tired of the routine. I used to love watching "Biggest Loser" for the inspiration. If they could do what Bob Harper was having them do, what the heck was I whining about? If we keep our hike together limited to something without much elevation gain that will just fine by this flatlander! ;)

  16. Sending loving thoughts your way, Sharon - and to your husband. I'm hoping these obstacles are History in short order so you can fully enjoy your new home.