Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lighten Up!

Middle Prong - Great Smoky Mountain National Park
April, 2014

To get the background for my 2014 Mantra, you’ll have to go way back to January and read THIS post!  Funny thing though – I thought I had it all together and so many things about which to write based on just what I’d learned during 2013.  Little did I know what hurdles there were to cross, pain there was to bear, compassion to be learned and love to be shared during the first six months of 2014. 

I honestly believe that I could fill each Thursday through year end with a post about a single subject or aspect of my life in which I’ve learned to, been forced to or voluntarily chosen to LIGHTEN UP!  But when I wrote the original post in January, I had in mind about six areas to talk about.  Boy, has that list ever grown!  Over the next several Thursdays, my life is going to become painfully open on every subject from weight, diet, finances, retirement, travel, time management, faith and religion (bet that got some raised eyebrows), blogging, happiness, leisure time, generosity, illness, friendship, spouses (better be careful with that one!), relationships in general, materialism, elder care, etc.  And that’s just for starters! 

The coolest part about that is I will so look forward to your thoughts and feedback about changes you may or may not be making in your own life.  Maybe we can even come up with some congenial controversy.   So hang on and prepare to LIGHTEN UP!



  1. I can't wait to learn from your experience.

  2. I remember this post and remember thinking how right you were about lightening up and that I needed this too. Rereading it again I am again impressed with how thoughtful it is and how well written. I am really looking forward to these posts. While I love the travel blogs I read and all the ideas I get from them. My life is missing deeper conversations. There are lots of people that you meet on the road so one is hardly lonely but you don't seem them for long and seldom develop intimate relationships or serious conversations. I miss that in my life. Those are my thoughts. Great plan Sharon!

  3. I definitely need to remind myself at times to "Lighten Up"... I take things --which maybe are not important---too seriously at times... THEN--when I read about things which others have gone through (like Bill --and YOU), I have to put things in perspective. YES--I do need to "lighten up" for sure!!!! Can't wait to hear more of your thoughts.

  4. A good mantra to remember. I tend to take things too seriously sometimes.....

  5. I just am so happy to see you posting again :D

  6. Looking forward to all of those posts. My hubby and u did some wonderful hiking (11miles) in Olympic national park recently. I never think of myself as a great hiker, but I do enjoy it it. The hikes made me think of you. Hope you are getting in some hiking plans.