Monday, October 26, 2020

Lessons Learned

Boone Greenway - Boone, North Carolina
October, 2020 
Probably the most frustrating aspect of blogging for me has always been the times when someone becomes a regular reader/commenter and then simply disappears!  It happens a lot for all sorts of reasons, but no matter how one tries to "find" them, if the intention was to disappear, you eventually just have to let it go!  I never intended to be the very one who did that - disappeared! 

I was 17 days into my 100 Days of 100 Carbs challenge, enjoying my time in the mountains of North Carolina and then, just like that, I had one major sinus infection that would not go away.  It took coming home, two rounds of antibiotics and a LOT of patience before I finally kicked it.  I was scheduled to return to Boone for three more weeks in September/October and was a bit leery of it happening again as leaf season had begun in earnest which stirs up another whole kind of pollen/mold etc.  But all was well and I was able to enjoy what is being called one of the North Carolina High Country's most spectacular fall foliage in decades.  

Boone, North Carolina - October, 2020
Needless to say, the challenge went by the wayside because I just felt awful and once the heavy duty antibiotics kicked in, not only did I feel awful, absolutely NOTHING sounded good to eat.  My energy and enthusiasm for any of it just left me!
Boone, North Carolina - October, 2020
However, the carb challenge was working!  I haven't returned to it and am not sure that I will, but I did learn a couple of lessons that I thought I'd share!  
1)    The commitment to blog every day was not going to work for me.  I went into it with the best of intentions thinking the accountability would keep me motivated. Until I got sick, I was busy hiking and doing other things making me realize within the first few days that I had bitten off more than I could chew with the promise to post every day.  I could see that it would become very boring to the reader and, once I started writing again, I realized I had lots more I wanted to write about than carbs!!!  In retrospect, I would probably post about the challenge weekly and enjoy writing about other things at other times.
2)    The joy I've always found in writing did return very quickly and reminded me of the therapeutic value found in putting thoughts to paper.  The lesson there is one we all must learn time and time again no matter what the challenge is.  Moderation is the key!  There is a big difference between posting every day or not posting at all.  There is a big difference between no carbs, low carbs and every carb you can stuff in your mouth in a given day!!  The key lies in finding the proper balance and creating the habit which supports the balance. 
 Boone, North Carolina - October, 2020
I suspect I'll be working on the proper balance and establishing habits part for the rest of my life!   What about you?



  1. I was so happy to find your blog in my e-mail this morning. I couldn't imagine what had happened because you had such a good streak going. Making a commitment to blog every day is a big commitment but I hope you will blog when you can. I'm glad you are feeling better.

  2. Waving Hi and love the tree photos. I'm still maintaining and just trying to stay safe until I get the vaccine. Mainly on IG now, sometimes twitter. Take care and thanks for the update.

  3. I was thinking about you this morning and wondering how you are.