Thursday, July 23, 2020

Day 17 (100 Days of 100 Carbs) - Dreary Says it All!

My Current View - July 23, 2020

This is the first day in which I have not left my cabin.  The picture is pretty much the way it has looked all day with occasional emphatic sound effects (thunder) and pyrotechnics (vivid lightening) thrown in.  Dreary does say it all, but dreary doesn't have to mean bad.  For me, the timing was perfect!  The antibiotic I began yesterday for a sinus/ear infection has kicked in and to put it bluntly, I feel even worse than I did without the antibiotic.  No surprise there - that's why I hate taking them.  But I also know they work.  So the rainy, dreary day gave me the perfect excuse to lay on the sofa and read. I have enjoyed that immensely.  I am not a nap taker or daytime sleeper even when under the weather, but I have to admit, there's been a few times this afternoon when I've looked at the clock and wondered where that last hour went!! LOL! 

I am learning some pretty interesting things about the way I eat when I am not on a low-carb challenge and I'll get into that another time when I feel more like fleshing it out, but today, keeping something in my stomach at all times (to counteract the stomach distress caused by an antibiotic) and keeping myself to under 100 carbs is just not going to happen.  Nothing sounds good and nothing tastes good.  This will pass and in the meantime, I'll continue to log all foods and continue to do the best I can under the circumstances. 

Yesterday was my highest carb count to date.  Frankly, when I sat down to log, I thought it would be even higher.  Sometimes, the logging is encouraging because I haven't done as poorly as I would've thought without the accountability of logging. 

Day 16 Recap:

Total Carbs:  174
Total Steps:  10812


  1. I am sorry you are not feeling well but I'm glad you know you will be better when the antibiotic kicks in. You still got your steps in.

  2. Hello,

    Love the view, it is pretty even with the clouds. We needed some rain clouds here, it was dry for a long time. I am sorry you are not feeling well, I hope you feel better soon. Take care, stay safe! Enjoy your day, have a happy weekend!

  3. I hate taking antibiotics also--but sometimes, we just need to do it!!!! Hope you are feeling better today....

    Glad you are doing well on the 'low carb' program.... You will get to the point that you won't want all of those carbs as much as you used to!!!!

    Enjoy that cooler weather up there in the mountains... Our 90+ weather has finally gone --and we are happy just to have the temps in the 80's.... ha ha


  4. I am sorry to read you are not feeling well, I do hope you feel better soon.

    All the best Jan

  5. I have been reading along. Are you doing okay?