Sunday, July 19, 2020

Day 13 (100 Days of 100 Carbs) - Week 2 Recap

Moses Cone Carriage Road - Moses Cone Memorial Park
Blowing Rock, NC
July, 2019

(If you are reading this blog for the first time today, here is a link to my first post explaining this challenge and a link to my inspiration behind the challenge.  Each Sunday post is a recap of the previous week's statistics, positives and challenges.)

I might characterize my thoughts today as frustrated.  In a post earlier this week, I somewhat sarcastically spoke of overhearing two women on the Boone Greenway talking about how HOT it was and how they didn't have a clue what "hot" really was.  I'm humbly retracting those thoughts.  Yes, compared to other places, Boone isn't hot, but when you add unusual humidity levels and full sun, being outside after 9 a.m. really isn't pleasurable.  Because of a fairly early Zoom meeting on Sunday mornings, I just can't get the walking done early enough.  Yes, evenings are a possibility, but I am so NOT an evening person.  To say at 8 a.m. that I'll walk at 8 p.m. is a recipe for failure!  This is all excuses and the temps will moderate soon enough, but the frustration just makes me doubly aware of how committed I am to that daily walk and how my body tells me with its restlessness that I've not walked.

The 100 Days of 100 Carbs challenge is moving along nicely and I am pleased with how I feel.  Here are some of the good things I've noticed this week as well as some of the challenges.


1)    Carb cravings are gone!  In fact, there have been a couple of evenings when I have felt no hunger and struggled to decide what to eat for supper.  Since I am not at home, my selection is quite limited and everything I had was more than I wanted. 

2)    Clothes are already fitting more loosely and energy level has increased.  My daily walks have gone from 2-3 miles daily to 3-4 with no effort.  It's what my body WANTS to do.  My goal is 5 miles daily by the start of hiking season with a longer hike at least once a week.  My ability to hike 8-10 miles was one of the first things to go when I started gaining weight. 

3)    I am enjoying this and in no way do I feel deprived or as if I'm missing something. 


1)    Keeping my focus OFF the scale.  This challenge is not about losing weight.  It is about becoming healthier and for me, losing weight is a part of that.  A by-product of low-carb WILL be losing weight, but for this challenge I have chosen not to weigh myself daily or allow myself to be encouraged or discouraged by a number on the scale. 

2)    As long as I am still working my way through the last of my Nutrisystem meals, keeping carbs under 100 will be a challenge.  I just keep reminding myself of that and moving on.

3)    Keeping my focus ON the fact that this is not a 100-day diet that will end.  It is a lifestyle change that involves learning, so being constantly aware of why I'm choosing what I'm choosing for each meal and when unusual situations present themselves, working through a way to face that situation head on so that the habit of monitoring carbs will be set and non-negotiable once the 100 days is past. 

Looking forward to week 3!

 Day 12 Recap:

Total Carbs: 128
Total Steps:  12242

Average Carbs for Week 2:  99.57  (Good JOB!!)
Average Steps for Week 2:   10680

Have a good week!  Thanks for reading!


  1. Woo hoo! You're doing great. My steps are way down this week. If I don't get out early it's just too hot to go walking later in the day. We're looking at 99 in New York tomorrow. Of course, my mask probably adds ten degrees, but I don't think the sidewalks of New York are a good place to go maskless. So glad to see you blogging again.

  2. Enjoying your blog posts good to see you back to blogging again! Great job last week on both your lower carb and your step count. I hope this week goes just as well for you. Averaging 10000 steps daily is great¡

  3. So proud of you!!!! As hot as it is (hotter here than I can remember--and more humid; no rain in weeks), I cannot venture out much or walk at all.... I admire you for doing it... IS there a mall somewhere where you can get your walk in during this time of heat??? We've been over 90 for days --with a heat index of about 95 or more... GADS....

    My A Fib and HEAT don't like each other ---so I stay inside in the AC..... I feel sorry for many folks in the area where you are now ---who don't even have AC in their homes... My ex-husband and wife live in Seven Devils nearby --and they have NO AC...... Yipes!!!!

    Glad you are getting those carbs under control... I always feel better when I cut all of those unhealthy carbs.... I do eat some 12 grain wheat bread sometimes, but don't even keep bread in the house much these days....

    Good LUCK... Hope you don't head home anytime soon... It's even hotter in Knoxville.