Monday, July 20, 2020

Day 14 (100 Days of 100 Carbs) - Under the Weather In the Mountains

Boone Greenway, Boone, NC - July 20, 2020

Yesterday was an "under the weather" day from two points of view!  The above normal heat and humidity in the Boone/Blowing Rock, North Carolina area where I am is churning up some pretty impressive afternoon and early evening thunderstorms.  My cabin boasts an amazing panoramic view that spreads from south to north and covers a significant distance.  Yesterday afternoon, I spent quite of bit of time just gazing out my windows as one storm after another would pass by.  The cabin stands at 4200', so at any time, I might be below the clouds, above the clouds or IN the clouds.  Nature is truly amazing.  Sadly, it doesn't feel as if the storms made one iota of difference in TODAY'S heat and humidity levels.  It's 2:30 as I write this and I can already hear thunder in the distance, so I suspect I'm looking at another "under the weather" afternoon.  It's fascinating and quite mesmerizing.

From my deck looking to the north

I've tried to ignore a building sinus infection for the last several days hoping over-the-counter meds would work.  I operate with a lowered immune system anyway and unfortunately, full-blown sinus infections don't usually go away on their own.  I don't like antibiotics.  Yesterday seemed to be the tipping point because I stumbled around most of the day feeling half drunk, but not bad enough to go to a walk-in clinic.  That will be a last resort for me right now with COVID!  I have a history with this, but have never abused it, so I knew if I could wait it out until this morning, my doctor at home would call in the usual antibiotic.  Thankfully, I woke up feeling much better.  Not completely myself, but at least able to walk a straight line and with a head feeling less than the weight of bowling ball.  Maybe the decongestant and Mucinex kicked in enough to....well, no need to elaborate on the details.  Let's hope I've dodged a bullet.  It's always interesting to observe that the change in elevation from less than 1000' at home to 4200' at this cabin often results in some sinus issues.  The same thing happened last year. 

And to the southeast

Needless to say, yesterday was not a stellar eating day.  Between the decongestant I was taking every four hours and the wobbly feeling every time I moved around, nothing sounded good or tasted good, yet I knew if I didn't keep something in my stomach it would become problematic as well.  So even though I went over 100 carbs, I'm still pleased with how I handled it and made choices on a day when I really just didn't care. 

Day 13 Recap:

Total Carbs:  122
Total Steps:   4295 (Tried going out for a short walk, but that didn't last long!)


  1. Let's hope tomorrow you will feel better than today. The cabin sounds like a wonderful place to get away. Enjoy!

  2. I did scroll, learned a lot, enjoyed your thoughts, and I’ll be back. Wasn’t sure if you would see comments on older posts , so came back here to say thanks! ..... And looking at the map to the left of this space ... yes, you definitely need to visit the (usually) beautiful PNW!

  3. I hope you are feeling much better now. What amazing views and this is one of my most favorite places in the world! We have a condo near Asheville. I put your blog on my blog list on the sidebar to keep up with you! I love your blog!