Sunday, December 26, 2010

Simple Sunday Random Thoughts

Venice Avenue Bridge Over Intercoastal Waterway - Venice, Florida
Taken from the Venetian Waterway Park - December 24, 2010

I hope you've had a most wonderful Christmas celebration with family, friends and a healthy dose of self-restraint!  If not, I wish for an even healthier dose of self-forgiveness and the ability to put poor choices behind you.  It's a new day!   Breathe deeply and move forward!  

Our holiday has been strange to say the least.   Neither Mr. B nor myself had any idea that being away from our home over Christmas would affect us so deeply.  We always travel over the holiday (usually to Florida), but have never left until two or three days after Christmas.  As I've mentioned in earlier posts, it was our idea to spend this first holiday without Mr. B's dad away from all things familiar and bring MIL along with us.  She has expressed several times how much easier this has been for her, so we believe coming to Florida was the right decision.  We just didn't anticipate the degree to which we would miss OUR traditions with church and our friends.  I couldn't begin to tell you how long it has been since we missed the Christmas Eve service at our church and I can now see that the season seems incomplete without it.  We spent a very quiet day yesterday reading, playing games and going for a nice long drive yesterday afternoon.  

On Christmas Eve, Mr. B and I rode the linear bike path called the Venetian Waterway Park which runs approximately five miles from downtown Venice along both sides of the Intercoastal Waterway.  It is absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed the ride immensely.  Today's picture was taken near the start of the trail and here a couple of others we took along the way.

 I love this mural which was at the start of the trail.   You may or may not know that Sarasota, FL (just north of Venice) was the home of John & Mabel Ringling.  Sarasota was where the Ringling's spent their winters and Venice became the winter home of the circus.  This mural depicts the circus train and is a true work of art.   We plan to visit the Ringling Mansion, museum and art gallery later this week.
 Hot and Sweaty Biker Babe!
In today's picture, you can see the Historic Venice Train Depot beyond the drawbridge.  It has been beautifully restored and is the starting point for The Legacy Trail, a rail-trail that runs from Venice to Sarasota.  We will ride it later this week.

I do not know what possessed me to step on the scales this morning (yes, my scales go with me everywhere) because I had planned to not weigh until January 1.   I think I just woke up thinking that NOT knowing would be worse than knowing.  In my self-visualization, all those "turtles" and numerous other indiscretions were solidly packed on my backside.  I fully expected a significant gain, so imagine my surprise and utter delight to see no gain at all.   In fact, a loss of a few ounces since I last weighed.   Maybe it was a stronger force than I who led me to the scale because although I'd been encouraged by a couple of healthy eating days, you better believe that gave me the renewed determination that I needed.  I am believing and confident that I can still post a good loss for 2010.  Not what I'd hoped for by this time, but far better than what I expected a month or so ago. 

Today, we are experiencing the Florida version of yesterday's snowstorm in the south.  We are getting it in the form of extreme wind and thick clouds.  Sustained winds are around 27 mph with gusts up to 40.  Kind of spooky, but I'm starting to get a little stir crazy and wanting to walk.  Probably will exercise good sense and refrain.  I'm already showing signs of sinus congestion, so even walking with ears and head covered probably wouldn't be such a smart idea!  Not in this howling wind!  I can see the headline now - "out of state tourist injured by flying palm tree!" 

I think tomorrow's plan is to head down to Ft. Myers and visit Thomas Edison and Henry Ford's winter estates.  I've been before, but neither Mr. B nor MIL have.  They'll both enjoy it as will I!  

Thanks for reading my Sunday ramblings.   Your friendship, blogs and comments mean a great deal to me and I'm anxiously awaiting Christmas updates!


  1. Sharon,
    Even though it was hard, it still was probably the right thing to do to be away for Christmas this year. This holiday would have been hard no matter what.

    I am so happy for you that you've had a bit of weight loss. I ate home made chex mix yesterday thinking that was the 'lesser evil' and it probably was, but my hands are very swollen today. My wedding rings that had gotten quite loose are now feeling tight. I'm trying to drink up today.

    Enjoy the rest of your break and be safe!

  2. We played games here too! The ride looks lovely - I am envious.

  3. This was the first Christmas Eve,since I was born that I did not spend it in my parents' church. I didn't actually realize that until late Christmas Eve, and though the service at my church was just as nice, I wondered why it just seemed 'different' to me! The weather in Florida seems like it would be rather nice just about now, since it's frigid in Nebraska!

  4. Hey, Happy Christmas to you both. We even got a dusting of snow here in GA and anticipate passing through a lot more of it on our way home (up I85 to take us via Nellysford). You bike ride sounds lovely--I'm jealous. I have my scale too and it was not nearly so friendly to me as your was (that might have something to do with all the sweet treats that are floating around in this house. We picked a winner on the vacation rental. Lake front view on two sides of the house & 3 fireplaces, chef's kitchen and great game room. Kayaks, too. Love to you and Mr. B. Happy New Year.

  5. Glad your Christmas was wonderful. I've just recently found your blog and look forward to continuing reading into the New Year!

  6. Thank you Sharon for the very sweet comment and the encouragement. I really needed it, and so appreciate it! :-)

  7. Oh, I swear, you and Tish and your traveling scales! @@) I'm glad you had a good result, though. I think we magnify things in our minds sometimes and imagine a worse outcome than what the reality is.

    I hope you continue to enjoy your sunny vacation!

  8. Hi Sharon, I will join you here as I can use "blogger support" in the weight loss dept. I procrastinated big time this year. Went from riding my bike once and a while to not at all. We did manage a long bike ride recently and it was great. There is a nice bike trail not too far from our home. If you stay on the trail you can get to the beach. We may try that some day..Happy Trails..

  9. Looks like an amazing time in Florida!

    I like what you said, "breathe deeply and move forward." That is great advice for many!