Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is!

Oconaluftee River Trail near Cherokee, NC - GSMNP
March 27,2011

Many thoughts of a varied nature are swirling around in my head today.  This post could astound you with its brilliance or leave you wondering just how much sinus/allergy medication I'm taking these days!  LOL! I am back in my comfy den after a wonderful three-day escapade with my MIL to Asheville, NC.  She loved Boyd Mountain Cabins as much as I do and our trip into the Cataloochee Valley area of the GSMNP yielded a total of 36 elk, 6 deer and 4 wild turkeys.  The elk were reintroduced to the park in 2001 and I was so in hopes that we'd see at least one.  36 was more than I could have possibly dreamed of and Mr. B still doesn't believe we saw that many.  On our previous trips, we'd never seen more than 8 at a time.   

We spent Tuesday in Asheville shopping, having a delightful lunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe and making a short visit to Biltmore Estate.  I needed to renew our season passes, secure one for her and check out the progress of the tulips in the garden.  Tulips and Gerbera Daisies are my two favorite flowers.  The spring tulip display in Biltmore Gardens is something to behold and we traditionally visit there on Good Friday.  Yesterday was a bit early, but you can see the show is about to burst forth!!  

We left early this morning as heavy rain and storms were predicted, but it appeared as though we might be able to dodge the worst of it if we left by 9.  It certainly was a different sort of trip than those Mr. B and I make, but I believe she had a great time and that is what's important.  This trip was all about her!

But my heart was back at home because home to me, is where Mr. B is and yesterday was not a good day for him.  One of Mr. B's colleagues suffered a brain aneurysm and died while eating lunch in the college cafeteria.  Mr. B was not there, but many were and the college is feeling it deeply.  Mr. B loves the faculty he works with and is so sad.  My heart ached to be at home with him last night.  In addition, there is a pivotal meeting today regarding the search for a new President to replace the beloved current President who is retiring.  I should be hearing from Mr. B shortly concerning the results of that meeting.  

Confession is good for the soul and so I'm about to do just that.   I made a very poor decision yesterday that has yielded a couple of beneficial "ah-ha" moments.   1)  I have the ability to fool myself in a way that is simply unbelievable.   I can convince myself I'm about to make a good choice when I know as well as I'm sitting here that what I'm telling myself is baloney!  (Now are you starting to wonder about the sinus/allergy medication?  LOL!)  2)  As much progress as I have made, the ability to mess up big time is one breath away and I'd best never, EVER forget that!  

Tupelo Honey Cafe is an Asheville icon that has been featured in many articles and TV shows.  One of their oft mentioned "must-eat" items is the sweet potato pancake.  Google it at your own peril. Think plate-sized, thick, butter slathered, lots of pecans, etc.  I wanted to take MIL there and they have many other good, healthy options available which of course, I had convinced myself I could choose with no problem or temptation.   You know where this is going and yes, the sweet potato pancake was good, but not good enough for me to have to endure the bloated, overly stuffed feeling that I've avoided for so long.  

Here are my lessons learned:
  • As my mother often said, "when you know temptation is present, do all you can to avoid the temptation."  Why I chose to go there thinking I was above the temptation is beyond me.  It was a very poor choice.
  • Oh, the myriad of ways we can fool ourselves into thinking we are o.k. This food item had been tempting me for years.  There's no way I could've gone into this restaurant and avoided the disaster.  To convince myself otherwise was foolish.
  • I am a master at persuading myself that I am doing something for someone else when really the motive is very self-centered.  I knew the Cafe would be quaint and I convinced myself we "needed" to go there for her enjoyment.  Hogwash!!  I went there......well, now you know why I went there.
Moving forward.........I wanted to share this with you and now it is gone.  I will suffer with the sugar/white carb bloats for a few days, but believe that I've avoided the "what's the use" aftereffect that sometimes accompanies a really bad episode and then drags on turning a one-time blunder into a full-fledged binge.

My greatest regret is that I had done so well and was actually looking forward to posting an April 1 weight.  I'll still have a loss, but not the one I was seeing prior to yesterday.  So yes, for many reasons, home is where my heart is and boy, am I ever glad to be back in it. 


  1. How sweet that you could go on a trip with your MIL and have a wonderful time. It sounds like a lovely time.

    What a pity you couldn't have a little of that pancake and enjoy it without regret. One meal does not make the entire trip a disaster. Think of all the good choices you made while you were away from home.

    I wrote a post today about being optimistic. I hope you will stop by and read it.

    Sorry to hear of your husbands colleague passing away like that. What a sad event for everyone.

  2. I'm sorry you had a struggle- definitely know how that is. I absolutely LOVE Chinese food, but it is so hard for me to go there and not order something that is unhealthy. There have been a times that I have suggested going to it, thinking that I would be able to resist the temptation, but I set myself up for a "road block." It can be so frustrating at times! I hope you have a better day tomorrow! :-)

  3. Sharon,
    I am so sorry about Mr. B's colleague. I know you wanted to be home with him. Somehow, things are worse when you are apart from the one you love during those hard times.

    Forget about the pancake. Look at all of the good choices you made. There were enough of them to register a loss for the month. That is something to celebrate.

  4. We have a restaurant with the same name near my mom's lake house. They are known for their pies! So... here is what I wonder as I read and contemplate... is there a place in our lives for splurges like that? Or are we going to be better off and happier in the long run to just not do it. I am still struck by a blogger saying she never regrets something she doesn't eat but I just am not sure the future is about never choosing that special something on occasion. Just wondering aloud.

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your husbands colleague. It must have been so hard to have been away. I am glad though that you have such a beautiful relationship with your MIL. That's such a gift.

    As for the pancake, I think we ALL have the insane ability to fool ourselves. I've been doing the same thing in a different way this week too. The important thing is that you've called yourself out on the carpet. Many would just choose to live in denial? Not you. Forgive yourself and let it go.

    Be blessed!!!

  6. I like Karen's question--is there a place in our lives for splurges like that? Could we learn (like French women) to be satisfied with a few bites of something so delicious and indulgent. The problem comes with the gigantic servings they give us. What has sometimes worked for me was to share with one or several friends.

  7. I'm so glad you had a good time and that MIL had a good time! It's very kind of you to gift her with that experience.

    As for the splurge... well, honestly, I don't consider that a "mess up". You were on vacation and having a specialty item. It's not like you were shoving Snickers bars down your throat. (You weren't, were you?*G*) That's part of what getaways are about, IMO, and if that was your big splurge, you're way ahead of me. :)