Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Bottoms

Yes, there really is a Little Bottoms Trail in the GSMNP!
February, 2011

A good hiker never leaves home without someone knowing the intended trail, where the car will be parked and an estimated time of return.  I braced myself for Mr. B's comment when I told him I would be hiking the Little Bottoms Trail and he did not disappoint.  I believe it was something along the lines of, "hope it works!"  LOL!! Shortly thereafter, he departed for France.  Total mileage for this hike is around seven miles and it's one of my favorites because much of the time you are walking alongside Abrams Creek.  Combined with the snowmelt from the higher elevations and the rain we've been having, the creek was spectacular.

 Lunch spot along Abrams Creek

My friend, with whom I've been hiking for over a decade, and I have a routine we follow.  We enjoy getting caught up and having lively discussions while hiking, but also both value our time of solitude in the woods.  We always designate a "hike separately, but within sight of each other" hiking period and during our lunch breaks, we usually eat together, then spend some time alone reading, thinking, praying or whatever.  It is such a comfortable routine and I dearly love my hiking bud.  

This picture was taken about 1 1/2 miles into the hike and I couldn't resist adding it for two reasons.  First, it shows the only real distance viewpoint on the Little Bottoms Trail.  It is a great resting spot after a tough climb over a ridge.  The trail goes off to the left from here and down, down, down where it then parallels Abrams Creek the rest of the way.  Second, this is a picture of my hiking friend whom you can see, most definitely DOES have a "little bottom."  She is five years older than I am and just by watching her, I have learned a lot about "normal" eating.

Speaking of eating, I am having quite a successful eating week with little stress.  It seems I react in quite the opposite way from many of you when Mr. B is out of town.  As you know, he loves to cook and he loves to eat and although we've made great strides toward a healthy compromise, he still tends to cook way too much leaving me to deal with the leftovers.   When he is out of the picture, I am much better able to stick with the strict eating plan I followed when I lost my 65 pounds in 2006-2007. I'm enjoying the simplicity of meal times and am considering having a discussion with Mr. B when he returns to see if he'd work with me again as he did in 2006-2007.  If I could follow this plan for three months, I believe I'd lose the weight I have left.  To use a very southern phrase, I'm tired of "fiddle-farting" around with these last pounds.  I'm excited about maintenance and just want to be there so I can become as successful at maintaining as I am at losing.  So far, maintaining has NOT been my strength!!  That may seem contradictory to some things I've written recently, but I really don't see it that way.  I've realized anew this week, that I LIKE this way of eating.  It is so, so simple and doesn't require time spent planning, shopping or thinking about food which is when I get into trouble! We'll see and I'll keep you posted.

Today is the first day of Lent.  Our church, First Baptist Church of Knoxville, TN  has a service on Ash Wednesday that has come to hold a great deal of meaning for me.  I look forward to it every year and carefully consider what I might give up for six weeks that will be both a sacrifice and a learning experience.  This year, I have chosen to give up sugar in all forms.  I have done this before and found that when I am successful for the six weeks of Lent, I have formed the habit and am able to continue.  This year, I am excited about it and am viewing it in light of a healthy sacrifice rather than something I have to endure.  

We are expecting boatloads of rain today (2-3 inches) so I've compiled a list of indoor activities including making a new batch of my homemade granola and doing our taxes.  Blah!!  On the other hand, this rain is ushering in a series of cool, sunny days and I have hiking plans for Friday and Saturday.  Mr. B will be home late Saturday evening and I am in hopes that he will immediately notice a SMALLER BOTTOM!!!

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?  And BTW, if you've never told me, just exactly where is your neck of the woods?


  1. I'm from Nebraska, but was living in Kansas for 8 years. I'm so jealous of your trails! Where I was living in Kansas was very flat and had hardly any trees (and if there were any, they were rather puny. LOL). So, being in Nebraska again, I do have more trees and a few trails. Your scenery is definitely very pretty!
    We were supposed to be in a Winter Weather Advisory last night and this morning, but it never did anything thank goodness! I'm so ready for warm, non-stormy weather. LOL

  2. You know where I am:) I've been doing that fiddle-farting. Ironically, I am maintaining. BUT, and this is a BIG butt, I am trying to lose! Darn.

  3. We had a major storm overnight and sent it your direction.

    I'm glad you're making progress while Mr. B is gone. Hopefully, he'll recognize the progress and get on board with you.

  4. I must say when I lose weight, as I have done, I am left with no bottom. It's flat and shapeless, so I have worked hard to give it some shape with squats and's worked! Now, if only my stomach was flat and shapeless!!!

    I love when my hubs is away for a while...somehow preparing meals seems easier when he's away.

  5. I think it is terrific that you hike with a buddy. I like the system you have set up, too. I am on my way to San Francisco and seriously looking forward to hiking those hills!!! You know I am from MN!

  6. Hmmm, does it do any good to give your hiking itinerary to someone as they're leaving the country for an extended period? :)

    It's wonderful that you have such a great hiking buddy as well as a plentitude of trails!

  7. Lori Lynn I grew up in Lincoln NE! I go back every year to visit family. I love NE!

    Sharon thank you for sharing your beautiful outdoor photos. They make me happy! I am so glad to hear that all is well and going good for you.

    We have lived in Northern Ca for 21 years now. We love the area we live in,90 minutes from San Francisco and 90 minutes from the mountains! So much to do and so many beautiful places to visit. We can take day trips when ever we want.

  8. Another Nebraskan here:) , although originally from upstate New York. I do enjoy your hikes vicariously, so please keep posting the vivid pics and descriptions.

  9. Oregonian! Nothing but rain here. I don't live by a lake, but I have lake front property right now. Just about 200 years from my house. We have a little creek that has grown into a lake. Not quite panic time ~ YET!!

    Love your experience with the hike. I would love a work out buddy, that would be wonderful!!

    Keep up the great work and stay focused!!