Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Madness

Abrams Creek - GSMNP
February 19, 2011

I supposed you could say I have taken a totally unintentional blogging break.   It seems most everyone does that from time to time.  It hasn't necessarily been that I had grown tired of writing (which I haven't!!), but has simply been a matter of no time.  Living at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, there is usually a period of about six weeks in the late winter and six weeks in the late fall which are ideal hiking times for me.  For the most part, bears have settled into their winter dens and snakes have gone underground.  Like everyone else, I enjoy seeing the bears but ONLY from the safety of my car - not on the trail!!  And I make no apology for wishing God had never thought up snakes.  IMHO, they are every bit the "devil" they became and I HATE them with a passion.  It is only during this period of time that I am comfortable hiking alone and once I began to feel better, I have been in the park or on a trail for at least a portion of every day that weather has been tolerable.  I've done a lot of walking and a lot of reading/studying by the side of my favorite creeks.  It has been therapeutic and something I really needed.  But with warmer temps and consecutive nights above freezing, those carefree (snake-free) days are quickly coming to an end.  The good news about that is I've already spotted some of my favorite wildflowers about to burst forth and April/May in the GSMNP is an unbelievable sight to behold!  I'll show you with pictures - I promise!!

I am still wearing glasses!  I return to the eye doctor on Tuesday where I think I will simply flip-out if he tells me I can't start wearing my contacts again.  I know he has been very cautious with this eye infection and I appreciate that.  I've actually adapted fairly well EXCEPT when hiking.  Mr. B and I did a trail last weekend that had 13 log bridges to cross!  Those are always a little unsettling to me and the lack of depth perception with my glasses on plays havoc with my sense of balance.  

This past week, I also had a follow-up visit with my ENT who was not pleased that I did not begin taking the Singulair as he had asked.  I explained my reasons for wanting to discuss it with him again and he listened, but still asked that I at least give it a try.  So I am doing that and will keep you posted.  I am continuing to feel better and truly hope my body has decided to cooperate again and become as healthy as a person with a severely compromised immune system can ever be.

I put Mr. B on a airplane yesterday afternoon with 44 of his little "children" otherwise known as his elite choral group.  They arrived safely in Paris around 4 a.m. this morning (our time) and should be on a bus to Cherbourg, France where they'll be until Tuesday.   Before I even write this next sentence, it's important to remember that Mr. B and I spent more time apart than together during the last six years of my career, so we are quite accustomed to being apart.  Having said that, I will miss him terribly, but have actually looked forward to his trip for some time.  I love the freedom and independence of not having to worry about anyone other than myself.  I will have a stellar eating week and should lose several pounds.  

Speaking of stellar eating weeks, I did have a loss in February of four pounds.  Not as much as I'd hoped and not enough to keep me on track for reaching goal by my birthday at the end of July.  That's totally o.k!  As I stated when I set the goal, it's a goal to strive for, not stress out over.  I think that's the major mental shift which has finally taken over in the last six months.  I know in my heart that someday I will reach a goal I am happy with and I no longer care when that is or how long it takes.  But weeks like the upcoming one are helpful because I can return to the strict eating plan that I enjoy, but simply does not work well when having to consider Mr. B.  

I am struggling with the direction and writing of the blog.  I knew when I began last May, that I didn't want to box myself into writing about nothing but weight loss.  I think my vague plan was to write about my eating journey until I reached goal and then branch out into the "gains and losses" of my life in general.  At that time, I thought that would be a straight line, but as life usually is, that line has included a lot of curves.  I find myself wanting to write about my life as it happens.  Although that includes my struggles with weight loss, it is about so much more.  So I guess what I'm saying is this..........I love all of you who read and hope you will continue to do so.  But if you are looking for a blog that discusses nothing but weight loss and food, this one probably isn't it!  That's just not who I am.   I hope you'll keep reading because there's a lot I want to say.  My challenge now is simply sitting down and saying it - right now, there's just too much more to see and do!

BTW, next post will be about my Little Bottoms hike.....unfortunately, it didn't work!  I still don't, nor will I ever, have a little bottom.

How has your blog changed since you first began writing it?


  1. I have wondered how my blog will evolve. So far, the evolution has not been a good one... in that when I started by blog I was so on track for months and months with my eating. My writing was all so rosy. Then I started struggling and my writing reflects that. Over time I have gradually woven in a post here and there about things other than food or exercise and hope the readers don't mind. Maybe they even appreciate the break as much as I do! I think your faithful readers will enjoy whatever you write, Sharon, because it will be a reflection of you and we enjoy YOU.

  2. Hike while you can! I'm glad you're on the mend and feel like hiking. Good luck on getting the glasses back on Tuesday.

    I've kept my blog mostly about weight loss. It has definitely evolved though. I started writing to impart my vast knowledge of weight loss. I envisioned having blog followers following my weight loss plan. I know that sounds a little arrogant, but I really wasn't. I wanted to share my new found knowledge.

    It quickly moved to a chronicle of my shifts & turns along the road, and a great support. I think I'll keep the focus for now on weight loss and the issues stemming from that. I have another blog about my crazy dog, and other than that, I don't think my life is anything that anyone else would care to read!!!

  3. With reading more blogs, I've seen what makes a blog more 'readable' and interesting, and also thought about what I like to read. But it's also for me to be accountable. I have been working on having it be more positive, and I think my demeanor has changed a lot with losing a lot of weight.

  4. This is my favorite line: I know in my heart that someday I will reach a goal I am happy with and I no longer care when that is or how long it takes.

    I agree with your sentiment entirely. It simply does not matter how long it takes.

    I like the fact that your blog will evolve into something more than weight loss and eating. I think the whole process of this sojourn is reacquainting us to more of who we are as people. As we understand more about why we eat or why it took so long to get to where we are, we understand more of who we are. So, our blogs do evolve. Mine is, too. It is lovely, isn't it?

    So, glad you are getting better, even if it is slowly. Glad, too, that you were hiking!! Yeah!

  5. When I named my blog--...thoughts on weight loss and life--I knew I would talk about more than weight loss. I really like writing about a variety of things, and most of all I like including pictures.

  6. My blog is about weight loss, but with six kids, they are much more part of my life than how many calories I ate, and what I did for exercise. :) Love your blog. I'm a new follower.

  7. Sharon, congrats on all the hiking and the four-pound loss! I think it's awesome that you've had a mental shift - it means growth - and it's definitely a process.

    My blog hasn't changed much since the beginning - it's mostly weight loss tips, how to change thought patterns and reach goals. I've been waiting for readers to ask for more of what they want, which hasn't happened yet ;) We’ll see what the future brings!