Saturday, June 18, 2011

Farewell to Colorado

Sprague Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park
June, 2011

Very early tomorrow morning, we will leave Estes Park and a few hours later, we will exit the state of Colorado heading eastward towards home.  It has been an absolutely wonderful five weeks in this beautiful state and once again, I leave it feeling as if there is so much more to be seen and experienced.  Being a lover of the outdoors is welcomed and celebrated here by the majority and exercise is a given at any time of day or night.  Courtesy is extended to anyone walking or biking and more often than not, you'll get a thumbs up or at the very least, a wave.  Much as I love my home state of Tennessee and every one of you know how much I do, this is not the norm when I am out walking or biking there.  Some progress is being made, but we have so far to go to be on par with most states outside of the south..  

Didn't mean to get on that soapbox - it's just always a little daunting to return so full of energy and excited about my exercise (especially biking) knowing that it will be a challenge just to find a safe place to ride.  Guess I'll just have to start planning my next road trip!

Healthy eating has remained a priority and although I have not lost any more weight, I've maintained the six pounds that I lost since May 9 when we left home.  We are taking four days to make our way back across the midwest and they will present some challenges.  We are staying in Bed & Breakfasts two of the nights which means a delicious breakfast each morning.  But that's o.k.  I can compensate at other meals because what's the point of staying at a B & B if you aren't going to enjoy the breakfast?  

I am excited about getting settled back in at home, catching up with the dreaded domestic stuff and resuming normal life.  I am doubly excited about resuming a fairly regular blogging schedule and find that I seem to have lots to say, so watch out!!  

If you have been reading or are at all interested in our trip, I have posted several additional updates to the journal I've kept for family and friends.  I'll leave you with that link and will post again as soon as I get a chance after we get home.


  1. Wishing you a safe trip home. And I agree -- no point in staying at a B&B if you're not going to enjoy the breakfast. Enjoying food is part of a joyful life -- we do just have to kind of make up for the indulgences by striving to eat well routinely. Denying ourselves all indulgences leads to an unhealthy focus on food when the whole point should be to love it, enjoy it, and not overdo it. Safe travels.

  2. My husband and I have said we could live in Colorado. Except housing is darn expensive! People here are not gracious about sharing the paths we bike. One jerk (I started to type gentleman but that was not right) in particular stands out for actually intentionally blocking my path until he saw my rather large husband coming up behind me!

  3. Have a good journey home. I've missed your regular posts. I'm glad you've had a good trip and maintained your loss.

  4. I adore Colorado in the summer. So lush and green, warm by day, cool at night. It's lovely.

    There is a valley outside of Durango that I love to drive through.

    Safe travels to you as you journey back home.

  5. Popped on over to congratulate you on your six lb. loss, Sharon. I read it from your comment over at Healthy Cultivations and had to stop by and tell you how proud I am of you and your ability to keep it all in check, despite the change in routine. That is truly amazing to me. I now know who to email with questions on how it's properly done when my routine becomes compromised again (although I hope that will not be for a while. I'm ready for a boring summer!)

  6. I haven't been up on blogs a whole lot lately, but I do so appreciate your comments Sharon. My dad is doing a lot better, and was transferred to my parent's local hospital yesterday (it's a very small hospital, so less care, which means big improvement.). He's always been in pretty good spirits anyway, but it has helped a lot for him to back where his hometown is and his friends can visit him.

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