Friday, June 3, 2011

Through The Years - 34 of Them!!

San Juan Skyway near Telluride, CO
May 31, 2011

Tomorrow, June 4, Mr. B and will celebrate 34 years of marriage.  Pretty amazing, isn't it?  One of my favorite posts is the one I wrote last year on our 33rd anniversary, so I thought I'd link to it because I can't think of any better way to sum it up than what I've already said!. Here's that link.

Several years ago, we started taking an official anniversary picture just for fun.  They weren't all taken on June 4 of that year, but all were taken within a couple of weeks of June 4.  And just to show all you youngsters out there that being married to the same person for 34 years can be lots of fun, take a look at  years 30-34.

Santa Fe, New Mexico 
June, 2007 - 30 Years

Roan Mountain, North Carolina
June, 2008 - 31 Years

Estes Park, Colorado
June, 2009 - 32 Years

Mt. Pisgah, North Carolina
June 2010 - 33 Years

Colorado Springs, Colorado
June 2011 - 34 Years

Happy Anniversary Mr. B - I Love You More Than Ever!!

We have had a truly delightful two weeks in the Durango area. Today, we plan to hike one last time in the San Juan Mountains.  Early in the morning, we will leave for Estes Park, an area we've visited before, so we are looking forward to revisiting some of our favorite places, but I've got a long list of new things to see and do as well.  I've posted several new entries in our Trip Journal that is separate from this blog because it is open to our friends and family while this blog is only between me and you!!  Here's the link to that journal:

Eating is going well and I feel good that even with a few treats thrown in, we are eating in a healthy way.  I am so thankful Mr. B loves to cook (because I certainly DON'T) and finds it relaxing to prepare nice healthy meals for us when we travel.  Our condo in Durango has a dream kitchen and he's had lots of fun stirring up things with lots of nice vegetables and grilling lovely pieces of meat on the fancy grill.  I just come to the table when he says "come."  I'm a lucky girl indeed!!

I've been so busy telling you about my summer travels that I've failed to ask about YOURS!  What are your vacation plans for this year?  Is it a VAcation somewhere familiar or new or is it a STAYcation close to home?  I love hearing about your adventures as much as I love sharing mine!


  1. Happy Anniversary! and continued safe travels!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Glad you're having a great trip!

  3. Love these photos. You and Mr. B are amazing marital role models. Kudos for figuring out how to make your differences work.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Truly amazing and wonderful! 34 years and you guys look stunning!! An inspiration to joy in life and the beauty and sanctity of marriage. Have a terrific weekend!


  5. Happy Anniversary to you & Mr. B.!

  6. Happy Anniversary to two wonderful people! Love your tradition of anniversary pix. Ours is coming up soon, maybe we'll have to copy that idea. We're looking forward to having our Laura and her Jeannine come out to visit in a couple of weeks. We'll have J for 3 weeks and take her back to visit out there (Seattle) for 10 days in July. I'm loving your travel tales. What a great trip. (Are you still up for a bike rendez-vous in July? I am--it wd have to be the second half of July, though. Let's make plans--I'm getting back to speed on my biking skills after my enforced layoff).

  7. Happy, Happy Anniversary you lovely lady. You and your beau make me so hopeful! (we'll be celebrating three years as married folk in September!)
    As far as vacation plans, we are working on it!

  8. Happy anniversary, Sharon and Mr. B. You look like such a healthy fit couple! I'm enjoying hearing about your adventures.

  9. Happy anniversary! 34 years is a long time.

    As for my vacation plans, my hubby and I are heading to Blowing Rock, NC for our anniversary at the end of this month. I can hardly wait. Other than that, the extent of my travels will have to limited to trails. Not such a bad thing, especially considering I've fallen head over heals in love with hiking!

    Thanks for your help with my blog problem. I was sorry I missed your call.

    Have a great week!

  10. Happy anniversary!! Nothing like a life's partner to walk with. Great idea to take anniversary pictures, too. Is a little late for us, but I think I will steal this idea.