Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Summer Adventures from 2001 - 2009


Because this journal is new and for our memory sake, I want to list our Summer Trip Adventures to date. The plan has been to take an extended trip every other year and explore new places closer to home on the in-between years. In the future, we plan to begin taking an extended trip every year during May/June when Bill is out of school. When he retires (if that ever happens! LOL!!), we plan to travel extensively and hope to combine that with volunteer/mission opportunities in different parts of the US and world!

Summer Trip 2001 - New England (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine)

Summer Trip 2003 - Chicago (I was ending my career & needed to spend a couple of weeks there to tie things up), Door County, Wisconsin, Upper Peninsula, Michigan, Mackinac Island, west coast of Michigan

Summer Trip 2005 - Cape May, NJ, New England (Connecticut, Rhode Island), Nantucket

Summer Trip 2007 - Southwest (Arizona, New Mexico, Utah) including Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Zion & Bryce National Parks.

Summer Trip 2009 - State Capital Tour (Illinois, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri) with a three-week stay in Estes Park, Colorado.

Our Major Lifetime Travel Goals include:

1) Visit all 50 state capitals. (We are currently on #28) Unfortunately, we skipped a few before we set this as a goal and they will be hard to get back to, but we'll try!!

2) Visit all the National Parks. (This is a pipe-dream, but very important to me!)

3) Hike at least 3 miles in every state.

4) Bike an official rail-trail in every state.

5) Visit every continent.

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