Thursday, February 23, 2017


Bald River Falls - Tellico Plains, TN
January, 2017

Thanks so much for your feedback and support.  I had no idea what to expect or whether anyone would still find the blog to read it.  I do have an amazing support network of friends both in my town and across the country.  I suppose that’s simply a result of having kept up with college friends and from living in different places through the years.  But I always enjoyed the friendships created through the blog and those I had the opportunity to meet in person.  You might remember that I set a goal early on in the life of this blog to find a blogger in every state.  That idea still intrigues me and I can see an effort in the future to do that again.  One of my favorite parts of reading blogs in learning what life in like in different places. 

Oh my....those Flagler Beach sunrises! - February, 2017

I left Florida Monday morning and drove to the home of friends in North Carolina where I spent the night before driving on into Knoxville Tuesday morning.  Traveling alone has quickly taught me that my older (cough, cough) body doesn’t like sitting in a car for more than 300 miles in a day.  Monday’s drive was 485 miles and I paid for it on Tuesday even though I did some stretching and took a long walk after I got home.  Thankfully, I am rarely in a hurry and limiting myself to 300 miles or less gives me an opportunity to visit some neat places and get to my destination in stages!

My last morning in Flagler Beach - February 20, 2017

Each step gives me a bit more courage to keep moving forward.  I spent a full week alone while I was in Florida and that was a big step.  On my December/January trip to Texas (which was my first big trip and one I will write a full post about soon), I planned it carefully so that there was a mix of time alone and time with friends.  I never spent more than three nights in a row alone and that worked just fine, so I felt ready for more days alone in Florida.  And I did ok.  There were some pretty emotional times which was to be expected as I spent my second Valentine’s Day without Bill and the second anniversary of my dad’s death alone in a place that was very special to Bill and I.  But my philosophy is to gather the courage to face it and move through it.  Yes, the place was special to us and some would say find new places with no memories.  But why should I deprive myself of the beauty found in a place I love, where I am comfortable and where I am safe?   I’d rather face the memories knowing that the next time will be easier. 

When I got home, my yard was full of daffodils and my tulips were out of the ground!
It's February!  This isn't supposed to be happening.

I will be home only a week before heading out again.  This time to a conference, but with some fun adventures on the way there and back.   


  1. I'm thrilled you are back. I love your writing. Your adventures are interesting too.
    Regards, Gayle

  2. I'm glad you're back out traveling!

  3. I find myself returning to places that I visited with my late husband and find it comforting. Yes, I am traveling to new places on my own, but sometimes that is more emotional, because he is not by my side.

  4. Dear Sharon, so nice to see your three recent posts. I've missed reading about you, since I don't understand Facebook very well. Glad you are making your way through your future without Bill, just as we are slowly rebuilding our lives, deciding what we will do differently. It seems it just cannot merely be the same.

    Our daughter and husband were so inspired when we went out west for William's memorial services that they moved to B.C. this September. After the initial shock, almost another loss (they have our only grandchildren), we're planning to travel a lot more than in the past! Hope you continue to find a new meaning and enjoy your friends and travels. Hope you keep posting now and then!