Friday, May 14, 2010

And So The Blogging Begins................

I love to write.  I always have.  Friends who've known me for a long time are amazed when I tell them I haven't begun blogging.  And I guess I understand that since a large part of my professional career involved writing, teaching & training.  That part of my life is in the past, but the love for writing is not.  So my answer to the question of why I'm only now entering the fascinating world of blogging is this:  there are so many things I want to write about, where in the world does one start??  Do I write one blog to chronicle my never ending struggle with weight loss and maintenance, and then separate blogs to discuss other subjects which are a huge part of my life such as travel, very early retirement from the career scene, simplicity and frugal living, hiking, biking, finance and money management to name a few??   With everything flying around in my head, blogging could easily become a full-time job, something I'm trying to avoid at all costs!!  

But my weight loss story, which I will share with you tomorrow, is the theme that always weaves it's way in and out no matter what the secondary writing is about.   I am just like so many of you whom I have followed secretly for a long time.  I have been gaining, losing, regaining, maintaining and losing again, the same 60 pounds for over thirty years now.  Each time, it becomes harder to lose and I vow that I will remain at my "perfect" weight for more than three hours!  LOL!! 

So this blog will be about my life through my eyes.  And I will share with you the Gains and the Losses because all of life involves some daily gains and some daily losses.   I hope to find new friends who will keep me accountable as I journey back to that "perfect" weight for what is hopefully, the last time.  My heartfelt thanks to those bloggers whom I've been following that have already encouraged me more than I'll ever be able to tell them.  Once I get this blogging thing figured out, I'll get them added to my page so they will know who they are.

Tomorrow:  Who Am I and What Is My Story?

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