Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who Am I and What Is My Story?

Starting today's post with "who am I" sounds easy, yet is hard.   I was born in east Tennessee and graduated from college in east Tennessee with a degree in Education and a minor in Psychology.  Other than a few years in South Carolina and a few years in Kentucky, I have lived my entire life in east Tennessee.  I've traveled widely throughout the US and other countries, but there is no where else I would rather live than right where I am.  My husband and I have been married for 33 years.  We have no children and this was a choice we made from the very beginning.  I have one younger sister and two nieces whom I adore.  I am very blessed to be able to say that both my parents and my in-laws are still living and reasonably healthy.  I enjoyed a wonderful professional career in the fields of Human Resources, Training and Development, Adult Education and Career Development.  I "retired" from that career in 2003 at the ripe old age of 48.  There were excellent reasons for my early retirement, all positive.  We've never regretted that decision and you'll learn much more about the "whys" of that in upcoming posts.  

My weight has been an ongoing struggle for as long as I can remember.   From high school to this point, it has been a constant battle with the same 60 pounds.  Along the way, I've tried all the fad diets and eating plans, but have always found that what works best for me is simple calorie counting, writing it down and consistent exercise.   That sounds much simpler in theory than in reality and I'll be writing much more about that process in future posts.

Twice, I have broken the 200 pounds barrier and in both instances, that seemed to be the trigger that forced me to take serious action.  I am one of the lucky ones in that I am "pear" shaped meaning all my weight settles in my thighs and hips.  Lucky, you ask??  Yes, in two ways.  First, that shape is much easier to mask with the proper clothing.  Second, that shape is less susceptible to the heart disease risk that comes with being overweight.  However, 200 pounds is at least 50 pounds overweight for my height and build, so "lucky" is not an excuse.  I have other health issues (also to be address in future posts) which are only aggravated by extra weight.

On October 1, 2006, I broke that 200 pound barrier for the second time (203) and vowed I'd lose the weight never to see it again.  With a diligence I didn't know I possessed, I worked hard and reached my goal weight of 138 almost exactly one year later losing an average of 4-6 pounds per month.  I plateaued and actually gained a few pounds during the holiday season of 2007, but started back with a new determination in January of 2008.  I reached my low of 134 in February of 2008.  138 is a "perfect" weight for me.  It feels good and looks good.   As I have learned from reading many blogs, one just knows when they reach their perfect weight and I certainly did.

Unfortunately, between February of 2008 and today, I lost focus, had some "normal" health issues that confront most 50-something women, plus was diagnosed with thyroid disease. However, I offer no lame excuses.  Truth is, I simply picked back up bad habits and gained 30 pounds.   But here's the good news and the positive spin I leave you with today..............I ONLY gained back 30 pounds before regaining control.  Not all 60 pounds, just 30.  I can lose this and I will.  As of this morning, I've already lost 4 1/2 of them leaving me with 25 1/2 pounds to that "perfect" weight.  That's a whole lot better than 60, isn't it?
Tomorrow:  How I Lost The Weight - What Works For Me

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