Monday, May 31, 2010

Weight Loss On The Road

So much for staying caught up!  I've come to the conclusion that I picked the worst time to begin blogging.  On the other hand, I couldn't have picked a better time!!  From the "worse" perspective, with my husband out of school for summer break, we are on the go ALL the time leaving little time for blogging.  I'd rather be spending the time with him.  From the "best" perspective, the blog is already serving one of its primary purposes.  With every move I make or bite I eat, I remind myself that this MUST go in the blog.  It is keeping me accountable even though I'm writing sporadically and as of yet, have no readers to help with honest feedback.  That will come in time, I believe, so for now, will post when it feels right, continue to read the blogs of those who encourage me and when hubby starts his summer school term on July 1, I'll get back to developing the serious blog I envision.

We spent two glorious nights last week at the Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway in western North Carolina.  It is nostalgic with few frills, but a delightful place with million dollar views.  From our home in east Tennessee, as the crow flies, it should only be a couple of hours away, but utilizing the parkway from its beginning point just outside Cherokee, NC, it took us all day to get there.  We hiked to Waterrock Knob, the Richland Balsam Nature Trail and Devil's Courthouse.  On our full day at the inn, we hiked the Buck Springs trail to the Mt. Pisgah summit trail and back to the inn.  The plan was to summit Mt. Pisgah, but weather interfered and we only hiked about halfway up the trail before turning back.  Provides a great incentive for a return trip to the Pisgah Inn!  It was wonderful being able to hike directly from the inn without driving to a trailhead.  On our return home, we stopped at the Graveyard Fields trail system and hiked to Second Falls and Upper Falls.  I highly recommend all of these hikes.

We left home early yesterday morning for a week in the Blowing Rock/Boone, North Carolina area.  This area holds many wonderful memories for me starting from my childhood, so it is a "comfortable" place we frequently return.  However, I think this is the first time we've had an entire week, so we are looking forward to lots of hiking/walking/strolling along with hours in our beautiful cabin just reading and talking.  This morning, it is raining and looks as if it will not be stopping anytime soon, so today may be a quiet day enjoying our beautiful cabin.

As my numbers show, I had a slight weight gain last week and am not sure why.  I am not doing a stellar job keeping my food journal, so the only thing I can figure out it that I am still eating too much. (That's kind of a "duh" statement, isn't it???)  With very few exceptions, I am eating all good things and remaining diligent (although not perfect) with my goals to gradually eliminate white flour/white sugar from my diet.  I am still eating yummy salads with fresh ingredients purchased at our farmer's market, but again, they are huge!  Portion control is the key along with burning more calories than I eat.  There's no new information there!!

Weight Gain This Week:  .43 pounds (24.43 to goal)
Average Daily Steps For Week:  14816
Hiking Miles This Week: 10.7
Biking Miles This Week:  Did not bike this week

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