Monday, May 17, 2010

Changes in Plan

During the children's sermon at my church yesterday morning, our pastor started by pointing out a kettle bell laying on the floor and explaining to the children that he uses this when working out at his gym.  Then he asked one of the children to pick it up.  The young boy couldn't even budge the kettle bell, so he was asked to choose someone to help him.  The two of them could move it, but not pick it up, so a third child was chosen to help.  It took all three to pick it up.  The pastor then explained the importance of teamwork and helping out when one person can't carry the load.  He then just casually mentioned that it was a 30 pound weight.  I nearly choked because that is the EXACT amount of weight I have regained from my previous loss of 60 pounds.  It took THREE children to pick up the amount of extra weight I am carrying on my body that I have regained after such diligent work to get it off.  Don't want to even think about how many children it would take to pick up 60 pounds.   I think the picture in my mind of those children straining to hold that 30 pound weight will keep me motivated for quite a while. Thank goodness, I'm already headed in the right direction.  As of this morning, 6 of those 30 pounds are gone!!  Maybe now 2 2/3 children could carry my extra weight.  LOL!

I already have a strong understanding of the value of blogging. As I was writing yesterday's post, I kept having this unsettled feeling that something just didn't quite ring true.  I knew everything I was writing was correct and exactly what works for me along with the reasons why.  Somewhere between then and now, I've realized that although that plan has worked perfectly twice (once in the early 90's and again from October, 2006 to October, 2007), this time around I've had some changes in philosophy so will approach it a little differently.  What I expect will happen is a slightly slower weight loss.  What I HOPE will happen is a plan that I can continue following permanently.  One that incorporates the original plan when I find myself slipping, but one that allows for some flexibility to be more creative with my eating.  WOW!!  How much clearer all that became because I wrote it down rather than just letting it swirl around in my head and confuse me.

What has happened?  It took me a few years to slowly relax in to being retired.  I have found that I do enjoy a certain amount of meal planning and trying out new recipes.  I love being encouraged by other blogs and incorporating ideas from those in to my own plan.  I have found that I can tell a difference in the way I feel when I am eating little or no white flour, white sugar or other highly refined products.  It is now late May and my community has access to a wonderful farmer's market just about every day of the week.  This was NOT the case in 2006.   It just seems I have access to more good stuff along with the motivation to try new ways of serving and cooking.  So I'm really excited to grow my eating plan while still knowing I have a fallback plan that will always be available and will always work if I find myself losing focus or control.

Here's a summary of the changes I'm trying to make:
1) Drastically reduce and eventually eliminate white flour, white sugar, HFCS, any trans fats (within a few days, I am able to sense a lessening of cravings for foods containing these items)
2) Increase amount of daily protein  (my strict plan did not include enough protein and I was often hungry)
3) Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up.
4) Eat something every 3 hours.
5) Eat fresh whenever possible.
6) Eliminate fast food. (believe it or not, this isn't a huge temptation for me.)  
7) Drastically reduce restaurant meals except as a "treat" or a non-avoidable social commitment.
I'm sure this list will grow.

Today's lunch was a FEAST from yesterday's farmer's market bounty.  A huge salad with three kinds of lettuce, carrots, walnuts, apple, chopped baby broccoli, edemame and 3 oz. grilled chicken.  Topped with ranch dressing that I made.  Here in Tennessee, it is the height of strawberry season, so fresh strawberries for dessert.  Absolutely delicious.  Much better than the Captain D's we'd gotten in to the habit of picking up on our way home from church. 

Tomorrow:  Tracking My Progress

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