Friday, July 16, 2010

Sharon vs. The Fried Chicken

It has been so miserably hot and humid here that I've been looking back through the pictures I took last winter trying to remember what it felt like to be cold!  This was taken on the Rich Mountain Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in February.  Temperatures were mild that day and this was a dry snow making for perfect hiking conditions.

This morning I had my second non-scale victory of the week.  What makes these exceptionally meaningful to me is the fact that neither of these situations were something I MADE myself do.  It was what I wanted to do.  Mr. B and I love the fried chicken prepared in the deli at our Kroger grocery store.  For years, it has been one of our quick go-to dinners and for a while our Sunday lunch alternated between Kroger fried chicken and Captain D's, both of which we pass on our way home from church.  Fortunately, that was a long time ago.  I can't tell you the last time we had Captain D's (except on very rare occasions, I stopped eating fast food several years ago), but the fried chicken still jumps in my grocery cart occasionally.  Tuesday morning, I was in Kroger very early and the fried chicken that had been prepared the day before was marked down to a ridiculously low price.   To make matters worse, it was the 16-piece, not the 8-piece which we normally buy.  My thought process went like this:  Mr. B really likes this and it will be something different for his lunch.  I'll freeze the rest for later lunches.  I am happy to say that even while standing in the store, I was not planning to eat any of it.  And that's exactly how it went.  The fried chicken that remained was carefully divided into ziploc bags this morning and taken out to the freezer in the garage.  I never even licked my fingers.  What's even better is that I didn't want to.  For the second time this week, I'm telling you that I'm really proud of myself.  

Unfortunately, my hiking plans for tomorrow have been scuttled.  Rain and thunderstorms are a pretty sure thing with even higher chances in the mountains.  I have good rain gear and don't mind hiking in the rain, but thunderstorms are a whole different story.  I am really disappointed because this is a hike I'd been wanting to do for a long time, but the trail will still be there on a day when it is safe to hike.  My not hiking means that Mr. B and I will get to take our early morning walk to the farmer's market.  We haven't been in several weeks and it's something we thoroughly enjoy doing together. It'll be fun!  Hope the rain holds off.  

I'll be faced with a challenge tomorrow evening in the form of a dinner party given by a precious older couple from our church choir.  She is hosting a get acquainted dinner for a new couple who has recently joined the choir.  She is the epitome of a southern cook, so I have no clue what will be served, but I sincerely doubt it will be anything on my eating plan. She also is never content until SHE thinks you've had enough to eat.   Although I offered more than once, she would not allow me to bring anything.   Guess this is one of those times when you go with the flow and do the best you can.  

Till tomorrow...................


  1. Do the best you can is right. It is always difficult when you go as a guest to someone's home for a meal. Just pick and choose the best you can is what I'm thinking.

    Great decision on that chicken BTW.

    Enjoy your weekend.
    P.S. You asked about our Annie in a comment you left on my RV blog. Look in the June or early July listings in my archives for "Update on Annie the Schnauzer" for new details.

  2. Plan for tomorrow's meal as best you can, and then go with the flow, without the guilt. Life has to have some flexibility.

  3. You’ve been awarded the versatile blogger award by me! Check it out:

    I just found your blog and am enjoying it so much!

  4. Great job with the chicken! I am very impressed that you did not even lick your fingers and the bet part is that you didn't even want to!!!

  5. Yay! The winnah!!! Picture me holding up your arm in victory with an embarrassed fried chicken looking on.

  6. You are a stronger person than I am. Fried chicken is something of a weakness for me. There is no way I would have been able to resist. Well done you!