Saturday, July 31, 2010

Normal Saturday Routine

This flower is on a large bush in my in-laws back yard.  The blooms are huge - probably eight inches across.  It is a deep red and absolutely gorgeous.  Does anyone know what it is?  

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.  It was a wonderful and very low key day which is just the way I wanted.  We spent some quality time with the in-laws which included my taking MIL out for some shopping while Mr. B stayed with his dad.  This is such a luxury for her as trying to take him with her for even a simple errand has become very difficult.  If you are a new reader and are interested, this post will provide a bit of insight into his situation. Mr. B and I spent the evening just chillin out and planning our 2 1/2 week summer vacation wrap-up.  Between the cards, emails, phone calls, Facebook messages and Blogland messages, I think I received more birthday good wishes than ever before.  I feel truly blessed to have such a wide network of friends.

This morning began with the usual Saturday ritual.  Rain was on its way and we can NOT complain because we need it so desperately, but it did cause us to vary from our normal walking to and from the Farmer's Market.   The market was bustling and full of good stuff.  We purchased peaches, blackberries (probably the last week for those), two new varieties of cherry tomatoes (one called "sugary" and the other called "sunny") plus Mr. B's usual peach handpie and our coffee stop.  There is so much right now - it's almost overwhelming.  

We ran back by the in-laws to drop off some of the peaches and ended up going to Sam's Club to purchase MIL a vacuum cleaner.  Why we didn't do this yesterday (on a MUCH less crowded Friday) is beyond me.  When she asked if I'd go help her pick it out, my immediate thought was, "oh my gosh, it's Saturday, the demon sample pushers will be out in full force."  And they were!  But here's the reason for this whole story.  I'm calling this a NSV with an added twist.  Right inside the door was demon sample pusher #1 with a table full of WHOLE cookies.  Now most everyone knows that Sam's cookies are first of all, delicious and second of all, about the size of a frisbee.  She was hawking all kinds...........and I walked right on by.  I don't think MIL, who is a "normal" eater, ever even SAW the cookies.  Here's the twist and what is, at least for today, a major victory.  As we were leaving the store with a nice, new Hoover, it suddenly occurred to me that once I passed the cookies, I never even THOUGHT about them again until I was on my way out of the store.   That, my friends, is a big step for me.  You see, in times past, I might have passed up the cookie, but the THOUGHTS of the cookie would never leave my mind.  While still in the store, every moment I'd be seeing and tasting the cookie until finally, I could stand it no longer and would go back most likely picking up two cookies while yelling down the aisle, "I'll bring you one" to some ghost as if I thought demon sample pusher would care that I was getting two cookies for me.  So passing up the cookies in the first place was a victory and not going back for a cookie was a victory. But the triumph was FORGETTING about the cookies the minute I walked past the table.  Oh, for that to become the norm.  I'm a long way from that, but maybe this is a start.

I was afraid I wasn't going to get off so easily with respect to non-food birthday celebrations.  MIL is insisting on cooking what she calls "all my favorites" for Sunday lunch tomorrow.  Put the word fried in front of it and you'll pretty much know the menu.  Then MY mother called and is insisting on taking us to IHOP Monday morning for breakfast.  Both of these are somewhat traditional celebrations.   I had hoped that since they all know how hard I'm trying to lose this weight maybe the traditions would be forgotten this year.  No dice!  I'll do my best and then move on.

One more question in the "how do you do this" series for this newbie blogger:  When someone leaves a comment on your blog and asks a question, what is the proper way to answer?  Is it best to answer the question through an additional comment on your own blog or go to the person's blog who asked the question leaving the answer there?  I just want to make sure the person knows I'm not ignoring their question.  Some blogs have a "reply" area, but I think that may not be an option for Blogger - am I correct?  Thanks!!


  1. Congratulations. I know just what you mean about thinking about a missed food. It is almost a form of torture!

    As far as replying to comments, I've generally done it and seen it done in the comments section. Sometimes, but not often, I'll see a blog post in response to a comment, when a lot of followers have asked a similar question. So far, I personally, don't think I have enough readers to warrant that!

  2. Whenever I go home, my mother is always wanting to cook my favorites as well. It's hard not saying no to our mothers! Glad you had a nice birthday. Hope you have a good rest of the weekend!

  3. Lori Ann, Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I know the moment someone identified it, I'd remember, but for the life of me, couldn't think of it. Bless you! I hope my inability to remember doesn't have anything to do with my advancing age! LOL! Thanks again!

  4. I have peach colored hibiscus' on the porch right now :)

    We also have a peach tree. I made peach cobbler a month or so ago.

    You are too funny about the Sam's sampler people.

    Enjoy all your birthday celebrations...

  5. Love, love, love hibiscus!

    Re: comments. I usually answer via email. Since I have my post's comments forwarded to my email, I just have to hit 'reply' and off it goes. I must admit, that I often do that automatically, kind of forgetting that it's not a regular email, but a comment on my blog instead.

    But, replying in your comments section is good, too. Often, when I leave a question in someone's comment section, I assume that's where they'll put the answer so I also push the "Subscribe by email" tab found at the bottom of the comments section. It comes to my email and I don't have to keep checking back.

    I would think that most people do that. And it makes sense that if someone leaves a question in your comment section, that is where they'd expect to find the answer.

    I don't know if there is an official blog rule. :) I'm going to hit that "subscribe by email" tab below this box to see what everyone else has to say.


  6. Good job getting the demon Frisbee cookie out of your head!

    I would just answer the question in a comment to that person's most recent blog.

    Have a nice rest of the weekend! Good luck with IHOP and Fried Everything.

  7. Frisbee cookies? Gauntlet of sample servers? Gosh! I am glad I've never set foot in that Club. Whew ...

    Congratulations, Sharon, on forgetting about the ... what was it again? :P

    That really IS a neat NSV. I know exactly what you mean.

    As for all your birthday meal treats, enjoy (in moderation). It is a bit too late to create a new tradition, but you'll have an entire year to express a new heart's desire for meals. I'm sure you'll do well - but if not, just relish the joy of being with your family, and THEIR joy at treating you.

    I wish my parents were still alive to treat me to our traditional favorites, even if just one more time. And it ISN'T about the food ...

    Do the best you can, have no regrets, and enjoy yourself! Happy Birthday (again) ...

  8. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I read the comments in my email and answer privately the same way. But if the answer were soemthing that I thought I should share with everyone I would answer that person in my own blog in the comment section.


  9. Happy Belated Birthday, Sharon!

    I post comment replies on that person's own blog or answer directly on mine in the comment section. Whichever one seems to be right for the question. I just pick a method and go with it.

    Good job on the cookie thing. Cookie??? What cookie???

  10. I am like Margie, how I answer depends on what is asked and maybe who the blogger is. Some, I know, come back to my post to check for replies to comments. Most of my readers know that I often reply. (Not today while on vacation though.) But some questions I do go to their blog or email. Always seems a bit weird if you read a post's comments and there is something there totally unrelated. In wordpress, I can make it so any replies I give to comments will automatically send that via email. I keep toying with the idea. Would you like that? If so... please email me or leave a comment on MY blog since my vacation means I may forget to come back here:)

    Great job on the NSV! And in "my eyes" you progress has been great and so consistent.

  11. Any questions go to my e-mail so i answer by e-mailing them back!