Sunday, August 1, 2010

Awesome August

Spruce Flats Falls - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
November, 2009

Welcome to August!  I'm calling it Awesome August, because I'm determined to make the most of this month despite our miserably hot and humid weather.  August is normally a transitional month for me.  Mr. B starts back to school for another year and I begin to get really itchy feet because I know some cooler days are just around the corner especially up in the mountains.  Here in the valley, August is usually our hottest and driest month, but I truly don't see how it could be any worse than June and July were.  Whine, whine, whine - that's why I'm determined to find alternate ways for making this August simply awesome.

July weight statistics are already posted on the sidebar.  I reached my goal of 155 by my 55th birthday and lost another 1/2 pound yesterday giving me a loss of four pounds for July.  I am grateful for every pound I lose, but still wish I could return to the 5-6 pound monthly rate of loss I consistently had last time I lost this weight.  I've made some small changes in my eating plan which seems to have moved me past that horrid 157 where I was stuck for what seemed like months, although in reality, it was only a few weeks.  Now that the scale is moving again, I'll stick with those changes and see if it will continue to move.  My primary August weight goal will be to lose at least another four pounds.  That would get me into the 140's which would be "awesome."  

Thanks for all your feedback regarding yesterday's "newbie" blogger question.  The consensus seemed to be that if a question is asked on your blog via comment, the best solution is to answer on your own blog and leave the responsibility for returning to the blogger who asked the question in the first place.  Rest assured, I return to my posts frequently because I love your comments and am always motivated by the feedback.  If you ask a question, check back because I WILL asnwer!   

Thanks to Ann, a new blogger, for reminding me to be grateful that I still have parents who are able and want to honor birthday traditions.  I was filled with remorse the moment I read her comment because she is absolutely right and reminded me so vividly that life is not all about me even when I'm trying to make good changes.  These celebrations are their way of expressing love for me in the same way we have done many times in the past.   They've seen how happy it has made me which brings me to even more remorse.  Wonder how many times I've looked forward to and enjoyed the pigging out more than the company of my parents and in-laws?   Why does it always have to be about the food?   At best, this is the last birthday celebration we will have where my FIL still knows who I am and understands it's my birthday.  Chances are, it's the last one I'll celebrate with him at all.   My parents, although still healthy and mobile, are in their 80's, so one never knows how many more times of celebration I'll enjoy with them either.  Remember my friend Jack - here one moment, gone from us the next.   Thank you so much, Ann.  You've have taught me a great lesson through one simple sentence - I am so sorry your parents are no longer here.  I hope you have the comfort and assurance of knowing you will see them again some day.  

Today is Sunday and around 11 a.m. EST, you'll find me in the choir loft at my church.  Kind of cool that my awesome August begins on Sunday.  If you don't have a church home or for whatever reason are at home around 11 this morning, check out our live video broadcast at First Baptist Church. Our services are very traditional and if you want to find me, I will be in the choir on the left end of the row in front of the men.  With summer vacations, we've had to shift seating a little, but most Sundays, that's my seat.  It is no secret to this blog that my faith plays a HUGE role in my life and actions, so this really isn't a shameless plug for you to watch my church service.  It's just a major part of who I am, so it seems fitting to sometimes share it with you.

Will you join with me in being excited about August?  What are your plans for the month?


  1. I forgot it is a new month today. For me, it marks the beginning of the end of summer. My teen goes back to school in just over two weeks. I need,once again, to rededicate myself to my healthy eating. Once I am home tomorrow I am getting very serious and moving on.

  2. Beautiful pic.

    I will join you for the awesome August. My plans are to continue to declutter my body and my life.... condense them, so to speak.

    Have a terrific Sunday.

  3. I will be posting my Plan for August later today.

    Come over and take a look:


  4. You're welcome, but gosh, Sharon, it wasn't my intention to fill you with remorse! I was rather hoping to free you of the burden of worry, so you could appreciate the time together for what it was. Anyway, I'm glad your focus won't be (entirely) on the food. You'll have to go on an extra hike, perhaps, but small price to pay. I'm sorry the essence of your FIL is drifting away, but I know you'll honor him, for whatever time he physically has left on earth. It is wonderful that your MIL wants to cook all those old favorites. It is clearly a labor of love for her. It is a sweet way to show her affection. --- I enjoyed your AWESOME August attitude! I'm going to adopt it for my own. It is, after all, the gateway to my favorite season of the year - autumn!! I look at the dog days as perhaps God's way of slowing us down to appreciate the last bits of summer. I'm still not getting into a swimsuit in public though. Maybe next year ... haha!

  5. I go to First Baptist Church of Jacksonville :)

    Love the always....

  6. Oh, I love your attitude. Awesome August, indeed. I took a peek at the order of service for today. When we first got to Rome we tried all of the five protestant English Language churches and ended up at Rome Baptist Church. Our first Sunday there I noticed right away that they had a sense of humor (or a substitute typist). The first hymn was the same as yours today: Come, Christians, Join to Sin (!) [ the g unfortunately omitted]. I see this month as a month of good (hot, humid) weather that I can use to get in some good exercise and make strides toward my goal. I would love to lose 8 pounds in August, but I'll need to light a fire under my scale to achieve that. I'll be content with 6.4 pounds to get me down into the 170s.

  7. I've been sitting out of the game to my detriment, and I'm going to get back in and start fighting again. That's what I'm doing this month.

    Thanks for asking, and happy awesome August!

  8. I can't believe it's already August! I don't know how this happened, this year is zooming by.

    I loved what you learned from Ann about appreciating your parents while you still have them. I think we all need to take time to love our family - I forget that ALL the time.

    Here's to August and getting out of the 150s... I have the same goal - we can do it!