Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Water is Wide

Along the New River Rail Trail - October, 2008 

Part of me wants to just wake up and have it be September 1, but the other part remembers one of my mother's favorite quotes, "don't wish your life away."  So, I'm happy that it's August 29 and I'll do my best to make August 30th  & 31st productive days.  But I'll still be glad when the calendar tells me it's September.  My Awesome August I was so excited about didn't quite turn out as I expected, did it?  Here's to new beginnings.  

We were having a special music program in conjunction with our Fall Festival of Faith & Renewal this morning at church, so we invited Mr. B's mom to go with us.  She didn't feel quite ready to return to her church "alone" just yet, so we thought this would be a good interim step.  We ended up having a wonderful day together, but of course, it included another lunch out.  This time, the culprit was Chili's Bar & Grill.  It had been years since I'd eaten at a Chili's, so I checked out their menu in advance and was absolutely appalled at the lack of healthy choices.  Well, let me rephrase that - there are healthy choices, they are just so huge, the calorie content is woeful.  Very few choices under 1,000 calories and that's just for the entree.  I made a good choice (the Asian Chicken salad w/o wantons and peanut drizzle sauce) and enjoyed it.  Of course, after lunch, we went back to her house and finished off all the desserts brought by well meaning folks last week.  At least, they are now GONE! 

The formal functions are behind me.  I have two more dining out meals to face - both of them tomorrow.  After that, I'm hoping things will settle down and I can return to normal.  This is truly what I want to happen and I am more than ready.  Much damage has been done, but I still hope to reach my goal by year end.   To help me be accountable, I plan to start posting my food, my daily weight and my daily number of steps on this blog for at least awhile.  I did that in the beginning and found it helped me think twice before making poor choices.   More than anything, I just want to feel good again like I did a couple of weeks ago.  I feel as if I'm operating in a flour & sugar induced coma that leaves me feeling bloated, achy, in a fog and just slightly hungover.  It just doesn't have to be this way and I know that.  

Mr. B and I are huge fans of Celtic Woman and one of our favorite songs is The Water Is Wide.   Some of the lyrics from that song have been playing through my mind like a broken recording.
The water is wide, I can't cross o'er
And neither have I wings to fly
Give me a boat that can carry two
And we shall sail, my love and I 
This weight loss journey is really "wide" right now.  I can see the other side, but I can't cross over and I haven't the strength to fly.  But there is a boat.  It is the boat of my determination and it can carry two or more.  I have Mr. B, I have my friends, I have you, and I promise all of you that I will sail.


  1. The boat of determination. Yep. Determination has been my word of the day. :) I am hopeful that September will put some muchneeded wind in our sails. I could use a strong breeze right about now.

    Here's to progress towards the other side!


  2. I love that song! My choir sings it so well.

    I left you an award on my blog.

  3. I, too, love that song. Here's to all of our new beginnings. Stay strong, Sharon. You will sail again. Michele

  4. I have today and tomorrow to get through too - eating out today at a restaurant my husband will choose, and hosting book club tomorrow. I know that even if I try to eat sensibly, it will be more than I would have without those things going on. So I, like you, am eager for the new month and a new start. Sigh. I certainly have regrets about the summer... but I need to put it all behind me. Maybe I should do what you plan and list food and exercise on my blog. I suspect I might eat better if I put it all out there!

  5. I have two eating out meals, and one more birthday 'party' this week. My nephew is making a cake for me, so I'm going to have to eat at least a small piece.

    I've considered posting my weight every day too, for accoutability purposes. So, I'll join you in that. I'll probably have to do it for at least two weeks. Then I should be over this hurdle.

    We'll do this together.

  6. okay - we've said this a million times -- but we are so much alike!!

    This week I also went to Chili's... I had the Caribbean Salad. Too funny.

    I also love that song - I actually sang it for a state competition in high school. Beautiful song!

    Good luck with getting back on the wagon. You can do it - just dust yourself off and look forward! I like the idea of holding yourself accountable by posting everything online. You can do it.

  7. I started singing it when I saw your post title on my Blog Roll. I really like Celtic Women, too. You can do this and you will reach your goal. Get back into your routines and things will start falling into place.

  8. Such a beautiful song! I hadn't heard Celtic Women sing it before... just loved that clip. Thank you for sharing it.

    We will do this, because we won't quit. I feel the breeze picking up, don't you?

  9. I've never heard it, but will check it out. I love the haunted sound of celtic music.