Friday, August 27, 2010

The Canyon Is Deep

Grand Canyon - May, 2007

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take

but by the moments that take your breath away."

  This one certainly took my breath away!


As you might have predicted, this "get back on track" plan isn't as cut and dried as I had hoped.  The road is long, the canyon is deep, the river is wide and the mountains are high.  So, yes, I am cutting myself some slack and giving myself room to breathe.  The short-term goals have changed because I can't meet them by September 1.  The strategies for meeting the goals have not changed.   In my enthusiasm, I failed to take into consideration several "events" I have to face between now and September 1.  So, in addition to being on a binge to start with, I attended a formal function last evening in which I had no control.  This would have set me back even had I been fully "on plan."  Since when does "heavy hors d'oeuvres" mean absolutely NOTHING healthy?  There was not one single thing on that table that would have constituted a "good" choice.  I was very disappointed.  There are a couple of other events like this coming up.  They are tied to Mr. B's work and a pretty aggressive fundraising campaign, so I have to be on my best behavior.  Fortunately, all occur prior to September 1, so I've set that date as a target date to be fully back on track.  


I am spending 3-4 hours each day with MIL helping with all business and financial aspects of FIL's death. She prefers morning hours which takes away the time I'd grown accustomed to spending reading and writing in Blogland.  For a time, my posting may be a bit more sporadic than usual, but I hope to be back to almost daily posting soon.  My sincere appreciation to Margie who wrote an entire post based on a comment I had left in response to this post of hers.  Check it out.  If you haven't faced this already, you will and she has dealt with it more than once. 


Here are my revised goals for today until next Wednesday, September 1:

1)  Weigh every day no matter what.  (I've gained six pounds - EEK!!)

2)  Accept that I WILL have a weight gain for the month of August and move on.

3)  Do the best I can between now and 9/1 looking towards that date as a new beginning.

4) Get my daily steps (10,000) in as I've done so faithfully for four years now.  


Here's the plan for today:

1) To MIL's at 1 with long list of things to do.  Mr. B will be with us and dinner out is the plan.  We have a gift card from one of the nicer restaurants in town that we need to use.  MIL has never been to this restaurant so we decided to take her out.  FIL did NOT enjoy eating out even when he was healthy, so this is something that makes her happy.  Do you see a HUGE trap here for me????

2) I will stop by riverfront and get my walking done before going to MIL's.

3) I can eat consciously and remain in control at this restaurant.  

4) I have talked with MIL and told her I am trying to get back on my healthy eating plan.  Would she mind making sure all the leftover desserts and cool whip, nutty, fruity salady things are out of sight. 


Here's the plan for tomorrow:

1) Normal Saturday trek to Farmer's Market.  I can't wait.  This is one of our favorite outings and we haven't been in four weeks.  

2) Rest of day dedicated to getting our house and yard back in order.  Both are a wreck and accomplishing that will put both of us in a more positive frame of mind.  


I can do this, it's just going to take more time and adjustment than I had originally thought.  


  1. You can do it, Sharon. Just one day or even one meal at a time. I'm going to have a gain too. I've got one more school function with J-boy tonight and that is it for school stuff.

    Then we have birthday & anniversary, but I'm not going to worry about that today.

    Good luck with the business with MIL. That will be no fun for either of you.

  2. I am glad you are cutting yourself slack and have a plan to get back on plan. This is a hard time, and you will make it through.

  3. Reorganizing my house always puts me in a better frame of mind. I don't know why that is, but the state of my environment has direct bearing on how I'm doing emotionally and with my eating. I am hopeful that it provides you with the same.

    You can do this....

  4. This is a hard time with a lot of adjustments for your family, Sharon. I'm glad that you are being kind to yourself and re-evaluting your goals. You can get through day at a time. Hugs to you :)

  5. Your revised goals and plans are very sound ones, Sharon. You are such a sweetie for being there for your mother-in-law. You can get through this most difficult of times by keeping a clear mind (as you seem to be doing). I'm impressed by all that you are doing! Prayers are with you all.

  6. "Heavy hors d'oeuvres" sounds like a lot of pressure. You are rolling with all of these situations and that's really admirable.

    Yes, you can get through all of this, because you have spunk!! And, God!

  7. You sound in control, Sharon. That is important, because life tosses us all sorts of curve balls. It is great to see you have a plan in place, and a realistic and positive attitude. Keep up the good work! You'll knock the August pounds back in no time, I'm not worried. -- When our Australian friends wanted to vacation to the U.S. this year, I told them the Grand Canyon was something they had to see! They loved it too. Amazing world we live in, hey? xx

  8. Very reasonable. I know this summer was so hard for me because of all the situations where I was away from home for eating. Enjoy your Farmer's Market visit:)

  9. Sharon...I just love that you've taken what has been a difficult set of circumstances and you've regrouped. So many of us would allow things like this to turn into months of bad choices. Thankfully, I'm learning that life's challenges are only set-backs when it comes to living a healthy life. Thanks for sharing this today.

    BTW...enjoy your walk on the riverfront. It's so beautiful there. As you know it's one of my favorite places.


  10. Excellent, excellent assessment of reality. I love it when people are sane. :) Weight loss is a tough area in which to acheve saneness, but I think you've done it. :D You are my hero.


  11. You are doing best and that is all we can ask for. Some days our best is better than other days.

    I often pre eat before such events to keep myself from going over board. I will eat something like a Boca burger on a sprouted bun.

  12. You are working your way through a difficult time. You're doing fine. Your plans sound reasonable and doable. Hang in there. I'm with Tami--have something filling right before you go (I like a nice low calorie soup) to fill in the empty spaces. Good luck.

  13. Sharon, look at the response to your comment on my last post. We'd love to do it with you guys.

  14. Sharon, first let me say I am sorry that I have not been supportive lately... I'll admit I was wrapped up in myself.

    I am so touched and happy to see all the wonderful, wise, loving and supportive comments. These people here in Blogland are truly wonderful. I am so happy they have rallied and held your hand and offered wisdom, prayers and encouragement.

    All I was thinking was... after my Mom died, yes it did rock my world. And it did take time to get stable again. But there WAS healing, the rocking calmed, and life went on. Not the "same", but it went on. And became good again.

    You are obviously finding your footing again, and I am so glad to see you giving yourself time and compassion in your "plan".

    May God continue to hold you in his arms of comfort and love,