Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Amazing Coincidence (or NOT!!)

Did you ever want to KILL your spouse?

Today's picture is to show you that my humor is still very much intact, despite the somber tone of many recent posts?  Little by little I am moving pictures from CD's back onto the huge hard drive of my new computer so I have easy access to them.  In spite of the many conversations Mr. B and I have had regarding "rear" shots while hiking, it is obvious that he pays me no mind.  This one was taken in October of 2008 along the lovely Flat Creek Trail on the North Carolina side of the GSMNP.  It has provided me with some chuckles this morning, so couldn't resist sharing.  I was fairly near goal when this "butt" shot was taken.   Another vivid reminder that, no matter how much I weigh,  my "butt" will never be small.  Thanks, mom - that's one inheritance you could've kept to yourself!

Several times, I have mentioned the use of Henri Nouwen's, "Bread For The Journey: A Daybook of Wisdom and Faith"  that I use as part of my morning devotion time.  Today's meditation, "A Choice Calling for Discipline," brought on one of those "how did he know?" moments for me.  Allow me to share:

"When we look critically at the many thoughts and feelings that fill our minds and hearts, we may come to the horrifying discovery that we often choose death instead of life, curse instead of blessing.  Jealousy, envy, anger, resentment, greed, lust, vindictiveness, revenge, hatred - they all float in that large reservoir of our inner life.  Often we take them for granted and allow them to be there and do their destructive work.  

But God asks us to choose life and to choose blessing.  This choice requires an immense inner discipline.  It requires a great attentiveness to the death-forces within us and a great commitment to let the forces of life come to dominate our thoughts and feelings.  We cannot always do this alone; often we need a caring guide or a loving community to support us.  But it is important that we both make the inner effort and seek the support we need from others to help us choose life."  

An amazing coincidence that Mr. Nouwen (who died in 1996) knew how fitting these words would be for me (and maybe for you) on August 31, 2010??   I think not.   I choose life and I choose blessing.   I choose the support of a loving community and will make the inner effort.  I started today.

This morning's weight:  (will start posting tomorrow - this is going to be painful!)
Yesterday's total number of steps:  12156
Yesterday's food:  (will starting posting tomorrow)

Yesterday's Greatest Challenge:  (will start tomorrow)
Yesterday's Greatest Joy:  (will start tomorrow)

Today's Strategies for Success:
1)  long walk on one of my favorite greenways
2)  blog reading
3)  finish homework on "The Me I Want To Be" and attend Small Group tonight
4)  catch up on note and card sending
5)  start planning our Fall Break trip (I'm so behind on this)


  1. I choose life. I choose blessing too. Beautiful.

  2. Boy, did I ever need to read this NOW. I spent my whole two mile walk this evening fighting with someone in my mind. sigh. I was just sooo annoyed with this person's arrogance--it got my goat, as they say. So I used up a walk stewing over it. sigh.

    Like I said, I needed to hear this--now. Before I waste another moment choosing death.

    Thanks, Sharon.


    P.S. Take the camera away from your husband before someone gets hurt. chuckle.

  3. I loved this and thank you for sharing it!

  4. Thank you for sharing - it was beautiful!

  5. I really love quotes from Henri Nouwen. And you are reading John Ortberg! One of my most favorite authors. You can watch and listen to his sermons online at http://www.mppc.org/learn/sermons

    You can do this Sharon. Just do one healthy thing at a time. I have been there fighting my way back from the stress and the food overload.

  6. What a great devotional message! I've never heard of that devotional but will have to see if I can find it. I love having a positive message to start my day. :)

  7. I had to laugh at the butt shot! My hubby has taken them of me also...my kids also took one of DH and I walking. It's actually good to look at a viewpoint that I usually don't see. haha Did you know that having your weight in your hips/butt is the healthiest way to have it? I go to an obesity clinic with a friend of mine and the lecturer there (an obesity specialist) always points this out. He can't figure out why women don't like it and he says "men do". hahaha It's a scientific fact though...so grin and bear it! ;) My weight is all over me so it is hidden better but still there and not as healthy, but still not as bad as people who have it only in the stomach.

    Enough of my lecture! Thanks for commenting on my blog - somehow knowing that there are some who read it makes me feel more accountable! Check out my measurement stats from this morning - I was surprised myself to see I've lost 10cm since I saw the doctor in July!!! :)

  8. So glad I came by this AM. I needed to hear this message! Very clever how you started with a spouse-homicide question that led the way to a spiritual journey.

    Thanks, Sharon, you rock!

  9. Good post, Sharon! I've not heard of Henri Nouwen. I'll have to look up some of his books. Do you feel back on track now, or are you still finding your way through the readjustment phase?

  10. I hadn't heard of Henri Nouwen either. But I really enjoyed the quote. I choose life and blessing, too!


  11. J-boy & I have had plenty of conversations about pictures from that angle. I've had about as much success as you have had. I finally decided he must like that view.

    The devotional thoughts for the day are what every one of your readers are doing everyday - choosing to be healthy.

  12. And you didn't even need to admit that it was you in the photo!
    Thank you for the quote. No, not a coincidence. I just ordered a copy--before I started the comment.

  13. I also just started posting my weight (by taking pictures). Painful-but it is also free-ing,