Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Admit It.....I'm Intimidated!

Since most of us are enduring incredible heat and humidity, thought a picture with snow in it might be nice.  This was taken on our 2009 Summer Trip at the end of the Loch Vale Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Yep, that's me showing the traditional hiker cross-pole picture which signifies that I've reached the summit.  Now, given what you can see behind me, I'm not exactly sure what summit I thought I had reached, but it does look impressive, doesn't it????  Also easy to see that the 20 pounds I had regained at that point were every one below my waist and above my knees. Unfortunately, I gained 10 more before taking control.

What in the world was I thinking when I decided to include trying a new recipe and (heaven forbid!) POSTING A PICTURE of it on my blog as one of my goals for Deb's Freedom Challenge?  My cooking skills, or lack thereof, are a huge joke among all my friends and believe me, if I wanted to instantly add about 25 followers, all I'd need to do would be announce to them that I was cooking and posting pictures of it.  I read YOUR blogs, I become a follower of them, I drool over your food pictures, I commit the sin of envy, but whatever possessed me to think I could do the same?  So yes, I admit it, I'm really intimidated.   But I said I'd do it, so here goes.  

I found this recipe for Oat Cakes - A Pancake Alternative on a non-weightloss related blog that I have followed for a long time.  Mr. B and I both love pancakes, but I long ago began trying to eliminate white flour from my diet and "trick" him in to doing the same.  These are actually very good and the added bonus I found is that they are equally as good by themselves as a snack or covered with a thin layer of fruit spread, apple butter or anything else that strikes your fancy.  Here's my picture followed by the recipe.
Oat Cakes
4 cups traditional (not quick) oatmeal — ground to a flour-like consistency in food processor
4 cups almond/soy/rice milk  (I used almond milk)
4 T melted organic butter
4 large farm fresh eggs
1 tsp sea salt
2 tsp baking powder
-Soak oats for 12-24 hours in the milk (store in fridge overnight).
-Mix everything else into that.  
I used my griddle, made HALF the recipe and found that the batter made about 16 three-inch pancakes. Be aware that they are pretty dense and take longer to cook thoroughly and brown than normal pancakes do.  Delicious with a tiny bit of warmed Mrs. Butterworth's Sugar-Free syrup.
         FYI - Mr. B LOVED them!!  This is HUGE!

O.K. that wasn't so bad.  Please don't kick me off your blogroll for posting unimaginative food pictures.  I promise I'll get better.  For now, it's time for a snack.  Think I'll have another pancake.......................


  1. :D Love this! First, the picture is nice! The little flowers peaking thru on the plate and the matching cup behind is a very cool touch. :)

    AND the recipe is simple. I love pancakes, too, but am off gluten. I'm going to give these a try. I'll let you know how it goes!


  2. I think you did fine, but I'll be honest and say I much prefer seeing you on a summit than food. I am also a bit challenged in the kitchen.

  3. Ummm...when I saw the picture I thought this must be one before she regained any weight. Be happy that you carry it so well.

    Also, the pancakes look good.

  4. You did a great job! I don't put a lot of food on my blog because I just can't take the gorgeous pictures like everyone else seems to take!