Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday To ME!!

Is it o.k. to post a favorite picture of YOURSELF on your 55th birthday?

This picture was taken at the Bandolier National Monument in New Mexico on June 4, 2007 which was our 30th wedding anniversary?   I've always loved it because I think it reflects the "real" me.  We were traveling, I had a backpack on my back which meant I was hiking and was with my favorite person on a very special day.  Does that smile on my face say "happy" and "content" or what???  I was 8 pounds away from the goal weight I would reach a few months later.  On that day, I weighed 8.5 pounds less than I weigh today.  If you could see my hips and upper thighs then and now, you'd know exactly from where that weight needs to disappear.

Well, the Oh My! Oh No! day that I wrote about earlier this month is HERE!  It's my 55th birthday and I am so excited.  This post is going to be all about FUN!  The earlier post tells how I feel about turning 55, so I'm not going into it again!  All I know is that woman in today's picture doesn't look or feel OLD!

Bright fun idea #1 was to post a list of all the places I could find for which I am now eligible for a discount.   I found a great website that allows you to put in your zip code and it brings up a list of all the places within a 100 mile radius that offer discounts.  The list for my zip code was so overwhelming I couldn't possibly post them all even for laughs.  I will note these two things.  One Assisted Living Facility was listed.  LOL!    Here's the scary one:  660 (that's not a typo) places were listed in the Restaurant listing.  Yes folks, childhood obesity is a problem in our society, but let's not overlook society's contribution to elder obesity either.  My contribution to this newfound source of frugality will be a grand entrance into the closest McDonald's for my $.33 cup of senior coffee!

I've also informed Mr. B that I am now eligible for a discount at Tennessee RV Sales and Service and I have my new 40 ft. Winnebago Diesel Pusher picked out.  If you hear that noise, it's the sound of him laughing.  I told him this was no laughing matter - how else was I going to be able to visit all my new friends out there in blogland?  Didn't get very far with that one either!

Seriously, I am getting a VERY nice birthday present compliments of Mr. B, his parents and my parents.  I've haven't upgraded any of my computer equipment since I retired from CorporateLand in 2002.  I am getting ALL new equipment and am sooooooooo excited.  It's already ordered and awaiting pickup at our local Best Buy.  

Here's my random list of things I've already accomplished in my 55th year, 2010:
1) have hiked more than 155 miles (173.5 to be exact)
2) have biked more than 255 miles
3) have visited more than 5 states
4) weigh less than 155 pounds

One more thing.  Mr. B received some WONDERFUL news yesterday and I am so glad (thanks to YOUR feedback) I chose NOT to open up this blog to any local friends or relatives.  This is top secret and I wouldn't be able to put it on the blog just yet if anyone I knew was reading.  But I'm too excited NOT to share.  The college where he teaches has asked him to consider teaching a three week Music Appreciation course next May in (drumroll, please!) Prague, Czech Republic.  Would that be cool or what?  His class would be 3 hours each morning and beyond that, would include no responsibility.  We could stay in Europe as long as we liked after the class ended and his expenses home would still be covered.  Gotta start finding me some blog friends in Prague................................

P.S.  No big eats in the plan for cake as far as I know.  Best news:  I DON"T EVEN WANT ANY!


  1. Prague? How cool is that. My parents say it's gorgeous!!!

    Happy 55 and yes you look fabulous for a 55. Fabulous!! I love the picture too.

    Congrats on being under 155 on 55. Whoohoo. Have a super birthday :)

  2. Happy 55th Birthday!! You look fantastic!! Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your birthday to the max!!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Happy birthday, and what a fabulous surprise!! Great photo! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Happy Birthday Sharon! Congrats on reaching 155 by 55. Secret: My birthday is next week and I want to get to 153 by 53. And I am going to do it!

    Have a great day!

  5. Okay, I officially want YOUR 55th birthday! LOL Happy birthday, Sharon!

    I really like that photo.

    Prague is one of the most beautiful of European cities. I'm guessing hubby is going to take them up on the offer?!! OR, if not, are you going to glue on a mustache and call yourself "Mr."? LOL Congratulations to you on achieving your goals, to hubby for the honor of the offer bestowed him, and mostly a hearty happy birthday!

    Loved your post!

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope your day is filled with love, laughter and good times.

    Loved seeing your photo, you are adorable!

    Prague, how cool is that? Good times are ahead. I love having things to look forward to.

  7. Happy happy birthday Sharon! I am enjoying getting to 'know ' you through your blog. Love love love that happy picture of you hiking.

  8. Happy Birthday. Loved reading through your post today. GREAT photo of you. You look so fit and young! Prague--you'll love it. We have good friends who live there and visited them when we were living in Rome. It's within spitting distance of Saltzburg you know (might make a nice side trip).

  9. Happy, happy birthday!! I loved the photo of you hiking. Your continued joy just shines through in this post. I needed that kind of uplift tonight :) So you've given ME a gift on your birthday. Thank you!

  10. Happy, happy, happy birthday!! What a great post. I'm glad you are in a good place emotionally, especially on your special day.

  11. Happy birthday! I love that photo and loved seeing you:) Very exciting about your hubby.