Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Matter of Perspective

Circus Posters - Ringling Museum
In their own way, I find each of these folks "stylish"
Sarasota, FL - December, 2010

Sometime ago, I received the Stylish Blogger award that has been making the circuit. In the midst of other issues demanding attention, I failed to acknowledge it properly and I apologize to Lori Lynn of Sunflowers 'N Daisies who gave it to me.  I enjoy Lori Lynn's blog for many reasons, one of which is the fact that she lives in Nebraska.  With my combined passions for healthy living and travel, I love learning about and seeing pictures of where my Blog Friends live especially if they are unfamiliar to me!  Someday, I hope to have a Blog Friend in every state, province and continent!  Then I'll start planning my trip around the world to visit all of them!  Don't worry - I'll be self-contained in my own luxury RV.  A girl can dream, cant' she??  Perhaps, I'm delirious from all the drugs I'm still taking for this head infection that will NOT go away.  Despite a sleeping "aid" taken at 10 p.m. last evening to combat the insomnia associated with Prednisone, I've been awake and up since 4:30 a.m.   But, I digress............................

The rules:
1. Make a post and link the person who awarded you.
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they've won!

In this post from last summer, I told you seven things about myself, so I'll try to come up with seven different ones.  

1)  I am an avid sports fan and can intelligently discuss what's currently happening in most any sport.  I've always gravitated towards where the men are because they are always discussing things I'm more interested in.  I learned early to keep my mouth shut and avoid getting into any discussions because they generally don't deal well with a woman knowing more than they do about anything related to sports!  My favorite is College Basketball, so needless, to say, I'm in basketball heaven right now!

2)  I have an autographed picture of me with Dan Blocker who played Hoss in the TV series, "Bonanza."  It was taken when he made an appearance at Ghost Town In The Sky,  I'd have to ask my mother, but I think I was around six.  It made a huge impression on me because he let me sit on his lap, asked me my age and told me he had twin daughters the same age as me.  I cried like a baby when he died so unexpectedly in 1972 at age 43.  (If you are under age 50, you probably have NO idea who or what I'm talking about!!)

3) My dad helped build the boxes which carried the rocks brought back from the original landing on the moon in 1969.

4) Although Mr. B and I had known each other from the beginning of college, our first "date" was not until the first football game of our junior year.   After that, I never had another date with anyone else and he only had one.  That was to clear things up with a girl back home.  We became engaged on Valentine's Day of our senior year and got married three weeks after graduation.

5) After that first date, Mr. B took me home to meet his parents.  Unbeknownst to me, he did NOT tell his mother he was bringing a "girl" home with him.  She was having sauerkraut and weiners with cracklin' cornbread (if you're not from the South, you'll have no CLUE what this is) for dinner and to this day, tells the story of how embarrassed she was and how she could've killed her son!  As for me, I loved it!  She also says that when we left that evening, she looked at his dad and said, "that's the girl he's going to marry."  

6)  I am one of the very fortunate souls who has actually seen the Matterhorn on a clear day.  

7)  When I was 28, I was diagnosed with Acute Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I'll write much more on this in a full post later, but for almost two years until we were able to find the right combination of meds, I was unable to get out of bed and or get dressed without assistance.  Mr. B was in grad school, I was our sole support not to mention the fact that I carried our benefits and I was on a mission to become the CEO of a major corporation.  It was a time neither of us want to revisit and is still painful to even talk about, but it is the time that sealed our souls together and taught us both what is and is NOT important.  Thanks to extreme advances in research and medications, I've had a relatively normal 10 years, but am experiencing some flare-up symptoms right now and working with my rheumatologist to determine if changes in meds need to be made.

Guess that about sums it up!  This has been the week that was...............and I am thankful to start a new one.  I am still pretty wiped out from this "head" infection.   I know I'm better, but have got a long way to go.   Thanks for your concern.  Much more later...........................



  1. What an interestin collection of facts. :) I'll add the rheumatoid arthritis to my prayers along with that infection!


  2. Number 7 - wow; hugs. I love that something tough brought you and Mr. B closer together. Hopefully you get some relief soon and your head also clears up.

  3. Take care of yourself, Sharon.

    I've moved:
    (The only change is my blog name.)

  4. Oh, I didn't realize you had rheumatoid arthritis. I know it can be very debilitating. Mine is in my hands (naturally, I'm an artist, of COURSE it decided to show up there), so I can sympathize. I am very grateful it is only mild so far. And when I stopped eating sugar/white flour I was so relieved to find it helped reduce symptoms.

    I hope you feel better soon from the headcoldthingie, and are able to get lots of rest.


  5. Wow! Fun and interesting stuff Sharon!

    1. You and me are extreme opposites on this one!

    2. Awww! Dan Blocker's lap? I am jealous! I don't know if I cried, but I sure remember being really sad.

    3. Very cool!

    7. Yikes-a-Daisy. That is amazing that you are such an avid hiker after being diagnosed with RA at such a young age. You must tell more of that story some day.

  6. Gave you another blog award today:) It will be waiting for you when/if you feel up to it.

  7. I enjoyed reading more about you! I do know who Dan Blocker was. I loved that show and grew up watching it.

    What a sweet love story you and your hubby have.

    I will check out Lori Lynn's blog, I grew up in NE!

  8. Thanks for sharing. I like to follow sports, too, though my favorite is baseball and my beloved Yankees. Probably my second favorite is college basketball and I'm a Vanderbilt fan. Adding my prayers for quick recovery for this flare-up. Kings' Carriage House is worth a visit when you and Mr. B get to NYC. No if here! I'd be glad to answer any questions about places to see and if you'd have a few minutes for a cup of tea or coffee, please let me know.

  9. Thanks for sharing!

    I am a football fan only.