Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair!

Grotto Fall on Trilliam Gap Trail - GSMNP
November 22, 2010

Husbands!!   I wouldn't trade mine for anyone else in the world (there was a time, I'd have traded him for Richard Gere, but even Richard's beginning to show signs of aging)!  And then, Mr. B comes out with something like he did this morning and I just want to sing with the South Pacific cuties,  "Waste no time, Make a switch, Drop him in the nearest ditch!"   

As Mr. B was walking out the door headed for work, he turned around and quite innocently said, "I probably shouldn't tell you this, but................"    Now anyone with a lick of sense knows that those words are NEVER followed by anything you WANT to hear!  In his case, it was followed by, "I've lost five pounds!"  If I'd had a cast iron skillet close by, I probably would've thrown it at him.  He eats all the time.  He eats not so good for you stuff most of the time.  He eats crackers and peanut butter or bowls of ice cream EVERY night before bed.  How could he have LOST five pounds?  To add insult to injury, I gingerly asked, "on the old scales or the new scales?"  

You see, I haven't even told you about this yet, but I had suspected for some time that my scales, which are digital but very old, were weighing between two and three pounds LIGHT.  I confirmed this by running by one of my doctor's offices a few weeks ago, taking my old scales with me, weighing  on his very expensive calibrated physician scales then immediately weighing on mine.  Suspician confirmed!   There was a 2.8 pound difference.  Yikes!   I bought a new scale that day and decided to bite the bullet and start recording on my personal spreadsheet what appears to be a larger gain than actually is!  

Of course, his answer was, "the new scales."   As I was contemplating what to throw at him, he was excitedly telling me how much he loved the bright red numbers on the new scale.  Me, I don't love them quite so much!!  LOL!   So, in reality, he's lost between seven and eight pounds which I can tell that he has lost and that he doesn't really need to lose!  The whole scenario is just frustrating beyond measure!!  Why is it so much easier for men than women?   And just for the record, I am proud of Mr. B and the way he looks.  He has always taken great care with his appearance and his weight does matter to him.  He watched his dad get bigger and bigger around his middle as he aged and repeatedly told me he'd never allow that to happen to him.  I believe he means that!  Just wish I could get him to be more mindful of WHAT he eats!

I am back in losing mode and very happy with the four pound loss mentioned in my last post, BUT put in proper perspective, that was four pounds I'd gained and I still have some to go before being back at my October 1 weight.  I couldn't even bear putting the November 1 weight on my sidebar.  It shall remain forever between me and the OLD scales!!  I'm planning for a successful remainder of the year and a 2010 loss I can be proud of to record on January 1.

Yesterday's hike to the summit of Brushy Mountain was so beautiful.  Who would've ever thought I'd hike to an elevation of almost 5000' on November 22 and spread out on the rocks in a tank top and shorts!  How thankful I am for that.   Grotto Falls, shown in today's picture, is the only waterfall in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in which the trail literally passes BEHIND the falls.  I'm not the world's best photographer, but here's what it looks like from behind....................

.........................how cool is that??

Prime hiking season is in full swing and I have hikes planned for Saturday, Monday (with a new blog friend - I am so excited!), Wednesday and Friday.   Can't wait!

What was the last thing your hubby or significant other did or said that made you want to "wash that man right outta your hair?"


  1. Sharon,
    Once again we are on the same wave-length. You've already read & commented on J-boy's irritating action. I think what irritates me the most is that he truly forgot about the cookies. I'm still a long way from that. I only get absent minded every now & then!

  2. It's 20 degrees here, so I'm rather envious of your tank top and shorts weather! Looks like a beautiful place to hike. :-)

  3. I am so jealous of you ladies who live near beautiful hiking places with hills and falls. Oh, man. And let's face it--even old, Richard Gere is hot. :D

    But I still find my own hubby way hotter. :D

  4. Oh I can so identify! When Hubby went on his hiking trip he lost about 6 or so pounds. I lost a few myself eating well while he was gone. BUT, he comes home and manages to keep losing despite eating crap like chocolate and chips while I gained back what I lost while he was gone! Yes, I am a bit resentful that HE can manage to lose while eating stuff that makes me gain. Scream!

  5. Well, since you asked. Just today he looked at what we were both having for lunch and asked, "Is that food on your diet?" Very hurtful to this gal who is hyper-sensitive about food right now. So I said, "It is as long as I only eat this much of it." Which is true. On my "plan" it is all about portion control.

    Sorry to rant, but you did ask.

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Sharon!

  6. Hiking, i need to do more hiking. Need to find some place not so flat nearby. Illinois is so flat, the best hills are stairs in shopping malls; sad!

  7. Sigh, I'm jealous of the long hiking season you have. Our hiking weather is long gone and trails are covered in serious snow with avalanche dangers...

  8. Hi Sharon - I had to zoom right over to read your post titled with a song I'll be hearing tonight! The list of ways my guy had made me want to wash him out of my hair is too long to list here. That said, I don't want to wash him out of my life! Good news:) He'd probably like to drop kick me to places afar, so best to keep the eye on the big picture! Oh - and he's weighed 165 pounds at 6 feet tall his whole adult life! Argh.

    Congrats on the lost of lbs. And you do live in a beautiful part of the country...I do too, though no mountains close by. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  9. Love the photos! Way cool! Men and their quick weight loss, so unfair!

    I want to thank you for your blog. I love the photos that you post and how you share the lovely places you visit. The candor of your posts and your honest sharing about your weight loss journey is helpful to many. I feel like I know you though we have never met.

    Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season.

  10. My hubby is the same. He is quite fit and eats well. But f he needs to lose a little, he eliminates a couple of pieces of toast a day and voila, 5 pounds lighter.

    Sounds like a beautiful hike. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. haha I can so relate (and I have an iron skillet too... ;) ). I always tease my DH that since I'm really working hard on getting my weight off, HE should start seeing losses on the scale. I don't know why, but it always happens, like our bodies are competing or something. The problem (for me) is that he doesn't eat very well, and I'm super careful and HE REAPS THE REWARDS!!! Ugh. Such is my life! And I love him dearly, despite this issue!

  12. I love hiking. My hubby doesn't say anything - he didn't even say anything about food or exercise when I was overweight.