Sunday, November 7, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Dickey Knob Trail - Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area
Troutdale, Virginia - November 6, 2010

That date is correct.  This picture was taken on Saturday's hike.  We spent the weekend in Abingdon, Virginia presumably to bike the 34-mile Virginia Creeper Trail.  When we woke up to this on Saturday morning, biking seemed somewhat impractical, so a nice hike became the order of the day.  We were not disappointed!  The hike to Dickey Knob was 5.2 miles roundtrip and involved quite a bit of a climb.  The snow was powdery soft and temps were well above freezing, so it was not slippery and we were never cold.  The reward for the climb..............................

View at end of Dicky Knob Trail

When we returned to our cabin, Mr. B made the first winter batch of his wonderful Chili which we enjoyed with homemade tamales from a source we've had for years.  What a wonderful way to end such a beautiful day.  

Being the extreme morning person that I am, I absolutely love it when the time changes.  I wake up on my own between 5:45 and 6:15 every morning.  So of course, this morning I woke up at precisely 5:15 (new time).  What a way to start the day!!  I just love watching the world wake up.  Mr. B (and probably you too!!) thinks I'm nuts, but that's just the way God wired me - I've ALWAYS been this way!  Of course, the downside is that it is currently 7:20 p.m. and I'm more than ready for bed!  Put together the time change, a 19 mile bike ride today, another delicious dinner prepared by Mr. B, a hot bath and what can you expect?  Yep, when it gets dark, it's time to go to bed!  LOL!

We rode the lower portion of the Virginia Creeper Trail today beginning in Abingdon and riding to Damascus for a total of 19 miles.   It was a bit chilly in the beginning, but we quickly warmed up.  This is one of the many trestles crossed as you make your way along the trail.  

I knew you'd want at least one of Mr. B's famous "butt" shots to make this post complete!!  At 529 feet, I believe this is the longest trestle on the trail and it sits at the confluence of the South Holston and Watauga rivers.  It was a beautiful ride on a beautiful day.

I cannot remember when I've been so relaxed about my eating for an entire weekend.  It has felt very comfortable and other than the dessert I had the first evening we were here, there have been no extra indulgences.  Just good, healthy choices and no overeating.  It will be interesting to see what the scale has to say when I weigh on Tuesday.  It was a huge step for me to leave home without the scale.  It normally accompanies me everywhere I go. 

We will leave Abingdon early in the morning and get Mr. B back for his classes.  My sister is in town and we are planning a hike in the mountains for tomorrow afternoon, so the outdoor extravaganza continues and I couldn't be happier!   

Do you love or hate the new time?


  1. Ugh, time change was a little rough for me, but mainly because I was out last night!

    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Are those walking poles that you are hiking with? I've seen those advertised and wondered how they worked. How do you like them?

  2. Great Pics!

    I don't mind the time change, although I was really enjoying our 'pack' walks between 5:30 and 6:30. I'm going to have to start sooner!

    I want Mr B's Chili recipe!!! And I am going to take a bath and get in my pajamas early tonight because of you!

  3. Enjoy tomorrow's hike as well! It looks like you are enjoying the weekend. Great pictures, as always (and yes, gotta have that butt shot ...)


  4. Ouch--that looks COLD! And you biked in the cold too. I guess I was being wimpy to call our 50 degree weather chilly! I don't mind the time change. DH changed all our clocks last night and woke us both up saying it was 8:40 (on the late side for making it to church on time) but it was really 6:40 and he just misread the time, but our whole day has been sort of like that. We'll get used to it. Glad things are going well for you.

  5. I would just as soon the time never change, but I adapt pretty quickly. You picture reminds me how little I am ready for winter though.

  6. What a beautiful picture from the top!!! I've never done the creeper trail but have heard so much about it.

    As for the time change...I don't like it. I miss the sunshine and extra hours in a day to be outsite.

    Great post Sharon. Have a great day!!!

  7. I'm not a fan of the new time -- I leave for work in the dark soon and leave work in the dark, too. But I get used to it pretty quickly. I was in Memphis for the time change and had the time change there and then from daylight savings and then back to Eastern Standard. Still up at 6:15 today, too. Looks like you've had a beautiful weekend.

  8. Sounds like a fabulous weekend Sharon. I am not adjusting well to the time change. Worked hard to stay awake last night. Kept trying to go back to sleep this morning. Groggy. Sigh.

  9. Your posts sound so much more relaxed and calm. I'm glad you've found your place of peace, and I hope that you can stay there.

    J-boy is like you. He's up with the sun and ready to go. I like to sleep in and wake up slowly. We both loved the extra hour Saturday night!

    I personally prefer DST. I like the extra light at the end of the day. I don't like coming home from work in the dark. It seems so late. I almost refuse to get back out again. I want to just sit on the couch under a blanket once I get in for the day! J-boy is that way too, so in the winter time we're just a couple of hermits.

  10. I struggle a little in adjusting to the fall time change, but I don't mind. Like you, I'm an early bird. I love watching the world wake up!

  11. Another early bird here! Beautiful pictures and it sounds like a wonderful time. Yay to leaving the scale at home.

  12. "...Mr. B's famous "butt" shots..."

    Gave me my biggest smile of the day! What a hilarious thing to be "famous" for. :-D
    Keep 'em coming, Mr B!


  13. You always take the most beautiful photos — but I'm glad it's you and not me dealing with the snow. I'm not ready for winter yet!

  14. I like you wake up very early in the morning and it is my favorite time of day. I was awake at 4:30 this morning, my usual wake up time is 5:30 so I am not making the switch to the new time yet!

    I would prefer to have the extra day light at the end of the day.

  15. Love to hear about your adventures. I'm playing a game of tag and you're it. Check out my blog for details. I'm anxious to see how alike we really are.


  16. Glad to hear you so in control and peaceful about the weekend eating. The constant vigilance gets wearing so finding a way to be at peace with food is really important to me.

    Wow - far from snow here!

  17. Chili sounds amazing on a crisp fall day!!!

    Like Sarah, I love that you were really are at peace with food this weekend! No overeating... just eating the way we are supposed to eat - awesome!

  18. Beautiful pictures! What great trails, too! Hiking and biking. My two favorites. I love the trestle bridges. The one I ride on south of Mankato, MN (Red Jacket Trail) was recently (October) damage from a storm that caused a lot of flooding. That bridge will be torn down and the price tag of more than a million bucks to build a new one will not come anytime soon. Nothing like the feel of that wooden trestle as you ride over it, plus the views is spectacular.