Friday, November 5, 2010

On The Road Again

Little River Trail - Great Smoky Mountains National Park
November 3, 2010

Mr. B and I are on the road again, so I'm coming to you tonight from Abingdon, Virginia.  Abingdon is exactly two hours northeast of our home and is another of our favorite weekend getaway spots.  It is home to the highly acclaimed Barter Theatre and is also the end of the 34-mile Virginia Creeper Rail Trail.  Our usual plan is to ride the Creeper trail over two days.  There's way too much to see and do along the way to make it into a one day sprint.  However, given the extremely cold temps that have come our way and the fact that Whitetop, where the trail begins is expecting 2-4 inches of SNOW tonight, I suspect we'll find something else to do tomorrow.  There are many miles of beautiful hiking trails and Virginia is a lovely place to just get in the car and try to get lost.  We had dinner tonight at one of our favorites, The Wild Flour Bakery, and yes, I had dessert.  A pumpkin roll that was to die for!!  

It has been such a relief to allow myself a week to relax and not spend every moment focused on food.  It has been a long time since I've done that and even Mr. B has remarked at how calm I've been.  I have not lost any weight, but neither have I gained any weight.  I think I just became burned out with the whole thing and am thankful that I caught it before I did any damage.  I've still got some assessment to do with respect to how I plan to proceed from here.  As I've said before, staying here is not an option because I know how good my body feels at 138.  However, resting here for a couple of weeks feels very right and I am content with that.  Because I am so relaxed, it doesn't seem so daunting.  I actually enjoyed making good decisions at dinner tonight that left me room for the dessert.  We took a long walk around town after dinner and now I suspect it'll not be long before that big comfy looking bed is calling.  Mr. B thinks he's reading a magazine on the other side of this sofa, but I can assure you he's studying the inside of his eyelids and has no clue what's on the page of that magazine!!

On to the Hot 100 Challenge update for this week:
1)  Reach my goal weight of 138 on or before December 31, 2010. Still have not decided what to do about this goal.  I'm not taking it out because I want to post a good loss by December 31.  But it needs to be reasonable and this one no longer is.
2)  I will eat nothing containing white sugar, white flour or trans fats. Not perfect, but o.k.
3)  I will walk 10,000 steps every day or an average of 10,000 steps over seven days.  Done
4)  I will not eat between meals or after 7 p.m. Again, not perfect, but did o.k.
All in all, this has been a good week, but in a weird sort of way.  I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend here in Abingdon with Mr. B and some time to talk, make some plans and just enjoy each being together.  I am so thankful that even after 33 1/2 years, we still enjoy just quietly being in the same room together.
Have you seen snow flakes yet this year?


  1. I can't believe how cold it's gotten Sharon. Is this what we're in for this winter? I sure hope not.

    I wish you and Mr. B. a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. I think the best part is that you sound so relaxed in this post. Not stressed about eating or anything. This is how we should be living. Enjoying life and letting a little dessert add pleasure now and then without guilt. Seems you and I had sort of similar weeks. Relaxing a bit on the stressful tight reins of our eating. Have a great weekend:)

  3. Relaxing...sounds just like something normal people do! congratulations on entering Normalville. :) Deb

  4. Enjoy every minute. Mr. B. sounds so lovely! What I nice place to be in - a place of peace. I don't think we're supposed to live our lives stressed out over food.'s supposed to snow here too! It's too early!!

  5. Sometimes maintaining isn't so bad. Yes, you'd like to be less weight and hopefully you'll get there but as long as you aren't going the other direction and hopefully you're healthy, it's okay.

    I woke up to snowflakes about a week and 1/2 ago here in Minnesota. That was it though, by the time the kids woke up, they were gone. It's been beautiful since. Dry, sunny and in the 50's. I'll take it!

  6. Have a great relaxing weekend. Relax. Maintain. Relax.

  7. This journey can be very stressful mentally. Taking time to relax is vital. I think that besides helping with the stress, it helps us learn how to eat like 'normal' people. They don't stress all the time about carbs, fat, calories, whatever. They just eat when they are hungry.

    I think it is a huge victory that you were able to eat what you wanted/when you wanted and stayed the same weight-wise. Good for you.

  8. Oh, I love Abingdon! I've never stayed very long, unfortunately, because I've always been on the way somewhere else. Maybe 2012 when I make the trip to MD again!

    sunny skies here, but cold at night.

  9. No snowflakes yet - wind & rain!!

    It can be frustrating not to hit your goals. There are so many reasons why it happens. For me, I am grateful for any improvement I see. I have to keep reminding myself that this is not a race, it's a lifestyle. And if I have progress, even if it's just a little, then that is good enough for me!!

    Keep focused!!!

  10. No flakes this year yet here. I am sure it is coming soon though.

    Re: the goal - Perhaps it is a good time to consider what you think is realistic by the end of the year. You might find a different goal more motivating.