Friday, September 3, 2010

Hiking Tomorrow

Indian Flats Falls - GSMNP
September 28, 2009

I have not hiked since July 5 and in more than 10 years of avid hiking, that is the longest I've ever gone between hikes.  I am fortunate to live at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and during a normal summer, one can keep going to the higher elevations where temps remain cooler and continue hiking throughout the summer months.  That has not been the case this summer and even at 6,000+ feet, the heat and humidity has been unbearable.  I gave in to it after the July hike and have anxiously anticipated our first break in the weather.  It came today and tomorrow calls for high temps of low 70's, slight north breeze and little humidity.  Didn't take me long to find one of my regular hiking buddies as anxious to go as I was.   (For the record, Mr. B enjoys hiking to a certain extent, but it is not his passion and he is not interested in the distances that are required to complete some of the trails.)  He is perfectly happy to work in his yard while I scale the heights!  I never reveal where I am hiking until after the fact, but our hike tomorrow is 8.7 miles and has 18 creek crossings, so it should be exciting.   I'm not real thrilled about the timber rattlesnake warning for a portion of the trail that has south facing slopes, but it's near the very beginning so maybe they will still be asleep!

I finally got my day to recharge and I have taken full advantage.  This has been the most peaceful and productive day I've had in quite some time.  I had gotten behind in so many ways and although there is a long way to go, I've made some headway and that feels good.  Mr. B has the first week of classes behind him and is feeling very excited about this year.   I am now at liberty to tell you that he will be taking his auditioned choir to France next March during spring break and that his Study Abroad class in Prague next May has been approved.  If the class minimum of eight is met, guess I'll be spending next May in Prague and June in some other European country.  

Eating today has been easy and without temptation.  Tomorrow should be the same although I will need to eat more to compensate for the number of calories I will burn while hiking.  Certainly don't have any problem with that! LOL!!!  

Today's Greatest Challenge:  Fighting the crowds in the grocery store
Today's Greatest Joy:  Having a full day totally to myself.   I confess - I didn't even answer the phone.

Today's Weight:  158 (stayed the same)
Yesterday's Number of Steps:  10657

Today's Food:
B:  Cereal w/milk, grapefruit
L:  Lean Cuisine Santa Fe Rice with Beans, Grape Tomatoes, Sugar Snap Peas
D:  Chicken Fried Rice, Yogurt w/granola
Snack:  Watermelon

I'm curious.  What was your greatest challenge and greatest joy today?


  1. Okay, so I didn't realize you had gotten the award already, but you're getting another one from me. Guess you're pretty popular! LOL

  2. My greatest challenge today was getting a computer virus at work and not being able to use the computer at the office all day.

    My greatest joy was leaving work early for a long weekend.

    I am so glad you got your special day and are able to get back into your hiking since you love it so much. The travel abroad is thrilling. J-boy is presenting a paper at a conference in Orlando next month, and I'm hoping to go to Disney! That's a far cry from Prague!! I hope it all comes together for you.

  3. We in MN are envious of you hiking in those beautiful mountains. Enjoy your hike! Glad to know you had a little time to recharge. Necessary. Have a great week end!

  4. First, wahoo, you! for getting that day to yourself!

    My greatest challenge and joy for today? They are the same thing--Kenna, 3 year old granddaughter, has spent the day and is sleeping overnight. :o There is a reason YOUNG people have babies. chuckle.

    I'm trying to tap quietly on the keyboard since she's sleeping in an adjoining room. :} She'll go home tomorrow at noon and the 10 year old grandson will arrive.

    Enjoy your hike!


  5. How exciting! Those trips sound fabulous.

    My greatest challenge yesterday may have been not eating the bread I was craving. Sigh.

    My greatest joy...hmmm... maybe the beautiful mild day that allowed us to take an afternoon bike ride for a change.

  6. "Hiking" up a hill on our subdivision's main road is about as close to a mountain as I get. Even with two beagles towing me, it's not easy!

    I admire you for having the love of the outdoors. We are not a "camping" or "outdoor" family, so that just makes me think that our son will be attracted to a Nature Girl. She'll be looking for a campground and he'll be looking for a sign that says "Hampton Inn".

    Your travel plans are so exciting! Prague! I can only dream!

    Lean Cuisine's Santa Fe concoction is one of my faves! I throw it over a big bowl of lettuce and layer a round of salsa on it, then a couple of crushed tortilla chips. I'm into "volume".

    OK, today has just begun so I don't know what my greatest joy or challenge will be yet. But, thanks for asking! Have an awesome Saturday!

  7. My greatest challenge....not eating when I'm bored.

    My greatest joy....being able to spend time with my husband and boys.

    You have the best pictures by the way!!

  8. Have a wonderful hike in a beautiful place Sharon! My challenge today is to push past my cold and get some yardwork done!