Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sliding Into September

Old Sugarlands Trail - GSMNP
February 12, 2010 

This picture was taken at the start of a gorgeous winter hike.  As you can see, we were breaking trail (for non-hikers, that means we were the first set of footprints) and it wasn't long after carefully crossing this bridge that all went haywire.  I took a step in the snow, planted my foot on an icy patch and promptly went hurtling down an embankment.  When I reached the bottom, I realized I had broken a tree limb, started a rockslide and face planted in the creek.  I had a cut across the bridge of my nose, but other than that, seemed unhurt except, of course, for my pride.  When I thought of hitting rock bottom towards the end of August and sliding into September, this is the memory that surfaced and this is the picture that came to mind.  Doesn't that lovely snow-covered split-log bridge look tranquil?  Much like I felt at the beginning of "Awesome August."  Little did I know that just a few minutes later, I'd be sliding down a hill with my face in the creek.  Little did I know what August held or how thankful I would be to slide right out of August into September.

So here we are and what better way to make me feel good than to bestow lovely blog awards on me.  In the last week, I have received three and apologize for my belated "official" acceptance.  I appreciate the thought and it still humbles me that anyone would find my ramblings interesting.

So thanks Dawne  and Kimberlynn for this award:

And Dawne for a second award (geez, what did I do to deserve two??)
The rules for the first award are as follows:
1. Post who gave you this award  (done)
2. State 10 things you like     (see below)
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment on their blog.  (later)

10 Things I Like.....................
1)  putting on my hiking boots and starting out on a trail
2)  loading our bikes on the rack and heading out for a ride
3)  planning our next trip
4)  fresh flowers on our breakfast table
5)  waking up in the morning
6)  sitting on our screened-in porch
7)  sitting by our firepit
8)  reading a good book
9)  spending a lazy afternoon in Border's or Barnes & Noble
10) reading blogs (all of yours, of course, but also travel, hiking, rv'er and early retirement blogs)

The rules for the second award are:
Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?   

I would probably have been a Business major in college rather than a Music Major.  The tedious requirements of being a music major almost destroyed my love for music.  I had a natural bent for Business and Financial Management, so probably should have majored in that and used my electives to further my music skills.  HOWEVER, had I been a Business Major and made only an occasional appearance in the Music Department, I might not have met Mr. B.   I had a very rewarding career in Business and used my Music skills as a church pianist for many years, so no, I wouldn't change a thing.

I must pass these awards on to 10 other people who blogs I enjoy:  (This is very hard for me to do because I pay attention and know that many of you to whom I would give this award have already received it and many others, so just know how much I appreciate your wisdom and consider yourself awarded.   I'm going to try and find 10 newbies to "officially" give the award to.)  I'm also going to reserve the right to do this at a later date because I have more to write and don't want this post to become unbearably long.

Thanks again, Dawne and Kimberlynn.  These came at a time when I needed some "strokes" and you gave them to me.   I love both of your blogs and look forward to reading them for a long time to come.
Today had some sliding and some backsliding of its own.  More business to take care of, but this time I was on my own just tying up some loose ends at the bank and the cemetery.  This worked well today because I am able to move at a faster pace than when MIL is with me.  It also provided me some MUCH needed time alone.  This introvert is in desperate need of some solitary time to recharge.
Today's weight:   158  (down 1.5)
Yesterday's steps:  12147

Today's Greatest Challenge:  A miscommunication with a friend that I didn't see coming.
Today's Greatest Joy:  Time alone

Today I Ate:
B:  Cereal w/skim milk
L:  Soup and Salad  (at Olive Garden - don't even ask, that's the backsliding, probably a gain tomorrow!)
D:  Pork Steak (4 oz), Yellow Squash, Brussell Sprouts 
Snacks:  Grapes, Yogurt

Ssssshhhhh, don't tell anybody, but I think I have a day tomorrow with no set plans or things that have to be done.  It is sorely needed.   I am emotionally spent and just need a day to recharge. 


  1. Sharon I just love your beautiful hiking pictures...they have me itching to get started on the trails. As for the are welcome. You have inspired and encouraged me greatly. I'm so glad it came at a time when you needed to be uplifted. I think you're doing great. You and your family have been through so much and you just need a bit more time. Be kind to yourself.


  2. I hope you get a wonderful day tomorrow! And I'm happy for your perfect hiking weather on Saturday. Not to worry, Sharon, you'll get past this time and back into the swing of things in no time. BTW, I also gave you the Happy 101 award today. Guess your good friends decided you needed some non-caloric cupcakes!

  3. I loved that story (and photo), Sharon! August left you a little banged up and bruised, but you'll regain your footing again. Tomorrow's unscheduled/alone time will help. I've said a little prayer for you, hubby and your MIL today. Hugs!

  4. First, I love your blog. :)

    Second--as one INTJ to another--I so understand the need to recharge! sooooooo, understand.

    You know, when I was employed, my job demanded continual social interaction. the counseling gig wasn't as bad since most of that interaction was 1 on 1--although it was constant for my entire 8 hour day.

    My hospital social work--ouch!--my desk was smack dab in the middle of the nursing station. It was not unusual--I am not exagerating here--to have a nurse turn and call my name, while I was on the phone, as my beeper was going off, and with a patient/family mbr approaching me from the side!

    For seven years.

    Uh-hmmm. So,I understand the need to recharge. :) You chill out tomorrow, dearheart, it's the most loving thing you can do--for everyone. :D


  5. Sharon,
    I hope you get your solitary day tomorrow. I relish those myself. J-boy and I are both very much introverts, we are able to retreat to our separate spaces, but sometimes I've just got to be alone!

    I'm proud of the good loss. You'll make it.

  6. Congrats on your awards:) When I was helping my oldest son look at colleges, I realized how poor a choice I made in mine. I thought what could have been, if I could do that over, and go somewhere else. But then I realize that college led me to grad school which led to my husband and my boys and my life.

  7. I'm trying to enjoy the teaching part, but at this point it's kind of hard to, b/c everything is so new. I'm basically starting my teaching career over, with teaching in a different state, a different grade level, having two schools to figure out, and also I'm in a much bigger school district. There's a lot higher expectations here, and I think that puts the added stress on me as well.
    Oh, and Congrats on the award, by the way. :-)