Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Intended Post Interrupted!

Along the Foothills Parkway just outside GSMNP
February, 2010

Some mornings, things happen so quickly one just can't grasp the roller coaster of emotions quickly enough!  This morning was one such morning for me.  Not in a dramatic or chaotic sort of way, but in the quiet moments when I remember why I started this blog and called it "gains and losses."  This morning, I've experienced two "gains"  that couldn't be more opposite one another on the pleasure meter, but as so often happens in real life, they are closely connected.  

I stepped on the scale this morning eagerly anticipating a loss and was promptly rewarded with a 1.5 pound GAIN!  Yikes!  I have no idea where this came from as I have been a perfect little girl for a few days now.   I really hate it this close to the first of a month because in two days, I have to post my October 1 weight on the sidebar for all the world to see!  So, I drug me and my lower lip down the staircase to the coffee pot and to my credit, still managed to cover all my Sunday Sharing requests!  Of course, being mad at God because HE caused this weight gain (I surely hope everyone knows I am joking!), I skipped my morning devotions (I've since repented and gone back to do them!) and went straight to my Google Reader.   And there, nestled down a few posts from other friends, was this one from Karen who blogs at Waisting Time.   Almost to the end of her post, I saw my name and what I read brought enough "gain" to obliterate any memory of a superficial "gain" that had just moments before been so important!  Thank you, Karen.  Those particular words on this particular day didn't just happen by chance!  

This is the award I received from Karen.......................

.........and all I'm required to do is pass it along to someone who has helped me through some turbulence with an explanation as to how they did just that.   As much as I loved receiving this from Karen, I could not wait to pass it along because there is no one who is more deserving of this than Deb who blogs at Deb Will Be Free!  Barely knowing me in BlogLand, much less in real life, Deb immediately offered to help my family negotiate the maze of "end of life" care when we realized my FIL was at that point.  We began exchanging emails and her expertise as a Social Worker became my lifeline. We made many decisions with confidence that would have been much more difficult without her holding my hand.  (Read Karen's post)  My family and I will never, ever forget her kindness and compassion.  Deb, all you have to do is pass this along to someone who truly deserves it and explain why you are giving it to them.

I, like Karen said, hope that all of our skinny selves can meet in real life one of these days.  Who knows?  Being the ultimate vagabond, one of these days you all may see a post titled, "I'm gone!"   My picture that day will be a sparkling new RV with one of those US (and Canada!!) maps on the side and a 138 pound me standing beside it grinning holding a sign that says, "where do you want me to come first?!" 


  1. Ah that image at the end cracked me up! I'd tell you to come to Kansas, but it sure is boring here!

    And it was my absolute pleasure to pass that award on to you:)

  2. Wow, wonderful job, Deb!! And congratulations to you (Sharon), on the award!


  3. What a great award and you richly deserve it! Congratulations. Now, as to the other gain, just keep on going, the good numbers will show up again soon (I hope by Friday for your pride's sake). You're in this for the long haul and you KNOW that those numbers fluctuate for all sorts of reasons. Take comfort in following your plan; keep on doing it; and you'll get success on the scale too. Hugs

  4. YAY-congrats!!! Keep being good and the scale will take care of itself!

    Polar's Mom

  5. Congratulations on your award. How wonderful that you have a compassionate person to pass it on to who was so helpful to you in your time of need.

  6. I love this particular blogging community. Weight Loss/Healthy Lifestyle bloggers are some of the most sensitive and caring people I know.

    I have been blogging for some time under another topic & blog and although I have made many friends, none to the extent that I have made in just a few WEEKS of blogging about something as life changing as weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. The support I receive from you guys is amazing!


  7. ! Sharon, thank you! I've never seen this award before and when I saw it, I loved it. And thought that you were the perfect recipient.

    Then, I read that you gave it to me--and your reason why. It made me cry. :}

    I am so grateful that I was able to help. Truly, as I said at the time, being able to offer that bit of information to you made me grateful to have had the job I did. It made a job that was often a poor fit, worth it. Really.

    Thank you so much for this award. It is more meaningful to me than I can express.


  8. You have such a way with words Sharon. Everytime I come here I'm so touched by what you say. You deserve this award! You've been so kind and helpful to me...and I'm sure many others. Have a blessed day!

  9. You deserve that award, congrats, Sharon!

    I eagerly await your 138-lb. body and the new RV. We're saving a space out here in the RV world. We'll leave the light on for you. :)

    P.S. Even if you don't get the 138-lb. body before the RV....I'll still leave the light on. :)

  10. It's truly amazing the connections that come from this virtual world. I'm so glad you found wonderful women to be there for you when you needed them.
    I'm loving being in this Hot 100 challenge with everyone. It's amazingly energizing.
    take care!

  11. Great post! Congrats to Deb. I have no idea where those crazy pounds come from but they are frustrating - especially when they are undeserved. Ugh. But I do understand! Have a great day!

  12. Congrats on a well deserved award. I love how people in the blog sphere reach out and help each other. God's hand is at work even through the internet!

    No worries about the number on the scale it fluctuates for many different reasons. Continue with your healthy choices and it will all work out.

  13. Congratulations Deb! You are totally deserving!