Monday, June 7, 2010

Back To Basics

We will be at home until Saturday, so this week I pledge to do all those little things that have helped make weight loss steady in the the past.  Those things include:

1)  Weigh everything that goes in to my mouth.
2)  If it cannot be weighed, I must be able to find its calorie/nutrition/portion data on packaging or web.
3)  I will write it down in this blog.
4)  I will utilize one different form of exercise other than walking.

On July 30th, I will turn 55.  Yep, I will "officially" be entitled to lots of discounts which to me is much more positive than declaring I will be a senior citizen.  There is nothing "senior" about my attitude or the way I feel!  Back in January, I set the goal of having lost 55 pounds (total) by my 55th birthday.  That would have meant 30 pounds in 7 months which was more than doable.  Obviously, I will not reach that goal, but I'd still like to work diligently during June and July to get as close as I can. 

I have reset that goal for October 1 which will be the 4th anniversary of the date I started my most recent successful weight loss endeavor.  With 24 pounds to go (as of June 1), that is certainly attainable, but will require a concentrated effort on my part.  I already know of two probable "challenges" that I will have this week.  Will share more about those and my plan for meeting those "challenges" on the morning of the day they occur.

We had an enjoyable trip home yesterday from North Carolina and I'm happy to say that some sort of front moved through East Tennessee last evening leaving us a with a delightfully cool, humidity free morning.  I have the windows open and can feel a gentle breeze moving through the den.  Thanks to my husband's hard work and love for landscaping (it's his stress releaser!), my back yard really should be featured on HGTV.  Sometimes I wonder why I ever want to leave it, but alas, for a vagabond like me, the road is ALWAYS calling.  But it is also nice to come home.

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  1. Glad you made it home. You can reach your goal but just making good daily choices is the most important thing! We live in West Tennessee and it is not nearly as pretty as the eastern part!