Monday, June 14, 2010

Walking, Walking, Walking

Lexington, KY is a wonderful town with many neighborhoods near the downtown area that have been designated as Historic Districts.  We are staying in an apartment this week that is in one of those marvelous historic districts located just east of downtown and a few blocks from the University of Kentucky campus.  It is about a 20 minute walk to the building on UK's campus where my husband's conference is being held.  This morning, he and I walked together to his first workshop and then I walked back to our apartment by another route.  Throughout the day, I have walked and walked and walked.  Everywhere I walked was clean, lawns were well-manicured, I felt safe and comfortable.  It was quite hot and humid, so I returned to the apartment frequently to cool off and drink lots of water.   The conference ends tomorrow evening and I suspect we'll be doing a lot more walking this week.  But we'll have to get out early - my husband doesn't tolerate the heat as well as I do.  Unfortunately, my heat tolerance level dropped significantly about the time I turned 50!  LOL!!  I've also got some area day trips planned for later in the week.  But today was for walking and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

It has also been a good day for eating.  With most of my husband's meals provided by the conference he is attending, I have been on my own all day.  Although we have quite a bit of food that we brought, most of it is for planned meals this week and there isn't anything that is calling me or tempting me.  Much easier than at home! It was a good day to eat lightly and I have done just that.  This is encouraging to me as I was able to enjoy my day and get some great exercise while not giving much thought to what I was going to eat next.  Anytime I can go hours without thinking about food is an indication of progress.  Good for me!!

I still have several posts to write that are along the "getting to know me" trains of thought.  I feel one of those coming on tomorrow.  I'm just not sure which one........................

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  1. Good for you on getting out there and walking while you are away. I've never been to Lexington, but have been to Paducah and Louisville. We are in TN and it is so hot right now!!