Friday, October 22, 2010

Hot 100 Update

Sharon and Tish - Biker Babes
18 mile ride to Mount Vernon - October 16, 2010

My wonderful days with Tish and her delightful family are drawing to a close.   I'll be heading south towards Tennessee tomorrow morning and breaking the trip into two days so that I can do some leaf peeping along the Blue Ridge Parkway tomorrow.   I have so much to write about and promise to resume regular posting on Sunday.  Have missed Sunday Sharing and look forward to hearing from each of you this week.  

I cannot thank you enough for your kind comments regarding my post about Margie.  I find it so amazing that I was spending time with one blog friend and getting to know her on a personal level while saying "good-bye" to another.  Margie and Bruce were special as shown by the huge response to the posts by her daughter.  It still seems so unreal that I will not read any more of her posts.  I so looked forward to them.  To everything, there is a season..........................

My Hot 100 Challenge truly was a challenge this week and only one of my four goals was totally met.  However, update I must, through the good and the bad.  Hopefully, this will be my only off week.  And in all honesty, it hasn't been that bad.  Tish is a wonderful cook and takes great care to prepare meals that are healthy and on plan.  She has taught me a lot! We allowed ourselves a couple of treats, but I promise, Tish ate NO chocolate!!   LOL! I am satisfied that we have done well during a time we could have used as an "excuse" to go wild.

And so it goes for Week 4:

1)  Reach my goal weight of 138 on or before December 31, 2010.  I have not weighed this week.  I suspect I held my own, but sincerely doubt I lost any weight.

2)  I will eat nothing containing white sugar, white flour or trans fats. I have eaten small amounts of both sugar and flour this week.  That does not meet this goal, but I am happy to say that the small amounts were enough and don't seem to have brought on the intense cravings I've experienced in the past after eating these things in larger amounts.  

3)  I will walk 10,000 steps every day or an average of 10,000 steps over seven days.  Done

4)  I will not eat between meals or after 7 p.m.  Because of our schedule, it has been after 7 p.m. most nights when we COMPLETED dinner.  During our bike rides, I did snack.  All snacks were healthy and bike riding is an exception to this goal - snacks are a must for keeping energy levels adequate.  

More tomorrow night from some quaint little town in southwest Virginia.


  1. Sounds like you did okay considering the fact that it was not an ordinary week.

  2. Hopefully next week will be better on the goals!! Great job sticking with it, doesn't sound like TOO bad of a week!

  3. Gorgeous biker babes. Let's do it again, 'kay???

  4. You two are amazing little biker babes!

    Sharon you did great being away from home and having a different schedule. Sounds like Tish took good care of you!

  5. We are all entitled to weeks where we let our guard down a bit, and it sounds like this was a great opportunity to do so.

    Make next week a great one!

  6. I think you handled your goals very well, considering the circumstances. Good on ya!

  7. Sometimes life gets in the way!! You did well and now you have a new week :)

  8. ! I think you did an excellent job of goal work while on vacation. :D Really, I do. Good job, girlfriend.


  9. I think you did great considering it was a week out of your comfort zone! Good job


  10. I think you did great considering all you had going on:) What a fabulous way to spend a week.

  11. Welcome back! I so missed you. I would consider those goals met. You did a great job, and got a lot of exercise. That more than makes up for eating at 7:01!

  12. Hi Sharon,

    Keep it up!!! Hit those goals!!

    Have fun on your trip!


  13. I'm still shocked by Margie & her husband's passing. I had planned to use Margie's last post as a program at TOPS and have been reading it over & over and just feel so sad and yet inspired too. I think it will be a great tribute to her. She was inspiring.
    ((( hugs )))

  14. I am so thank-you that you posted about Margi. I cannot get her and her husband and their tragic death out of my mind. So, thank-you for letting us all know.

    I am so happy for you and Tish. Your do look like biker BABES! You both rocked the biking trails. Michele

  15. Great work with the exercise and sugar/flour intake!