Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Next Time

Mr. B and his infamous "butt" shots!
Tish and Sharon discussing "the NEXT time" while at Mt. Vernon
October 16, 2010

I am so weary living my daily life with "the next time" in mind.  I've been doing it for a long time and it reached a breaking point during my recent time with Tish.  We both realized how often we were hearing those words come out of our mouths.  First of all, there was a nice non-verbalized, but mutual agreement that there most definitely would be a next time!  But it was also a mutual understanding that "next time," we would both be at our goal weights and that would open up a whole new realm of opportunities.   Not to binge or overeat.  We are both past the mindset that vacations are for abolishing all healthy eating plans.  No, just to simply be able to relax and enjoy all that Alexandria and the District area have in the way of unique eating establishments!   It was fun to be right there to discuss with someone of the same mindset, creative ways to enjoy those things without abandoning a maintenance plan.  We talked about enjoying a salad and splitting entrees.  We talked about choosing entrees, but immediately boxing up half for a later time.  We talked about a time when Tish has not given up chocolate as part of her Hot 100 Challenge goals.  We talked about breakfasting in some of those charming bakery/patisserie/Panera type places that she knows.  Yes, we both knew all of those options were available to us on THIS visit, but we also knew how hard we are working to achieve goal and that those adventures were better saved for "the next time."  

But I am growing weary of waiting for the next time.   And rather than commiserating about it, I want it to move me forward toward the day when there doesn't have to be a next time.   I'm tired of sitting still - moving neither forward nor backward.  I've toyed with staying where I am, but know in my heart that isn't what I want, nor would it work.  It isn't the goal my body likes, so I suspect I'd start moving back up pretty quickly.  

Conversations about "the next time" also revolved around much more than food.   There are many more miles of bike trails to ride and hiking paths to discover.   We both want to be active, healthy and able to enjoy the here and now where good decisions come naturally and proper choices and quantities just happen.  I believe those days are just around the corner, but in the meantime, there is work to be done!

Mr. B and I will leave for six weeks in Europe on May 8, 2011.  I will not reach my goal weight by December 31 as I'd hoped, but it is still quite doable by January 31, 2011.  This is becoming increasingly important to me as it would give me three full months of adjustment to maintenance before leaving for Prague.  That's not a long time to adjust, but it's better than two months or one month would be.  The time in Europe will be full of pitfalls and I absolutely refuse to go into it with any sort of "next time" thinking.  The time is NOW.   Not November 1, not January 1, not tomorrow, etc. etc.   No, the time is now.

Do you find yourself doing any "next time" thinking?


  1. Good post - I have to remember "now"!

  2. Yep. I do. And right now I am living too much with the whole shoulda, woulda, coulda thinking that I had thought I had gotten past. Sigh. Oh well, moving on.

    For some reason I thought Prague was not going to happen after all. Glad to see I was mistaken.

  3. Today, I'm not thinking about "next time." I feel like I'm still in my plan, just struggling with it. I just don't feel like there is a "next time" for me anymore. This is it. If I don't make it happen this time (even if it takes me another full year to reach a final goal), then it won't happen. Believing that helps keep me motivated, even if I do whine sometimes.

    I like how you adjusted your goal by only a month. You CAN make it happen!!

  4. You can do this, Sharon! January will be here before you know it. And May is just a stone's throw from there. It all goes by so quickly, doesn't it?

    Wow, a European vacation - fabulous! You definitely want to go in the best shape possible. What fun!!

    So, what do you plan to do, to get more forward momentum going? Or have you found the pace that best suits you now?

    Love the determination!! xx

  5. I did, many times but decided in Sept that there is no next time, this was it. It's the best feeling ever. Like you I'm thinking I may miss a goal deadline but that's OK, it will happen the next day, week or month. As long as I don't quit, it'll all be fine - one pound at a time.

  6. Having that fixed date as a goal, a timeframe we can't change, can be a real help. I can read the determination in your words. What a wonderful time you will have, and it will be extra sweet for having reached your goal.

    Juggling maintenance on a European vacation?? I can imagine that might be tricky... but won't you also get lots of extra walking in, too? And you will be sooo busy and enjoying yourself... yes, I can see you doing it. :-)