Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Guy!

Stratton Bald - Cherokee National Forest, NC
October 9, 2010

For a couple of reasons, Margie, who blogs at My Healthy Living Through Weight Control, is one of my favorite bloggers.  She has two blogs, one in which she blogs about losing and successfully maintaining a 50 pound weight loss.   Margie and her husband, Bruce, live full-time and travel around the US in a 40-foot motorhome. Since this is my dream, I love reading about their adventures.  Margie was one of my very first followers when I started this blog, so she is special in that respect as well.  She wrote a delightfully fun post on Monday about a casual remark her husband, Bruce made regarding a specific part of her anatomy!  You've got to read it!  Way to go, Bruce - what a guy!!   MY GUY on the other hand, when asked by me the other day whether or not he thought I should continue losing weight, promptly replied, YES MY GUY then proceeded to tell me exactly which part of my anatomy I needed to lose said weight from and let's just say Mr. B and Bruce were discussing the same thing, but in VERY different terms! 

Now anyone who reads this blog with any sort of regularity knows that Mr. B and I have a wonderful and very fun relationship.  He was kidding (sort of!!) and would never, ever say anything hurtful.  He loves me exactly the way I am.  He loved me at 203, at 138 and all weights in between.  The thing is, he's RIGHT!  I have 19 pounds left to lose to reach my goal and every last one of them needs to come off the area of my body between my waist and my knees!  Sometimes the way I am built is more frustrating to me than the weight I'd like to lose.  Finding clothes that fit is difficult no matter what my weight is! 

So my parting shot to MY GUY in response to being told I needed to reduce the size of my booty a little more was perhaps he should start hiking in FRONT and let me take pictures of HIS behind.  I'm sure I could come up with a few comments of my own.  LOL!

I'm sitting in a cozy room at a Bed and Breakfast in Lexington, Virginia.  I'm on my way to spend some time with my already good friend, Tish from Incremental Improvements.  This trip was born several months ago when we both mentioned a desire to bike the C and O Canal Path  from Cumberland, MD to Washington DC.  We've managed to coordinate the trip with Mr. B's fall break and I can't wait to get there tomorrow and actually meet her face to face.  Mr. B will fly to DC on Friday evening and is able to stay until Wednesday morning before flying back to Tennessee.  Being the road trip warrior that I am, I've got our bikes on the back of my car and had a beautiful drive through the Shenandoah Valley this afternoon.  I arrived in Lexington in time to check in to my cozy room and head out for a walk through town.  Like most Virginia towns, it is wonderfully quaint and I wish I could spend a couple of days here.  But not this time - I'm on a mission to arrive in Alexandria by early afternoon tomorrow. 

The great bike ride (we are only riding from Harper's Ferry to DC) is next Wednesday and Thursday.  The original plan was for her DH to ride with us, but as you recall from her blog, he broke his wrist last week and will not be able to ride.  He is going to "support" us along the way.  WHAT A GUY!!   I think the next week is going to be one I'll treasure forever.  We plan to stay fully on plan and exercise in all manner of different ways.  I've got my bike, my hiking poles and boots, my Yoga clothes, my walking shoes, and if I need anything else, I bet there's a store somewhere in Alexandria that sells it!!

In other words, by the time I head back south towards Tennessee, MY GUY should be seeing much less of me and perhaps he'll change his tune to "If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)?"   Yes, my friends, unfortunately, that really was a hit song by the Bellamy Brothers in 1979!

So now you know that I'm a perfectly shaped pear!!  What are you, an apple or a pear?


  1. I'm a pear- have the lovely 'ole hips!

  2. Sounds like a fun get-together! Enjoy the weekend, Sharon ... and yes, let Mr. B lead when you are out exploring together. LOL

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I am jealous! I am a pear. Even at my thinnest, I have a large, round butt. Let's call it bootylicious:) Fortunately my husband is either a butt man, or he has been kindly lying to me all these years. Cause I sure got nothing up top! That said, he has always let me know he is attracted to me and I wish I could see my body through his eyes.

  4. I'm an apple...not a healthy shape! I used to have no booty, but I've worked hard with squats etc. to get some shape to it. My Dad used to call me "Narse", which stood for "no arse". Nice pastor father of mine! ;)

  5. I'm definately an apple. I hate it!!! And it's funny because as I'm losing weight, I've noticed my face, arms, and even legs getting thinner. But my belly...ugh!!! It is getting smaller but boy do I still have a ways to go.

    Have a wonderful time on your bike trip...a safe one too.

  6. Thanks so much for the shout-out today, Sharon. You are too kind. Funny, too.

    I am a pear shaped person. Even after losing 50 lbs. my behind is still a bit wide. It's just going to stay that way as far as I'm concerned at this point.

    I hope you enjoy your time of exercise and great scenery up there. Have fun.

    Margie M. writes at:

  7. Ha! An apple. In fact, exactly what Kimberlynn said! Exactly.

    I have discovered cheekbones and collar bones--but no waist. sigh.... I cannot find pants to fit. To get them around my belly, I end up with baggy legs and the pants have hip curves--that are empty. chuckle. the pants just stick out there. Looks like cup handles stuck on where my hips are supposed to be.

    Uh-hmnmm. sorry. I'll stop now--that rant could go on for awhile.

    I'm glad you're having fun!


  8. I'm an Apple. Trying to be a slender apple.
    Hiking Poles?? Uh oh. I thought they were swords in your picture from your last post. I don't have hiking poles, but I have DH's military sword--if I wipe off the wedding cake icing from the last time he used it, will that work?? LOL Can't wait 'til you get here!!!!!

  9. I love that you called yourself a "perfectly shaped pear." When I started blogging, I was going to call my blog "Perfect Pear" and who knows why I didn't???

    When my weight was at it's peak, somewhere around 220, I was big all over and no longer worried about having such a huge derriere. Now that I'm more than 30 pounds less than that, the old pear shape is forming again, and I see that I'm still going to having serious misgivings about the old butt.

    I have learned something from you today...not to ask my husband what he thinks of my ass...hahaha.

  10. J-boy once told me that I'd lost enough weight from the top of my head to about midway down my ribcage, and from the top of my legs to my feet. I think he was thinking that would be encouraging. But it only served to reinforce the fact that I have a fat belly, and some junk in the trunk.

    I sweetly told him that if I could figure out how to lose weight in those specific areas, I could make us very rich!

    Men...gotta love 'em.

  11. LOL! Great story, Sharon!!!

    I am all pear, baby ;) Not long ago, the husband read me an article on MSN about women with bigger hips and thighs tend to live longer. He has since decided that he doesn't need to take out a life insurance policy for me. Isn't he CUTE? :/

  12. apple apple apple

    and I've accepted that like Tish my future is to be a smaller apple

    As a teen I used to think if I lost weight I'd stop being an apple and get a nice hourglass, but now I know that'll never happen

    it's okay, i dont care much