Monday, October 25, 2010


James River Visitor Center - Lowest elevation point along the Blue Ridge Parkway
October 22, 2010

Good morning to all from my soggy home in East Tennessee.   I am so thankful that I am not driving this morning!   I have missed writing, but realized pretty early in the trip that a rest from the pressures of regular posting was in order and I needed to just let it go!  I spent some time each evening catching up on your blogs, but admit, I read them quickly and commented infrequently.  I'm still adjusting and finding my own way in the world of blogging and probably have found that when traveling, I will post infrequently.  There's just too much to do and downtime needs to be spent planning and researching the next day's activities!

Driving home, I spent a lot of time reflecting on the previous week, new friends, friends no longer here, lots of exercise, weight loss progress and this whole world of blogging .  Don't you just love today's picture?  The reflection of the Blue Ridge Parkway and the pedestrian bridge underneath it perfectly silhouetted against the calm water of the James River.  I stood there for a long time thinking of all I'd experienced over the previous ten days. While there, I thought of Margie and Bruce, her children, Stephanie and Dennis, grandchildren, McKenzie and Zoey, Stephanie's husband, Darin and tried to imagine the shock and grief they are living.  I thought of Mr. B and how thankful I am to have a spouse who loves me unconditionally and understands how much I love road trips.  But mostly, I thought of Tish and her lovely family.  Tish is everything that the picture at the top of her blog reflects.  She is kind, a wonderful hostess who has a knack for making people feel at home, she is funny and that smile you see is always readily available to any and all!  Her home is full of joy and warmth with walls that simply exude many happy memories.  I love that I was never treated as company, but as a friend who came by for a few days.  No special accommodations were made - we just did what Tish would normally do on any given day.   And as I wrote in a note to her family, it must have been a taste of what I think heaven will be like.  We meet our brothers and sisters for the very first time and it feels as if we've known them all our life!  There's no awkward moments or disappointments.  It's just perfect!

Tish wrote about our adventures starting here so I won't repeat them, but please go read about our biking, hiking and just plain fun times.  If you don't read her blog, you should, so going there to read about our time together will get you started.  

There's nothing more I can say to sum it up except that I can't wait till the next time.  While I was driving home Saturday and Sunday, Tish was busy checking out Rail Trails in Virginia, so I suspect we'll be finding another adventure soon.  At least, I hope so!!

I am happy to report that I lost 2 1/2 pounds while I was gone.  Totally contrary to my normal procedure, I did not weigh daily simply because I couldn't remember to get my scale when I had access to my car.  In retrospect, I am glad because the loss was a very nice surprise this morning.  Tish is incredibly wonderful and creative with her meal planning.  We ate well and on plan.  I learned a lot from her and more importantly, I think she sparked a flame in Mr. B who has now declared that he wants to eat like we ate at Tish's.  He REQUESTED butternut squash "like Tish made" for dinner last night.  He had to settle for a baked sweet potato, but it went well with our grilled chicken thighs and broccoli.  If he is on board with the healthy eating, I am a lot more motivated to plan and prepare the meals.  I may need to set up a "HELP, how do I do this hotline" with Tish and a few others of you who love to cook!  But at least for now, I'm excited about trying.

Having said that, it's probably time to plan some menus and make a grocery list.   Anything to avoid the stack of mail waiting for me and the loads of laundry downstairs.  I don't think avoidance is the way to get either chore completed.  

What are you reflecting on today?


  1. I thought about you and Tish a lot and wondered if you had actually ever met before, or just become blog friends. How wonderful that you can spend that much time together for the first time and have it be so comfortable. I really enjoyed the few highlights the two of you shared of your adventures. And I have to say that I really love that picture of Tish on her blog; her smile makes me smile and I can imagine the woman behind it.

  2. Congratulations on the loss! I really had no doubt that it would happen with all the exercise and good, healthy eating. I'm glad for you.

  3. Yay for the weight loss. Love coming here and reading about your hiking adventures. I too have been thinking about Margie and her husband and family. Makes me grateful for all that's around me.

    Now I'm gonna go and check out Tish's blog.
    Have a great day!


  4. When I was in grad school we always had to write "reflections"--responding to the reading we had just done. I grew to hate those reflections, but I have to say I'm loving reflecting on the wonderful time we had together. It was every bit as good as you say and better. Thanks for those kind words.

  5. Welcome back! I enjoyed reading about your adventures that Tish posted. I am happy that you could get together and have such good times!

    I think it does us good to take a break from posting and blogging now and then.

    Set up that hot line, I would be happy to help if I can!

  6. What a refreshing feel this post has! I'm glad you had fun, a well-deserved rest, and a weller deserved weight loss! hahaha. :D

    Welcome home.


  7. Oh, and TWO AND A HALF POUNDS is terrific! Good for you! I have my fingers crossed for my WI tomorrow. The pink & green chart looks good, but I don't think I can do my pre-WI run . . . stay tuned!